US video against George W. Bush’s Iraq war

This video is called Confront the War President – about the Iraq war; from Peace Takes Courage, in the USA.

Bush ‘threatened retaliation’ against countries that refused to back Iraq war: here.

Iraq war vs. democracy: here.

2 thoughts on “US video against George W. Bush’s Iraq war

  1. Spanish Aznar Lied about Iraq, Most People Say

    Madrid, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) An overwhelming majority of Spanish people think ex president of government Jose Maria Aznar lied about the war in Iraq, according to a survey carried out by SER Channel about the minutes of a secret meeting he held with US President George W. Bush.

    At least 68.4 percent of people consulted consider Aznar failed to say the truth against 16.3 who think otherwise. Even worse, 68.6 think he knew that the US would invade the Arab country even without UN support, and only 10.9 think otherwise.

    The survey also involved hot issues including the deaths of two Spanish troops in Afghanistan, with 48 percent of people polled in favor of an immediate withdrawal from the Asian country against 40 percent who think they should remain there.

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