Supernovas and other astronomical news

This video says about itself:

Stephen Hawking – Supernovas

10 October 2011

Professor Stephen Hawking explains how these exploding stars produce all of the chemical elements which make up our bodies, and the world.

Supernova story continues, just like science journalism. By Elizabeth Quill, 12:45pm, February 8, 2017: here.

Observers caught these stars going supernova. Massive stellar explosions created these luminous, expanding shells of gas and dust. By Christopher Crockett, 11:47am, February 8, 2017: here.

30 years later, supernova 1987A is still sharing secrets. When the nearby star exploded, ‘the whole world got excited’. By Christopher Crockett, 8:00am, February 8, 2017: here.

When a nearby star goes supernova, scientists will be ready. Earth’s observatories hope to detect neutrinos and gravitational waves. By Emily Conover, 8:00am, February 8, 2017: here.

Middling black hole may be hiding in star cluster. Pulsar motion hints at extra source of strong gravity in 47 Tucanae. By Ashley Yeager, 1:00pm, February 8, 2017: here.

Hubble Finds Extrasolar Kuiper Belt Object Ripped Apart by White Dwarf: here.

Remembering Vera Rubin, a trailblazer at the telescope and beyond: here.

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