Wheatear and shelducks

This video is about a wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe).

Today, to the Waddensee dike south of the village.

Many mallards. Pied wagtails.

Many dunlin and oystercatchers. Quite some turnstones.

On the rocks of the dike, a wheatear. Later, two more wheatears on the bicycle track.

As we walk back, adult little ringed plovers on the bicycle track.

Over a hundred shelducks, and a few brent geese.

In the hide today: less birds than usually, because of the rain and strong wind. Mainly mallards, great cormorants, and great crested grebes. Finally, a male Eurasian wigeon lands on the water.

Not far away, about thirty little egrets sit in the same trees as yesterday. They are sitting on lower branches today; maybe because of the wind.

This is another wheatear video.

1 thought on “Wheatear and shelducks

  1. Birds of the Wadden Sea Under Threat – NABU (BirdLife in Germany) has demanded an action plan for the threatened Wadden Sea. ‘If the course of preserving the Wadden Sea is not changed as fast as possible, this unique habitat and central hub for bird migration in Europe will be lost,’ said NABU Chief Executive Leif Miller. NABU believes that the report confirms that losses caused by progressive climate change are imminent for the Wadden Sea and will threaten its globally unique ecosystem. The flats of the North and Baltic Sea are the most significant area of congregation of migratory birds in Europe, and Germany has an important international responsibility to protect these habitats.



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