French students demonstrate against Sarkozy government

This video is called Paris Uprising May 1968.

Tariq Ali on 1968: here.

By Kumaran Rahul:

French students mobilise against university reform

On Thursday, November 8, about a thousand students from Paris universities took part in a demonstration to protest against the university reform known as La Loi Pécresse or LRU (Loi relative aux libertés et responsabilités des universités—Law concerning the Freedom and Responsibilities of the Universities, also known as the Law on the Autonomy of the Universities).

They marched from the Place de la Bastille to the Ministry of Higher Education, situated in the Latin Quarter. Their banners read: “Against the privatisation of education,” “Tomorrow studying will mean getting 10 years into debt,” “Culture is expensive. Not as much as lack of it [inculture].”

French President Sarkozy goes to Washington: A vassal pays homage: here.

Steve Bell cartoon on this in British daily The Guardian below.

Bush and Sarkozy, cartoon

Update on student strikes 15 November 2007: here.

Update 30 December 2007: here.

Update on workers’ strikes 19 November 2007: here.

Privatized education in Romania: here.

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