Sacred ibis in Dutch national park

This January 2018 video shows a sacred ibis in Dutch Weerribben national park.

Kees van der Klauw Veentjes made this video.

Flowers, herons and windmills

Yellow water-lily, 1 August 2017

Still 1 August 2017 in Weerribben national park in the Netherlands, after my earlier blog post on that day. We saw this yellow water-lily.

Flowers, on 1 August 2017

And these flowers.

White water-lily, 1 August 2017

And this white water-lily.

White water-lily, on 1 August 2017

And this one.

Talking about white: a great egret. And a grey heron.

Fringed water-lilies, 1 August 2017

Then, lots of fringed water-lilies.

Fringed water-lilies, on 1 August 2017

Windmill, 1 August 2017

Then, this small windmill.

Weerribben, 1 August 2017

Finally, the last photo of our stay in beautiful Weerribben-De Wieden national park.

Sedge warbler, marsh harrier, plants

Sedge warbler, 1 August 2017

After our first full day in Weerribben national park in the Netherlands, on 31 July 2017, came our second full day, also by boat, on 1 August. That day we saw this sedge warbler.

Before that, a chaffinch singing early in the morning.

A great cormorant flying. A red admiral butterfly.

A female blue-tailed damselfly sits on water plants. The lower part of her body is under water to deposit eggs.

Then, we saw the sedge warbler.

Ten great cormorants fly past.

Pondskaters on the water.

Flowers, 1 August 2017

Flowers which have stopped flowering on the bank.

Edible frog sound.

Lesser bulrush, 1 August 2017

Lesser bulrush on the bank. We are now on meandering old river, east of Kalenberg village.

Black-tailed skimmer, 1 August 2017

A male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly lands on our boat.

Branched bur-reed, 1 August 2017

Branched bur-reed.

Branched bur-reed, on 1 August 2017

Its female flowers are below, the smaller male flowers above.

Marsh harrier, 1 August 2017

Then, a marsh harrier flies past.

Young mallards swimming.

Water soldier, 1 August 2017

Water soldier flowers.

There will be more on that day in the Weerribben on this blog. So, stay tuned!

Damselflies, dragonflies, plants, kingfisher in national park

Red-eyed damselfly, 31 July 2017

This photo shows a male red-eyed damselfly on a water lily pad in the Jurries canal in Weerribben national park in the Netherlands, on 31 July 2017. As this blog mentioned, we had arrived in the Weerribben the day before, on 30 July.

On the morning of 31 July, our boat had soon made a left turn from the main canal into the quieter Jurries.

Red-eyed damselfly, on 31 July 2017

On its north bank, we found the red-eyed damselfly.

Arrowhead, 31 July 2017

And arrowhead leaves.

Arrowhead, on 31 July 2017

And flowering rush flowers.

Flowering rush, 31 July 2017

A willow warbler sings.

Yellow water-lily flowers.

Our boat takes a left turn again, into the Tweede Bokvaart.

This April 2014 video is about a canoe in the Tweede Bokvaart.

Windmills, 31 July 2017

We pass some of the many small Weerribben windmills.

Windmill, 31 July 2017

Tweede Bokvaart, 31 July 2017

Just after this Tweede Bokvaart photo, a kingfisher.

Black-tailed skimmer, 31 July 2017

A bit further, at a landing, this male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly, and also other males and females of that species, sit down.

We go back.

White water lilies, 31 July 2017

These European white water lily flowers.

Two marsh harriers flying.

Close to Ossenzijl village, a buzzard flying.

In Ossenzijl, house sparrows. And barn swallows on a roof.

Our boat goes back south. At 17:30, ten snipes flying.

This Dutch video is about the Weerribben-Wieden national park.

Butterflies, dragonflies, birds in Dutch national park

Green-veined white butterflies, 30 July 2017

This photo shows two green-veined white butterflies mating. The photo is from a garden in Weerribben national park in the Netherlands; on 30 July 2017, the day we arrived there.

On the bank of the IJssel river near Zwolle city, we had seen Egyptian geese that day.

As we waited at the harbour of Kalenberg village, a robin sang.

In the garden, a greenfinch.

Along the bicycle trail back to Kalenberg, a sedge warbler sings.

Arrowhead flowering in the water.

Himalayan balsam flowering along the Kalenbergerpad bicycle trail.

At a place where in earlier times ducks used to be caught, called the Kloosterkooi, pondskaters in the water.

A red admiral butterfly.

We walk on a footpath. Supposedly, one needs wellingtons to walk it; but at least today it is not that muddy. A bridge crosses a small stream. Many spiders and their webs on the banks. At least one web is all the way from one bank to the opposite one.

Dragonfly female, 30 July 2017

A bit further, this female dragonfly. A common darter.

As we approach Kalenberg again, a grey heron. A meadow brown butterfly. A reed bunting.

Back at the garden. A blue tit at a feeder.