Algerian singer Souad Massi interviewed

This music video is called Souad MASSI Live Acoustic 2007.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Interview: SOUAD MASSI

(Friday 30 November 2007)

SOUAD MASSI explains to RICHARD BAGLEY how, despite years of hostility and bloodshed, her Algerian homeland continues to inspire her music.

SOUAD Massi is in a reflective mood. Two years on from her last studio release, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter is in London to promote her new acoustic best-of album.

The 35-year-old Algerian-born songstress is fully deserving of plaudits after three unique releases which draw widely upon sounds and influences from her homeland and further West. All, however, share one thing in common – the stunning purity and power of her haunting voice delivering poetic lyrics in Arabic, Berber, French and, occasionally, English. …

Her willingness to speak frankly about the world around her is also apparent today, as she considers news of the latest rioting in the Paris suburbs after the deaths of two youths.

Unaware of the details amid a whirlwind of two days of back-to-back interviews, she asks concernedly whether the police killed the pair on purpose.

“There have been a lot of ‘accidents’,” she says darkly of the French police record under right-wing President Nicolas Sarkozy, the country’s former interior minister.

She goes on to talk bitterly of the French leader’s support for Washington, also questioning why Britain has got itself involved in US-led wars.

Iness Mezel is a Berber Algerian singer and songwriter. Her songs are inspired by relationships and the struggles in the world around her: here.

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