Robin playing at being a hummingbird

Today, temperatures are a bit above zero centigrade.

A blue tit near the feeders near the village window. First, he tries the one which is empty. As it is really empty by now, he soon moves to the other feeder which still contains peanuts.

Below the feeder, a male blackbird waiting for food to fall down.

This video is called Robin trying to feed from a bird feeder. Slow Motion.

After the blackbird is gone, a robin arrives. First, on the ground below the feeder. Then, he tries to hover like a hummingbird near the feeder in order to eat from it. However, it turns out that he is not as good at hovering as a real hummingbird.

Later, three female tufted ducks in the big canal near the railway station. Though there is still ice in the river Rhine, much less than a few days ago.

This is a video of a hummingbird nest. Video streaming by Ustream

A recent study from Washington University has revealed that birds have much better daytime vision and color perception than most mammals: here.

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