European parliament report on Bush’s torture flights

This video from 2007 says about itself:

The official trailer for the new movie “Rendition” starring Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Alan Arkin, Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard.

By Niall Green:

Report exposes European complicity in CIA torture flights

22 December 2006

The European parliament has produced a report on the complicity of European governments in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) practice of extraordinary rendition—the illegal transferring of detainees to locations where they stand a high risk of being tortured.

Issued in draft form on November 28, the report will be debated in the European parliament in January 2007.

It finds 11 European nations had knowledge of flights carrying detainees to secret prisons and overseas torture chambers, including Britain, Germany and Spain.

2 thoughts on “European parliament report on Bush’s torture flights

  1. *US senator seeks answers in botched Canadian terror case: report*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:14 am (PST)

    I think the chairs of the various House and senate committees and
    subcommittees are raring to go with investigations.

    My fervent hope is that some of the Bushite officials land in jail.

    Senator Leahy plans to question Alberto Gonzalez regarding
    “extraordinary renditions,” which Leahy says are a “gross human rights


    *US senator seeks answers in botched Canadian terror case: report*

    Agence France Presse.
    Dec. 20, 2006

    OTTAWA (AFP) – The incoming chair of the powerful US senate
    judiciary committee has vowed to get to the bottom of an alleged
    rendition of a Canadian man wrongly accused of terrorist ties, a
    Canadian newspaper said.

    Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy told the Toronto Star in an interview
    published Wednesday that he would summon US Attorney General Alberto
    Gonzales before the committee to explain why Maher Arar is still barred
    from the United States, after he was CLEARED of terrorist links by a
    Canadian judicial inquiry.

    “The Canadian government has now documented that the wrong thing was
    done to the wrong man,” Leahy told the newspaper.

    “It is time for the (Bush) administration to do what it can to redress
    this wrong, instead of perpetuating it.”

    Arar was stopped in New York, on his way to Canada from a trip to
    Tunisia in September 2002, and was deported to Syria where he was jailed
    and tortured for more than a year.

    Ottawa asked Washington to remove the 36-year-old software engineer from
    their surveillance list after he was exonerated in September. But the US
    ambassador to Ottawa said last week that Arar remains on the watch list.

    The botched terrorism case has gripped Canada and led to the resignation
    earlier this month of the nation’s top cop, Royal Canadian Mounted
    Police (RCMP) Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli.

    A Canadian government report found that FAULTY intelligence provided
    to US authorities by the RCMP had likely led to Arar’s detention and
    deportation to Syria.

    Ottawa protested to Washington and Damascus over Arar’s treatment, but
    Syria denies the torture claims and the United states has refused to
    accept blame for any wrongdoing in the case.

    Senator Leahy said he would also question Gonzales about the US
    government’s alleged widespread use of “extraordinary rendition” — the
    clandestine seizing and transfer of terror suspects to allied nations
    that condone torture.

    “It’s not just this individual case,” he said. “But what does this say
    when someone’s plane stops here, they have citizenship in a neighboring
    country and we ship them back to Syria.”

    “This is beneath our country. And, it does absolutely nothing to make us
    more secure and it is a gross human rights violation.”

    Read this at:


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