Saudi air force attacks their third Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen

This video says about itself:

Four killed in attack on Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Yemen

10 January 2016

Dubai: A “projectile” has struck a clinic supported by international medical group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in north Yemen killing four people, another in a series of attacks on its facilities in the war-torn country. …

In a statement on its Twitter account, MSF did not identify who was killed in the attack but said three of the wounded were staff members, of whom two were in critical condition.

“This is the third severe incident in the last 3 months. Our teams struggle on a daily basis to ensure the respect of health facilities,” MSF wrote.

An earlier tweet by the group described the projectile as a rocket.

Regional MSF operations chief Raquel Ayora said all warring parties are regularly informed of the GPS coordinates of the medical sites where the group works, and that MSF was in constant dialogue with them.

“There is no way that anyone with the capacity to carry out an air strike or launch a rocket would not have known that the Shiara Hospital was a functioning health facility providing critical services and supported by MSF,” she said.

MSF said Saudi-led air strikes hit another of its health facilities elsewhere in the province in October last year, wrecking the building and lightly wounding two staff members.

Dutch NOS TV reports today on the third Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen, attacked by the Saudi Arabian royal air force.

It is the Shiara Hospital in Razeh district, a region controlled by Yemeni Houthi rebels, who have no warplanes. So extremely likely, the bloody attack is by their enemies, the coalition of Saudi Arabia and other absolute monarchies.

If a day goes by without the United States air force bombing a hospital in Afghanistan, then their Saudi royal allies will make up for that [sarcasm off].

From MSF/Doctors Without Borders today:

Yemen: Another MSF supported hospital bombed

10 January 2016

Sana’a – A MSF supported hospital has been hit by a projectile in Northern Yemen causing at least four dead and 10 injured and the collapse of several buildings of the medical facility. Three of the injured are MSF staff, two in critical condition.

According to our staff on the ground, at 09:20 one projectile impacted the Shiara Hospital in Razeh district, where MSF has been working since November 2015. MSF cannot confirm the origin of the attack, but planes were seen flying over the facility at the time. At least one more projectile fell near the hospital. The numbers of casualties could rise as there could still be people trapped in the rubble. All staff and patients have evacuated and patients are being transferred to Al Goumoury hospital in Saada, also supported by MSF.

“All warring parties, including the Saudi led coalition (SLC), are regularly informed of the GPS coordinates of the medical sites where MSF works and we are in constant dialogue with them to ensure that they understand the severity of the humanitarian consequences of the conflict and the need to respect the provision of medical services”, says Raquel Ayora Director of Operations. “There is no way that anyone with the capacity to carry out an airstrike or launch a rocket would not have known that the Shiara Hospital was a functioning health facility providing critical services and supported by MSF”.

“We reiterate to all parties to the conflict that patients and medical facilities must be respected and that bombing hospitals is a violation of international humanitarian law”, says Ayora.

The conflict is particularly acute in Razeh District. The population of the area have been severely affected by constant bombings and the cumulative weight of 10 months of war. Shiara Hospital had already been bombed before MSF started supporting it and services were reduced to stabilisation, emergency, maternity and lifesaving activities.

This is the third severe incident in an MSF health facility in the last three months. On 27 October Haydan hospital was destroyed by an airstrike by the SLC and on 3rd December a health centre in Taiz was also hit by the SLC wounding 9 people. MSF teams struggle on a daily basis to ensure the respect of health facilities by all armed groups.

“We strongly condemn this incident that confirms a worrying pattern of attacks to essential medical services and express our strongest outrage as this will leave a very fragile population without healthcare for weeks”, says Ayora. “Once more it is civilians that bear the brunt of this war”.

MSF asks for an immediate end to attacks on medical structures and requests that all parties unequivocally commit to creating the conditions for the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance. MSF also requests that those responsible for this attack investigate the circumstances of the incident.

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At least five medical workers were killed and 10 others wounded when an explosive projectile slammed into a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)-affiliated medical facility in the Shiara Hospital in Razeh district on Sunday. The attack on the hospital, which led to the destruction of multiple buildings within the MSF-linked center, came amid an ongoing surge of fighting in Yemen’s northern province of Saada. As of Monday afternoon, rescuers continued to work through the rubble, where more medical staff and patients are believed to be trapped: here.

Saudi royal air force bombs Iranian embassy in Yemen

This 7 January 2016 video is called Saudi warplanes attack Iranian embassy in Yemen.

After the Saudi royal air force bombed blind people, factory workers, orphans, refugees, markets, Doctors Without Borders hospitals and beautiful ancient homes in Yemen … now they are apparently emulating their NATO allies, who in 1999 bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in Yugoslavia.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of missile strike on its embassy in Yemen capital

Tehran says some embassy guards were injured in the alleged attack by warplanes

Adam Withnall

Iran has accused Saudi Arabia of launching an air strike on its embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.

According to Iranian state-run TV channels a number of embassy guards were injured in the alleged missile attack.

The IRIB news channel quoted an Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaber Ansari, as saying: “Saudi Arabia is responsible for the damage to the embassy building and the injury to some of its staff.” …

Earlier, Iran accused Saudi Arabia of using cluster bombs in a series of air strikes on Thursday which, it said, killed five people.

The claims come amid escalating tensions between the two Middle East powers, after the execution of a prominent Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia and the subsequent ransacking of the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

IRAN ACCUSES SAUDI ARABIA OF AIRSTRIKE ON EMBASSY “Iran accused Saudi Arabia on Thursday of an aerial attack on its embassy in Sana, the capital of Yemen, in a potential escalation of a sectarian and geopolitical conflict that has put the region on edge.” [NYT]

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Our memories tend to be so short-lived that we have forgotten entirely that Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran were once close geopolitical collaborators. It was not so long ago. We need not go back to the creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 when Iran gave the new state crucial diplomatic recognition, leading to Saudi Arabia’s widespread acceptance in the community of sovereign states. The more interesting period is that of the 1960’s: here.

Saudi royal air force bombs blind Yemeni people

This video says about itself:

Yemen: Airstrike hits centre for the blind in Sanaa as Saudi-led bombing continues

5 January 2016

A centre for the blind was hit by an airstrike in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, Tuesday, as the Saudi-led coalition continues to attack Houthi-held areas in the conflict-stricken country.

The centre was heavily damaged, forcing those using the facilities, the majority of whom live with severely impaired vision, to evacuate the building.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Saudi-led air strikes hit centre for blind people and commerce building in Yemen

Human Rights Watch have condemned the strikes in Yemen

Serina Sandhu

Air strikes led by Saudi Arabia have hit a care centre for blind people, residents have said.

Three people are believed to have been wounded at the Noor Centre for the Blind on Tuesday, according to Saba news agency.

The capital’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry was also hit in the strikes, although no casualties were reported. …

A patient at the centre for blind people expressed his shock at being struck.

Speaking to the International Business Times, Abdullah Ahmed Banyan said: “People with disabilities are being struck in their residence. Around 1:30am, two missiles hit the live-in quarters of a home for the blind.”

“Can you imagine they are striking the blind? What is this criminality? Why? Is it the blind that are fighting the war?” On 2 January, Saudi Arabia announced that a cease fire, which began on 15 December following United-Nations backed peace talks, had ended. It came on the same day the kingdom executed a Shi’ite cleric convicted of “terrorism”, which has seen tension grow between Saudi Arabia and Iran. …

Human Rights Watch has condemned the strikes, some of which they believe “amount to war crimes“.

Belkis Wille, the group’s Yemen researcher, told The Independent that 36 strikes, launched since March, “violated the laws of war”.

“In none of these cases have we seen that the Saudi-led coalition has launched any form of investigation nor taken any measures to compensate the victims or their families.”

“We have seen the coalition bombing and hitting dozens of civilian objects including homes, hospitals and schools, killing hundreds of civilians.”

So far, the war has killed 2795 civilians, according to the UN. Of the fatalities, around 60 per cent are the result of air strikes.

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Bombing Of Blind School Shows Cruel Toll Of Yemen’s War. An airstrike hit the only school for kids with visual disabilities earlier this month: here.

Saudi bombs kill Yemenis, Yemeni woman makes pro-peace art

Yemeni Saba Jallas' pro-peace art

On the left is a photo of a beautiful ancient building in the old inner city of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, with behind it, smoke from the destructive impact of the Saudi royal air force bombing. On the right, Yemeni Ms Saba Jallas has drawn flowers and a dove of peace over the image of bloody war.

From daily The Independent in Britain today about this, with more pictures by Saba Jallas there:

This Yemeni artist is drawing images of peace over photos of the war

Posted an hour ago by Bethan McKernan

Yemen’s sectarian civil war became a full-scale conflict in March last year, but has largely escaped Western media attention.

Saudi-led airstrikes launched at the request of the ousted Yemeni government have targeted schools, hospitals and markets and the civilian cost is already huge: around 6,000 people are thought to have died and 2.5 million people have fled their homes because of the conflict.

Amnesty International says that 80 per cent of the 21 million strong population are in need of aid.

With her country in crisis, artist Saba Jallas turned to her craft to try and find an outlet for her feelings of shock.

She found inspiration from Palestinian artists who drew over the smoke and explosions from the Gaza war in 2014 with pictures to inspire courage and hope.

Jallas started to create her own images on her smartphone, etching peaceful and compassionate scenes onto photographs of the destruction hitting Yemen.

Her pictures are posted onto Facebook, where they are beloved by both Yemenis and people around the world.

Many show women and children embracing.

And flowers feature heavily as a symbol of growth and beauty.

“Frankly I did not expect this reaction as an amateur,” Jallas told

People told me the pictures give them hope. The reaction of Yemeni people gave me the push to continue.

Jallas hopes that the violence will come to an end as soon as possible. But in the meantime, she is going to keep drawing:

I hope to see Yemen safe, and that everyone will live with love, tolerance and optimism like brothers and sisters.

I don’t know if it means much. But drawing is a way to heal.”

Alan Kurdi’s aunt: ‘My dead nephew’s picture saved thousands of lives’: here.

Saudi royal air force bombs hospital, again

This video says about itself:

YEMEN | Saudi-Led Air Strike Destroys Another MSF Hospital

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

3 November 2015

Dr. Natalie Roberts, who works in Yemen for MSF, speaks with CNN’s Amanpour after air strikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in northern Yemen destroyed a hospital on 26th October 2015.

The British Royal Air Force now bombing Syria are not the only royal air force bombing in the Middle East now.

Look, eg, at the Saudi royal air force.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Airstrike hits MSF clinic in Yemen

Today, 16:41

A clinic of MSF in Yemen has been hit in an air strike by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. According to the charity nine people were injured, including two employees of MSF.

Yesterday, jets attacked a park near the clinic’s tent in the southern city of Taiz three times, says MSF. Employees of the NGO organisation signaled that there was in a clinic in the area and cleared the tent as a precaution.

Despite this, not much later, the clinic itself was bombed, says MSF. The nine victims were injured by shrapnel. Two of them, seriously wounded, had to go to other hospitals.


MSF says that it is impossible that the coalition was not previously aware of the location of the hospital. “The GPS coordinates of the medical facilities are regularly provided to the coalition,” said a spokesman. “For the last time, on November 29th.”

For months an alliance of Arab countries have been striking targets of Houthi rebels in Yemen. MSF has been active in different parts of the country and claims to have treated more than 16,000 war wounded.


Also in the Afghan city of Kunduz a clinic of MSF was recently hit by an airstrike. The bombardment by the US air force killed an estimated thirty people. The Pentagon admitted afterwards that it was a mistake.

Mistake? Looks more like a war crime, Doctors Without Borders says.

And let us not forget the earlier attack by the Saudi royal air force on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen; in Saada city; the air strike mentioned in the video.