Threatened Greater Bamboo Lemurs Found In Madagascar

This video is called Greater Bamboo Lemur, Ranomafana, Madagascar.

From ScienceDaily:

New Population Of Highly Threatened Greater Bamboo Lemur Found In Madagascar

(July 22, 2008) — Researchers in Madagascar have confirmed the existence of a population of greater bamboo lemurs more than 400 kilometers (240 miles) from the only other place where the Critically Endangered species is known to live, raising hopes for its survival.

The discovery of the distinctive lemurs with jaws powerful enough to crack giant bamboo, their favorite food, occurred in 2007 in the Torotorofotsy wetlands of east central Madagascar, which is designated a Ramsar site of international importance under the 1971 Convention on Wetlands.

See also here, including photos.

A scientific expedition into Madagascar’s rainforests has doubled the number of locations where the world’s rarest lemur, the Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus), is known to occur: here.

Bet you’ve never seen a baby Bamboo Lemur! Here.

Giant mouse lemurs: here.

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