Tony Blair, musical parody videos

This 14 September musical parody video from Britain is called BlairBushes & Blairs

It says about itself:

Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band looks back at his dynamic partnership with George W. Bush.


Calais’s a jungle, full of refugees
Following the swarm down to Greece
Hoping to stay
Back in the ‘90s, I became PM
Then I brazenly flaunted the UN
And went to war

Bushes and Blairs make the greatest of pairs
Sharing secret memos, ignoring your demos
Millions of you marched, and I had to laugh

Avoiding all proof, ‘cause none was available
Now every time I speak, I earn sums of one, two, three, four, five figures
I got bad intel, I heard they had weapons
Of mass destruction
, but they didn’t
All I can say is “oops”

Bushes and Blairs make the greatest of pairs
Sharing secret memos, ignoring your demos
Millions of you marched, and I had to laugh

This 15 September musical parody video from Britain is called Blair – Warcrime.

It says about itself:

Classic hit from Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band.

LYRICS: Arrogance is a preference for the historical perpetrator of what is known as…war crime!
And one’s own legacy can be salvaged if you gloss right over what is known as…war crime!
Tony is pro-EU, he’s not intimidated by the calls for him to shut up, he’ll say his bit…war crime!
Who’s that EU president? You should get rid of Jean-Claude Juncker, mate, try me on for size!

All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime
Know what I mean

I get up to what I want, except on Wednesdays when I have to collect a big sack of money from JP Morganwar crime!
I put my trousers on, have a stiff whisky and I think about moving to an even bigger housewar crime!
I do some charity work, I sometimes act as a peace envoy too, it gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing…war crime!
And then I’m happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that the Chilcot report will probably never see the light of day

All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime
It’s got nothing to do with my corporate ties, you know, my support for the EU
And it’s not about you social justice warriors, who go round and round and round and round
All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime

This 16 September musical parody video from Britain is called Blair – There is a Third Way.

It says about itself:

On the new single from Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band, the former PM hits out at Jeremy Corbyn and defends his own approach.


You’re taking the ‘New’ out of ‘New Labour
You’re like Obi-Wan without a lightsaber
Ideologically, how can we be neighbours?
Tony wants his party back

There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Neoliberalism saves the day!
There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Moderate centrism saves the day!

You’re taking Labour too far to the left
You probably believe that property is theft
Your economics would leave so bereft
You can’t ignore the private sector

There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Neoliberalism saves the day!
There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Centrist moderation saves the day!


No to Trump’s, Blair’s warmongering

This video from the USA says about itself:

Syria War Being Justified By Same Type of Propaganda As Iraq; Stop Believing the Lies

12 December 2016

LONG Source List Below

After decades of the United States rationalizing war and regime change on lies, the American people no longer get a pass to blindly accept more of the same in Syria. JUST like it was ENTIRELY possible to know in real time that the justifications for war in Iraq were predicated on lies, so it is with Syria. We stand on the edge of escalating a conflict which could trigger a much wider war, and the corporate FAKE news media AGAIN acts as stenographers for lies. SHAMEFUL.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday, April 13, 2018

We must not be bulldozed into another war by Blair and co

THERESA MAY has no mandate to order Britain’s air force to take part in any bombing spree against Syria, which would not only be illegal but fraught with danger.

Securing a Cabinet majority for tailing behind whatever decision is taken across the Atlantic will confer neither legality nor justification for further death and destruction in Syria.

Those who advocate bombing Syria don’t even justify their stance militarily, talking airily about “punishing” or “sending a message to” Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin or both of them.

This is typical of the woolly thinking that passes for rigorous debate among the political elite in Parliament and mass media.

It is confused, dishonest and potentially dangerous for all bar those who prattle on about the need for military action, especially in central Asia, the Middle East and north Africa, from the safety of their cosy Westminster benches.

Surely it beggars belief that disgraced former prime minister and serial war criminal Tony Blair is again parading through media news rooms to share his opinion that he supports military action in Syria.

“If the US are taking action, we should be prepared to be alongside them”, he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme as though we’ve all drawn a line under the lies he told to cajole pliable Labour MPs to back the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq.

While Labour’s membership has moved on from the Blair years — and has swollen manyfold in response to the election of a consistent peace campaigner as leaderits parliamentary ranks remain blighted by too many armchair generals.

Labour Party organisations and constituents should act quickly to contact all MPs — not only the usual violence fetishists — to demand that they oppose the drive to war and insist that May does not go behind the back of Parliament to approve military action.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a consistent voice for sanity in this crisis, following the same principled approach he has adopted in similar circumstances when warmongers, backed by the mass media, have tried to intimidate peace forces into silence.

If Russian or US planes are shot down or troops on the ground are attacked, escalation can be all but guaranteed.

Moscow has indicated that it will not withdraw its forces from defensive positions around airfields and other key installations to give the US air force a free run to hit the Syrian army or its Iranian, Lebanese and other allies.

Russia has drawn a line between international law and imperialist piracy and is unlikely to retreat from this position.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has already declared its intention to send investigation teams to Douma to seek evidence of the chemical attack that jihadist-linked groups insist took place and which is denied by both Damascus and Moscow.

The May government approached OPCW for confirmation of the agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Why not wait to see what it reports on Douma?

Britain has already been bulldozed by Blair and company into one mass bloodletting on the basis of false evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We don’t need another just 15 years later.

Corbyn is not alone in demanding that Parliament should have the final say on military action.

The Liberal Democrats and Scottish nationalists also want a vote but have not spoken out against the Tories’ war fever, raising fears that they will back air raids amid inconsequential nitpicking.

They and the government must be told unmistakably that people in Britain don’t want another war.

Don’t take us into another illegal war. As May summons her cabinet to discuss military action in Syria, MPs warn against doing so without giving Parliament a say: here.

Tony Blair against Brexit, Ramones parody song

This 21 February 2018 parody music video from Britain is called The Remoans – “Britsleave Bop”.

It is a parody of the song Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones.

Tony Blair takes lead vocal duties on this new Brexit-bashing single from The Remoans.’

The lyrics are:

They’re foaming at the mouth now
Their eyes are swivelling round
Devaluing the pound
The Britsleave Bop

They’re scoffing at the experts
Not listening to lectures
Endangering the sectors
The Britsleave Bop

Ho hey, let’s stay
Stop them in their tracks now
What they want, I don’t know
As long as it’s hard and we definitely go

They’re foaming at the mouth now
Their eyes are swivelling round
Devaluing the pound
The Britsleave Bop

Tony Blair promotes Islamophobia

This January 2015 video from Britain is called Tony Blair Not In Jail? I Literally Don’t Understand: Russell Brand The Trews (E235).


Tony Blair warns of populist uprisings & collapse of EU if Muslim immigration not addressed

5 Jan, 2018 10:19

More countries could break away from the EU in a wave of populist revolts, says Tony Blair.

The same wrong use of the word ‘populist’ as many others. ‘Populism’ is often used wrongly by journalists who are too cowardly to call racist political parties ‘racist’. For Tony Blair, it is a term of abuse without meaning, lumping together all sorts of political tendencies which have nothing in common except not being liked by Tony Blair; like present Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other leftist critics of Blair’s war crimes.

The former UK PM has called on EU countries to “seize the moment” and to deal with underlying Muslim migration issues.

Blair told [right-wing] German newspaper Die Welt that the same migration concerns that sparked Brexit aren’t issues faced solely by the UK, and other EU countries could face backlashes down the line.

Contrary to Blair, Brexit was not just ‘sparked’ by xenophobia. The pro-Brexit referendum campaign by a minority of Conservative MPs and Ukip was xenophobic (so was the Conservative ‘remainer’ campaign of Cameron, Theresa May, etc.; supported by the most racist head of government in Europe, Orban of Hungary; Blair is now basically saying the same as Orban, that European Union harsh anti-refugee policies should become harsher still to ‘save’ the European Union).

But some voters did not like the European Union because they opposed its anti-refugee policies. And/or its pro-Big Business policies. Or its militarisation. Etc. These voters contributed to the pro-Brexit majority vote as well.

Blair made a clear distinction between EU migration – a problem that he believes is only an issue in certain areas of the UK – and non-EU migration.

He said tensions occur from non-EU migration “when people aren’t sure the people coming are sharing our values” – particularly from majority-Muslim countries.

Blair believes this is already an issue in Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

No, Tony War Criminal Blair. Migration in itself is not a problem; xenophobic reactions to it are. And, eg, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands may be best known for his racism against non-EU Moroccans and other Muslims. But Wilders promotes bigotry against Poles and against Romanians as well. Scratch an Islamophobe, and you will usually discover a supporter of anti-Semitism (maybe for the time being excepting the extreme right in Israeli politics), of bigotry against Africans, homophobia, misogyny and all other kinds of bigotry. Blair‘s suggestion of Islamophobia without other bigotry is a lie. The United States neonazi site The Daily Stormer praises Blair for his Islamophobia, and says anti-Semitism should be the next step in the ‘right’ direction.

And why, Tony Blair, is there immigration ‘from majority-Muslim countries’? Because you and your pal George W Bush killed over a million people in Iraq and made over four million people refugees. Because you and your pal George W Bush are the godfathers of ISIS, from whom so many Muslims (and non-Muslims) fled. Because you and your pal George W Bush killed so many people in, and made so many people refugees from Afghanistan. Because your pal David Cameron, egged on, eg, by you, started bombing Syria, which still continues. Because you flip-flopped on Libya, from pal of Colonel Gaddafi to promoter of war on Libyan civilians, murder of Gaddafi and making Libya (and other African countries) a hell of bloodshed, slavery, child abuse, etc. Because your royal pals in Saudi Arabia, the UAE etc. are butchering the people of Yemen.

Blair has also called for a second referendum, once the details of the Brexit agreement have been thrashed out, so the people of the United Kingdom can have a say on whether they still want to leave the EU or not.

And if the British voters would vote for Brexit a second time, then Tony Blair would demand a third referendum, and a fourth … till the ‘stupid’ ‘peasant’ voters would at last obey Tony Blair. Tony Blair both in his words and in practice has shown he does not like democracy.

United States author Michael Wolff claims in his new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Mr Blair tried to land a role as a Middle East adviser to Mr Trump: here. Plausible, as Blair for a long time was a pal of right-winger Rupert Murdoch, he might become a pal of right-winger Trump as well. Probably, the reason he was turned down was that to become United States presidential adviser one needs a US passport.

Anti-Muslim groups are influencing world leaders to help push Islamophobia, research reveals: here.

British Labourite poet banned by Blairites for satiric Blair poems

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Kevin Higgins – An Introduction with two poems from Revival

Launch of the Revival Poetry Journal issue 7, recorded in The Whitehouse, O’Connell St., Limerick, on Wednesday the 9th April 2008.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain, Tuesday, January 2, 2018:

Calls grow for Kevin Higgins to be reinstated into the Labour Party

A letter signed by over 30 people in today’s Star brands the poet’s 18 month suspension ‘absurd’

POET Kevin Higgins remains suspended by the Labour Party 18 months after writing a satire about critics of party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A letter printed in today’s Morning Star, signed by more than 30 people, has called on Labour to reinstate Mr Higgins’s membership, branding his continued suspension from the party “absurd.”

Mr Higgins was one of the many to receive letters from Labour’s compliance unit suspending him from the party after the Labour right organised a failed attempt to dislodge Mr Corbyn as leader in the fallout of the EU referendum vote in 2016.

Included in the list of accusations against Mr Higgins was that he had refashioned German writer Bertolt Brecht’s poem Ballad of the Soldier’s Wife as a satire about Tony and Cherie Blair.

The poet lives in Ireland but campaigned for Labour during a visit to Britain and has continued to pay his membership fee as an overseas member.

He has been a member of the party since the age of 15 and was active in the anti-poll tax movement.

In 2015 he wrote the satirical poem Blair’s Advice on hearing that the former prime minister had written a column in the Observer saying Labour would only be successful by occupying the “centre ground”.

He tweeted at the time: “Tony Blair needs to just go away. I hear he has an article in today’s Observer. I’d rather make love to John Prescott than read it.”

Mr Higgins’s supporters wrote: “We think it absurd that someone can remain suspended from the UK Labour Party for 18 months for the supposed crime of writing satirical poems.”

They called on the party to “immediately clarify this situation.”

Here is the 2015 poem about the failed Blairite coup attempt:

BLAIR’S ADVICE (On hearing tell of his column in Sunday’s Observer)

Easy to say,
you’d rather make loud love
to Lord Prescott, or have
your face smashed between
Sir Cyril Smith’s quivering cheeks
than read Tony Blair on how
the motorway to the mountaintop
he envisages lies
through the centre ground;
when you know neither
gentleman’s available, right
here right now, to take you.
We need to make voting Labour
as pleasurable
for call centre managers and
estate agents of a certain age
as lowering their roasting
menopausal testicles
into a nice cold bath.

To this end, we need a leader
with ideas thrilling as a dripping cistern,
a man (or woman) likely conceived during a Conservative Association dinner
somewhere in darkest Buckinghamshire;
who, while his or her fellow students
were thoughtlessly dancing the blues,
bravely danced the beige;
a person of exemplary character apart
from that one conviction for stealing
the brass handles off
their own father’s coffin.
We must offer hope
to those who aspire to shop
for gourmet sausage meat
at Waitrose, and not
waste time on people who perspire
as they rifle through packets
of past-their-use-by-date
picnic ham at Aldi.


– Kevin Higgins’s poetry features in the generation-defining anthology Identity Parade — New British and Irish Poets (Ed. Roddy Lumsden, Bloodaxe, 2010) and in the recent anthology The Hundred Years’ War: Modern War Poems (Ed. Neil Astley, Bloodaxe, 2014). The Ghost In The Lobby (Salmon, 2014) is Kevin’s fourth collection of poems. His
blog is at

This video from the USA says about itself:

New Report Finds Tony Blair Schemed With Bush To Invade Iraq

8 July 2016

An official investigation known as The Chilcot Report into how Tony Blair led Great Britain into war reveals that he and George W Bush conspired to bring their countries to a war of aggression based on faulty intelligence, lies and assumptions. Blair sent Bush a note promising loyalty.

And here is Kevin Higgins poem on Tony and Cherie Blair, based on Brecht’s Ballad of the soldier’s wife:

And what did she get, the girlfriend,
from the student union meeting
at which he rose to his feet
and realised he could speak?
From that meeting she got
the Snickers bar he forgot to eat
so busy was he watching them listen;
and that speech, unabridged,
every other night for thirty five years.

And what did she get, his new wife,
from the time he first used a party
conference microphone to agree with both sides?
Those okay with the Moslems/Mexicans/Gypsies being here,
and those who want them kept over there.
From that microphone she took away their
invitation to dine with the Deputy Mayor
and his not new wife.

And what did she get, his no longer new wife,
when, at the second attempt,
he won that seat on the City Council?
From his election she got to drink Pinot Noir
and go swimming in their private club
with the not-so-new wives
of those who got the contracts
to make the paving stones and install
the pay-and-display ticket machines
during his years as Chairman
of the relevant committee.

And what did she get, his well-maintained wife,
the night he was elected to the big shiny
parliament? From that night she took away
an architect to re-design their new three storey pad
in the priciest possible part of the capital,
and an article about herself
in the Daily Express lifestyle pages.

And what did she get, the no longer new MP’s
no longer new wife, the morning
they made him Minister?
That morning she got to go horse riding
with the Leader of the House of Lords’
fourth (or fifth) wife.

And what did she get, the no longer new
Cabinet Minister’s wife, the night the landslide
made him Prime Minister? That night
she got to hold to her breast
invitations to break foie gras
with the Sultan of Brunei, the President of China;
and the chance to write husband’s speech
announcing the crackdown on beggars
who accost hard working
families who stop to ask for directions
en route to the nearest funeral parlour

And what did she get, the ex-Prime Minister’s
no longer new wife, from all the depleted uranium shells
he had dropped during the Battle of Basra, all the soldiers
he sent to meet improvised explosive
in far Mesopotamia in the hope
of getting rid of something bigger
than the beggars and prostitutes
at Kings Cross. For these she got
white night terrors
of him on trial for all their crimes,
and the desire to never again
look out the front window of their fine
Connaught Square house
at the tree from which, it’s said,
they used to once string

While the Blairite Labour party bureaucrats keep banning Kevin Higgins for poetry, they apparently never even thought of banning Tony Blair for war crimes, torture, money grabbing or his expressed preference for the Conservative party over the Labour party.

Mr Wolff also claims in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Mr Blair tried to land a role as a Middle East adviser to Mr Trump: here.