Cindy Sheehan on Dutch TV

This video from the USA is called Cindy Sheehan Speech to National Labor Conference Against the War, Dec. 2, 2006.

Cindy Sheehan, of the US organization Gold Star Families for Peace, was interviewed on Dutch TV tonight.

In the program NOVA, she spoke about her son Casey who died in the Iraq war.

NOVA showed archive images from the US of a pro Bush pro torture pro rape counter demonstrator with a sign “Sheehan to Abu Ghraib“.

Ms Sheehan pointed out that the numbers of these kind of people are dwindling, as Bush support is now very much a minority in the USA.

She spoke of bringing the troops home.

You have not succeeded in that aim yet, the interviewer said.

Indeed, Cindy Sheehan said.

But the peace movement in the USA did succeed in slowing Bush down.

If it would not have been for us, by now Bush would have already invaded Iran.

Though I have been in peace demonstrations of 500, 000, 600,000 people, still the peace movement should become bigger.

There should be more demonstrators; in the USA, and in the Netherlands.

George W. Bush, Cindy Sheehan said, is like someone who has lost his way and refuses to ask for directions. He should be impeached.

On Sunday 20 May, Ms Sheehan will speak at the Dutch Social Forum, including a rally outside the United States consulate, Museumplein, Amsterdam.

Cindy Sheehan writes from Ireland: here.

Cindy Sheehan in Britain, August 2007: here.

GOLD STAR FAMILIES ARE FIGHTING A CRAZY TAX GLITCH  Elizabeth Davis of Stafford, Virginia, normally owes a few hundred dollars around tax time. This year, she found herself with a nearly $10,000 bill thanks to wildly increased taxes on the death benefits she receives as a military widow. [HuffPost]

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