USA: Utah mine disaster shows profits first, miners’ lives a poor second

From the YouTube text of this video from the USA:

Nov. 13th 1909, disaster at Cherry IL. Coal mine.

In remembrance to the 259 miners who lost their lives I have assembled this video.

By Barry Grey:

The Utah mine disaster: A tragic consequence of government-industry collusion

The Utah mine disaster, which has left six miners trapped 1,500 feet below ground, is but the latest tragic result of the collusion between the US government and the American mining industry. The health and safety of miners are wantonly sacrificed to boost the profits of the coal companies.

Forty six miners were killed in job-related accidents last year and ten have died so far this year.

The Utah miners were trapped below ground at the Crandall Canyon Mine when the mine collapsed some 3.4 miles from the portal in the early morning hours of August 6. The US Geological Survey reported that an earthquake of 3.9 magnitude rocked the region shortly before 3 a.m. Monday, local time. However, scientists at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations said they believed the recorded movement in the area was not a quake, but rather was “consistent with a mine-type collapse.” Since the mid-1990s, at least half a dozen other mine collapses have caused similar seismic waves.

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