Economic crisis

USA: Forty-six states face budget deficits, the majority of which must be resolved by Tuesday, the end of the current fiscal year. In response, Democratic and Republican state politicians are preparing major cuts: here.

This video from last year in the USA says about itself:

Los Angeles Parents in front of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s downtown LA office. Schwarzenegger is proposing a 10% or $4.8 billion dollar cut in California state’s public schools. Please visit our website for more information, free membership to the LA Parents Union for those looking for change in public schools.

The $1.6 billion in cuts to the LA school budget will further devastate a school system already reeling from layoffs and program cuts: here.

Following this year’s federal election, the parties in the German grand coalition are all determined to unload the consequences of the world economic crisis and the country’s huge debt burden onto the backs of the electorate: here.

Australia: The federal and Northern Territory (NT) Labor governments last month unveiled a series of free-market measures that will deepen the poverty and suffering in indigenous communities: here.

Britain: The Brown Labour government is forcing a million disabled, sick and injured workers off social benefits: here.

Figures recently released by the Turkish Statistical Institute reveal that in the first quarter of 2009, as Turkey was being hit hard by the global financial crisis, not only real wages but also nominal wages in industry decreased substantially: here.

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