Tony Blair caused terrorism in London, abuses it for warmongering

This video from Britain says about itself:

Send him to The Hague! Tony Benn on Blair’s ‘war crimes’ (FULL INTERVIEW)

20 December 2013

Former Labour cabinet minister and Stop the War Coalition President Tony Benn talks to the host of Going Underground, Afshin Rattansi about the alleged war crimes of Tony Blair. He shares stories of intelligence goings on during his time as an MP, featured in his memoirs, including a threat to assassinate him if he ever became Prime Minister. They also discuss voter apathy and how austerity could lead to fascism on the streets of Britain.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Blair reaped a whirlwind

Wednesday 8th July 2015

THE last thing that people marking the 10th anniversary of the mass slaughter of innocent civilians in London need is a call to arms from Tony Blair.

His observation that Western countries need to have “the means of combating these people and combating them on the ground” smacks of his obsession with launching wars.

Blair says that, 10 years ago, “we faced people who had been radicalised over a period of time,” but he accepts no responsibility for involving Britain in illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and encouraging Israel to colonise Palestinian land.

He notes that there are “training camps actually in Libya not just in Syria, in Iraq and elsewhere and this threat is not going away. It will intensify in time to come.”

Would camps in Libya exist if British and French warplanes had not acted as the air force for an assortment of armed opposition groups seeking to overthrow Muammar Gadaffi?

Would Isis be in a strong position in Iraq had the US and British invading forces not destroyed the state infrastructure, including the army, leaving an assortment of weaponry available to insurgents?

Would the same death cult, together with al-Qaida-linked groups, have taken over large swathes of Syria but for Washington and London turning a blind eye to their allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain sending weapons and fighters to anti-government groups?

Blair counters that countries that played no role in invading Iraq have also been affected and that “radicalisation” predated that criminal act.

Both points are true, but they don’t absolve Western imperialist leaders.

Obscurantist salafist ideas have existed for centuries, not least in Saudi Arabia which played a key role in backing armed rebellion in Afghanistan even before Soviet military support for the Kabul government.

Washington was warned then that, by supplying state-of-the-art munitions to the so-called mojahedin, it was sowing a wind and would reap a whirlwind.

US politicians thought they could turn religious extremism on and off like a tap to suit themselves.

The current global situation offers conclusive proof that they were wrong.

Yesterday’s moving commemorations across Britain of July 7 2005 involved people of all faiths and none to emphasise togetherness and mutual respect.

The timely and brave response of transport workers, police, firefighters, nurses and doctors at a nearby BMA conference who all ran towards the scenes of carnage that everyone else had been told to flee provided an example of our people at their best.

The “peace iftars” in many mosques highlight that Muslims have borne the heaviest burden of the death cult upsurge, both in lives lost and victimisation by shallow politicians.

Labour London mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan recalls that Blair called in Muslim Labour MPs after the London Tube and bus bombings to tell them that this was their responsibility.

Khan retorted correctly that this was a problem for all of us.

When grubby politicians demand that Muslim communities atone or apologise for atrocities committed by self-professed Muslims, they must be reminded that no religion sanctions mass murder of innocent civilians.

London’s multiracial, multi-faith population suffered the hurt of July 7 2005 together and commemorated it yesterday in the same united way.

As Muslim Council of Britain secretary-general Shuja Shafi says, “The best way to defy the terrorist is to increase our bonds of unity, not to single out any one group of people for blame or opprobrium.”

Life for British Muslims since 7/7 – abuse, suspicion and constant apologies, by Mehdi Hasan. The London bombings shocked us all. But in the decade since, our community has been unfairly demonised: here.

Tony Blair’s wife and Qatar dictatorship

This video says about itself:

7 October 2013

Ahmed talks about some of the human rights abuses that are going on as Qatar prepares to host the World Cup.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal

Lobbying activities of Clintons and Blairs under scrutiny after emails show wife of former UK PM sought ‘women to women’ meeting with US secretary of state

Dan Roberts in Washington

Wednesday 1 July 2015 11.18 BST

Cherie Blair repeatedly pressured Hillary Clinton to meet a leading Qatari royal during her time as US secretary of state, according to newly released emails that raise fresh questions about the lobbying activities of all three political families.

The wife of the former British prime minister Tony Blair exchanged 19 emails with Clinton over a four-month period in 2009 as she sought to arrange the meeting on behalf of Sheikha Mozah, an informal but influential ambassador for Qatar on the world stage.

“Sheika Moser has approached me privately saying they are keen to get their relationship with the USA onto a more positive footing and she was hoping for a ‘women to women’ one to one private meeting with you,” Blair wrote in the first of a series of emails addressed to Hilary [sic] and released by the US state department after a legal battle to recover correspondence Clinton had stored on a private server.

After initially suggesting they shared a philanthropic interest in disability charities, Blair added: “I am sure the conversation would not be confined to these issues but would be about the US/Qatar relationship generally.”

A protracted series of followup emails then detail Blair’s attempts to seek a mutually convenient date in both women’s diaries, some cryptically only referring to “my friend from Q”.

“Great,” Blair replied to Clinton when the meeting was confirmed in principle. “When I see what a difference you are making it reminds me why politics is too important to be left to the bad people.”

Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination has prompted close scrutiny of the Gulf state’s donations to the Clinton Foundation, which was set up as a philanthropic venture after her husband left the White House.

She has denied that such foreign donations had any bearing on her work as secretary of state, but the foundation has been accused of violating an agreement with the Obama administration to stop taking overseas money while she was in office to avoid any perception of undue influence.

The Blair family’s fundraising activities have also led to close scrutiny of their finances since leaving Downing Street, but they too stress that much of their work is philanthropic in nature.

Spokespeople for the Blairs were not immediately available for comment.

The Clinton emails, which were voluntarily turned over by the secretary of state and released this week by the state department after intervention by a US judge, also show other close links to the Blair family.

One memo from the informal Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal shows him acting as a go-between to persuade the secretary of state to help promote Tony Blair’s short-lived bid to become EU president.

Jonathan Powell tells me that remarks about Tony would be appreciated but that what would really be significant will be your conversation with Merkel,” Blumenthal wrote.

He also wrote repeatedly to warn Clinton of declining US relations with Britain, urging her to help then prime minister Gordon Brown repair ties between the countries or risk a still chillier reception from the opposition leader David Cameron.

“Consensus across the board in Britain – center, right, left – is that the Atlantic alliance – the special relationship – the historic bond since World War II – is shattered,” said Blumenthal.

“There is no dissenting voice, not one, and there are no illusions. Opinion is unanimous. The bottom line is that the Obama administration’s denigration of the UK is seen as the summation of the Bush era.”

CLINTON EMAILS SHOW SENIOR OBAMA STAFFERS KNEW OF PRIVATE EMAIL IN 2009 President Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel requested the private email address in 2009. [AP]