Barn owl chicks video

This video from Britain says about itself:

The RSPB‘s (BirdLife in the UK) Hope Farm at Knapwell in Cambridgeshire is celebrating the arrival of its first barn owl chicks…

Texel barn owls: here.

The cold, damp climate in Northern Ireland is a factor in the decline in the local barn owl population, according to wildlife experts: here.

What Dutch barn owls eat: here.

2 thoughts on “Barn owl chicks video

  1. Rare Barn Owl found in Karnataka Forest

    Madikeri,Karnataka, Jul 31 : A rare Barn Owl yesterday flew into Fort Premises here and fell down.

    The government employees called Forest Department seeking assistance.

    ACFO Vijayakumar sent his staff and took the owl into his custody.

    It had injured a wing and the beak was glued by wax. It was unable to open its beak.

    The bird was sent to the veterinary hospital where doctors treated the bird.

    The owl regained strength last evening and the forest staff let it into the jungle.

    Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) is also referred as Common Barn Owl. It’s a pale, long winged, long legged owl with a short squarish tail with a life span of about 21 years.

    — UNI


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