Japanese serows in Dutch zoo

This video is called Japanese Serow Mountain Goat Walking Through Village Trails.

“This handsome Japanese Mountain Goat (Capricornis crispus) was spotted gingerly making its way through the winding narrow footpaths of a small tea farming village of the high Japan Southern Alps. This animal is called Nihon Kamoshika in Japan where it prefers steep sided mountains and dense forests.”

From Omroep Brabant radio in The Netherlands:

OVERLOON – Zoo Parc Overloon has brought a new animal species to Overloon. It is the Japanese serow, a relative of goats.

Of this animal species, there are just eighteen animals in seven zoos in Europe. Zoo Parc Overloon is the only zoo in the Netherlands where people can see the Japanese serow.

The Japanese serows in Zoo Parc Overloon are from Austrian and German zoos. Japanese serows first came to Europe about ten year ago, as state presents by the Japanese emperor to Germany and Austria.

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