Wolfowitz loses both his job and his girlfriend

Wolfowitz licking combFrom Think Progress blog in the USA:

Outgoing World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and his love interest, Shaha Riza, have split up.

Riza was reportedly “upset by all the publicity and the implication that she was getting ahead with the help of a powerful man.”

On the other hand, Wolfowitz gets $325,000 in severance pay for messing up his job; plus probably lots of other income.

Enough for a new comb; and for darning socks, I’d say.

Ms Riza has been described in some media as a ‘feminist’.

It is to be hoped that Ms Riza has learned from this episode, when her now ex-boyfriend, being a real Bushie, blamed her for his nepotism, that feminism is incompatible not only with Wolfowitz’ anti-feminist neo-conservatism; but with conservatism in general.

8 thoughts on “Wolfowitz loses both his job and his girlfriend

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