2 thoughts on “United States NASA space education threatened

  1. Cancel the Sequester


    As we near the one month mark of the unnecessary, self-induced budgetary “sequester,” the pain from these cuts to essential public services is already being felt in communities across the nation. Just the other day, the Federal Aviation Administration announced the closure of 149 airport towers that keep our skies safe.

    And if the sequester is allowed to take full effect, the cuts will be even more devastating. In 2013 alone, these cuts mean:

    Medicare will be slashed $9.9 billion;

    Public housing funds will be cut by $1.94 billion;

    The National Institutes of Health will be cut by $1.6 billion;

    FEMA’s disaster relief funds will be cut by $375 million;

    FDA programs, including food safety and drink inspectors, will be reduced by $206 million;

    and more than 70,000 children will be kicked out of Head Start school preparation programs for underserved kids as $406 million is cut from this critical federal program.

    That is why I’m asking for your help. Last month, I introduced H.R. 900, the Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013. This one-sentence bill would repeal the section of the law that creates the sequester. The legislation is only a line long, but that is all that is needed to undo the ticking time bomb of cuts that will cripple our economy, and shred our social safety net. Since I introduced the bill, I’ve picked up the support of 26 of my House colleagues and over 300,000 Americans have signed petitions demanding that Speaker Boehner hold a vote on H.R. 900.

    Can you chip in $5 dollars to help me build on this grassroots momentum to cancel the sequester?

    With your support, we can scrub this dreadful law from the books.

    Thank you for standing with me,

    Sincerely yours,

    John Conyers, Jr.
    PS: If you would like to become a citizen co-sponsor of my “Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013” sign on to the petition found online below:



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