Libyan war destroys Tripoli

Fierce fighting raged into the night in Tripoli Monday, even as leaders of the major Western powers proclaimed the end of the Gaddafi regime and maneuvered for position in the scramble for Libya’s oil wealth: here.

Another dictator is being toppled in North Africa–but the regime that will replace his will be beholden to imperialist powers that don’t care at all about democracy: here.

Real News Network: NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution: here.

The “army of spies and special forces at work in Libya“. Guess who the real mercenaries in Libya are fighting for? Here.

“Boots on the Ground” in Libya? Here.

As Gaddafi’s brutal regime collapses… Don’t let west hijack Arab Spring: here.

Left campaigners in Britain demanded a halt to all British and Nato involvement in Libya today, warning that their intervention had all the hallmarks of the West’s diastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

Phyllis Bennis: Too Soon to Declare Victory: here.

Libyan war in Tripoli

Map of Tripoli

The Gaddafi regime is on the brink of collapse after stepped-up air attacks, including the use of helicopter gunships to back the ground forces of the Benghazi-based Transitional National Council: here.

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil fell to $107 on world commodity markets today as Nato-backed rebels captured swathes of Tripoli: here.

The Scramble for Access to Libya’s Oil Wealth Begins: here.

Britain: Anti-war campaigners accused the government of “hypocrisy” yesterday over Libya as Prime Minister David Cameron sought to back rebels in a regime change: here.

Seven months after Tunisia’s historic uprising which saw the ouster of long-time dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and gave birth to the region’s Arab Spring, many Tunisians are losing confidence in the progress of their revolution: here.

Anti-government protests took place across Tunisia on August 15. Thousands of Tunisians participated, denouncing the interim government and calling for its resignation: here.