Slug video, speeded up

This 21 December 2017 video is about a slug feeding on an old plant of the celery family.

This took the slug five minutes; but the video has been speeded up to half a minute.

Rik Gielen made this video near Zwolle city in the Netherlands.

Snake’s head fritillary flower time-lapse video

This is a time-lapse video of snake’s head fritillary flowers growing.

It is by Simon Plat from Zwolle in the Netherlands.

Polish coot winters in Dutch Zwolle

This 2011 video is from the Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A young coot had got stuck in a fence. People managed to free it. After investigation whether it was wounded, the bird was freed and swam again.

Translated from Dutch Vroege Vogels radio today:

Polish coot in Zwolle

Now, every winter already for seven years there is a coot with a numbered collar in a park in Zwolle. The animal turns out to have been ringed in eastern Poland!


The coot was discovered by Claudia van der Leur, making a walk every day around the park. “I thought at first it was a bit sad, a coot with such a large collar. But now that I look back at it for so many years, one may assume that it does not suffer from this band. ”

Van der Leur came into contact with fellow birdwatcher Louis Zandbergen. Who scanned the Internet for the origin of the animal. It turned out to be a coot ringed in eastern Poland in 2010. Except in Poland and Zwolle, the animal has also been seen on several occasions in Germany.

Not ab usual migratory bird

Gerrit Gerritsen of BirdLife in the Netherlands Bird explains that although coots are not standard migrating birds “they still can travel considerable distances. In winter there are huge groups in our country. and part of them comes from Eastern Europe, as demonstrated by this lovely sighting by Claudia and Louis.”

Site fidelity

That the animal has such fidelity to this site is not so surprising to Gerritsen. “A bird of course has an advantage if it is on familiar ground in both winter and summer. Then it learns best where the good food is and where dangers threaten.”

This coot has a white collar with the letters C18 on it.

Rare brown hairstreak butterfly video

This video shows a rare female brown hairstreak butterfly on a goldenrod flower in a garden in Zwolle in the Netherlands, on 13 August 2015.

The video is by mbvweerd.

Baker loses wedding ring in loaf, finds it again

This Dutch 5 October 2015 video is about baker Arend Kisteman from Zwolle city in the Netherlands, telling how he yesterday lost his wedding ring, as he dropped it while making dough for bread.

Mr Kisteman married just ten days ago.

Dutch NOS TV reports today (translated):

Kisteman had baked some hundred and fifty loaves with the dough, and asked his clients to thoroughly investigate their bread.

He found the ring himself again this morning. “It was inside a loaf. When I was cutting bread, a piece got stuck in the machine. I immediately retrieved the loaf, and the ring was inside.”

“There’s a small scratch on it, but it does not matter.” The baker immediately called his wife. “She is also very happy. I can come home for dinner again tonight.”

Great spotted woodpecker feeding chick, video

This video shows a male great spotted woodpecker, getting food from a tree and a feeder, to feed his chick.

Erik Veldkamp made this video on 21 June in Zwolle in the Netherlands, at 7:00 in the morning.

Young foxes at industrial area, video

This video shows young red foxes at an industrial area.

Corne Smans made this video in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Northern hawk-owl and two Olympic medals in Zwolle, the Netherlands

This is a video about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands, on 28 January 2014.

The northern hawk-owl, present in Zwolle since November 2013, is still there. Today, it sat on the viaduct near the railway.

Talking about Zwolle city: today, at the Sochi Winter Olympics, two twin brothers from Zwolle won medals. Michel Mulder became Olympic champion in 500 meter speed skating. His brother Ronald Mulder won the bronze medal. Jan Smeekens, also from the Netherlands, was in second place, just one hundredth of a second behind Michel Mulder.

This is a video about Michel Mulder from December last year, when he skated a 500 meter world record for lowland speed skating tracks.

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Northern hawk-owl still present, videos

This video shows the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands; on 17 January 2014.

After over three months, ever since 24 November 2013, today the northern hawk-owl was still present in Zwolle.

It still attracts birders; including, today, someone from Cardiff in Wales, and one from southern England.

Here is another video about that owl.

And yet another one.

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Northern hawk-owl still in Zwolle

This video is from 30 January 2014, when the northern hawk-owl was still in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

On 1 February 2014, the northern hawk-owl was seen for the last time in Zwolle.

After 81 days, it left for an unknown destination.

UPDATE: the owl was not seen on 2 February. However, in the 3 February morning, it was seen again, near its usual spot, on a lamppost.

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