Earth-like planet discovered

This video is called Gliese 667 Cc.


Second Earth Discovery

An international team of astronomers has discovered a planet beyond our solar system, which could have perfect conditions for life. The new planet is 22 light years away and orbits its own sun-like star in just the right distance to inherit a moderate climate. So water should be liquid and the surface temperatures are expected to be similar to the Earth.

The planet is called Gliese 667Cc and was discovered indirectly with the radio-velocity method of the HARPS telescope in La Silla, Chile. It is only the fourth discovery of its kind.

Twenty years ago, scientists were arguing whether extra-solar planets existed in the universe. Nowadays scientists discover new planets beyond our solar system nearly every week. State-of-the-art telescopes are able to locate planets, which have only three or four times the mass of the Earth. These discoveries could one day help astronomers find life in one of these worlds.

(19 April 2012)

Ute de Groot

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