UK: Chagos islanders, expelled for US military base, win legal victory

This video about the Chagos islands is called John Pilger – Stealing A Nation [2004].

From the BBC:

Chagos families win legal battle

Families expelled from the Chagos Islands by the British have won their legal battle for the right to return home at the Court of Appeal.

Some 2,000 residents were forced out when the British colony in the Indian Ocean was leased to the US in the 1960s to build an airbase at Diego Garcia.

The government took the case to the Court of Appeal after two earlier rulings declared the actions unlawful.

It has a month to decide whether to appeal to the House of Lords.

Many former residents of the Chagos Islands now live in Mauritius or in the UK.

“To accept the islanders’ right to return but do nothing about it… would be meaningless and immoral”

Robert Bain, UK Chagos Support Association chairman

They were evicted from their homes on the Chagos archipelago between Africa and Indonesia, in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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8 thoughts on “UK: Chagos islanders, expelled for US military base, win legal victory

  1. Very late in the day … but presumably you know that as part of the eviction ritual the PTB took the islanders’ pet dogs and performed gangland executions on them in front of their nearest and dearest …


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