Women oil workers in Turkey on strike

Women oil workers in Turkey on strike

From Labornet Turkey:

This time, the girls, the resistance, and human pride will win!

Novamed: The story of a strike

September 17, 2007

Solidarity campaigns are underway with the Novamed workers who have been on strike for a year. The editor of the Women’s magazine of the Petroleum Workers’ Union, Petrol-İş, Necla Akgökçe, gave a brief history of the women’s strike, and talked about the important features of this resistance and its current situation in the following interview.

Could you please tell us how this strike developed and the conditions surrounding the women’s labor in the Antalya Free Zone?

Necla Akgökçe: Our friends at Novamed were demanding a reasonable wage, a workplace respectful of women’s rights and to exercise their right to be represented by a union. Their wages were the lowest in the entire Free Trade Zone. Due to the sexist nature of the labor market women’s wages are always lower then men’s.

New Turkish government and workers: here.

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