Coronavirus worldwide news

This 7 March 2020 ABC TV video from the USA is called At least 12 dead, 188 infected in US as coronavirus continues to spread.

What you need to know about coronavirus testing in the U.S: here.

USA: NURSES BLAST GOVERNMENT, HOSPITAL READINESS FOR VIRUS Members of the union National Nurses United said they have faced shifting guidelines and a shortage of supplies as the tally of known coronavirus infections has increased. They called on the Centers for Disease Control to quickly increase testing for COVID-19 and demanded that federal officials implement emergency standards for hospitals and clinics around the country. [HuffPost]

World Health Organization warns of need for urgent response as coronavirus cases surpass 100,000: here.

European states dither on emergency response as coronavirus spreads globally: here.

Coronavirus spreads to Poland, threatening to upend presidential elections: here.

A dog in Hong Kong has a low-level infection of the new coronavirus: here.

Call a pandemic a pandemic: ‘pandemic bonds’ and how casino capitalism is endangering us all. A cynical desire to save money is the reason why governments are refusing to say how serious the coronavirus crisis really is, explains ALAN SIMPSON.

12 thoughts on “Coronavirus worldwide news

  1. Dear ,

    Every time there’s a mass shooting in America, loudmouth wackos jump out on social media shouting that all the dead people were just so-called “crisis actors,” supposedly including kindergarten children. You know, the way NASA faked the moon landing. We’ve already heard some of that same denial of reality about the mounting coronavirus pandemic, especially from Trump himself.

    But as the number of confirmed infections and deaths, right here in America, double, and double, and double, over and again, one has to wonder how long his core of hardcore cult believers will continue to drink his Kool-Aid. When the crowds of people around them, any kind of social gathering in their own communities, have all dissipated, and people they are close to are dropping at their own feet, one has to wonder how long they will just try to call it fake news.

    Trump apparently thinks this whole thing is just a political PR problem, that he can scam his way past like he’s conned his way out of anything else in his life. It is not. It’s an existential worldwide medical emergency.

    Trump already had the biggest lie manufacturing operation going in American political history. But it’s gotten so bad, at this point every single word that comes out of Trump’s mouth is some kind of snaky lie. He even insinuated, without specifics, that somehow something President Obama had done was the reason testing has been held up.

    When in fact it was Trump’s own abject failure to take this seriously that has put us so far behind the testing curve, even in relation to any other country. When in fact it was Trump’s own dictate that shut down the pandemic response agency that President Obama initiated. It wasn’t until the stock market was already in free fall that it even engaged his infamously short attention span.

    In our last message, we advised our participants to pick up a good face mask while they were still available. Yesterday, we got an email from Ebay announcing that they were yanking entirely any such offerings.

    We are not saying that without Trump there would be no crisis at all. Rather, we simply note that Trump is absolutely the worst person to have in any kind of charge right now. He actually said that infected people should just go to work regardless, because they would just miraculously get better. And then lied on Twitter about that too.

    Trump once told us he knew more and was smarter than all the generals. Now he tells Hannity and his Stepford audience that based on a “hunch” he knows more than any doctor. And Hannity just plays along like some kind of mute, straight man.

    Our best advice at this point is to pay no attention to the orange clown behind the podium.

    Those who do base their behavior on anything Trump says may end up being accused of being crisis actors themselves..

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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