Beached porpoise brought to rehab, video

This 19 March 2016 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

A live stranded harbour porpoise was found on the isle of Texel. Employees of the Ecomare center from Texel quickly report the stranding to SOS Dolfijn. While the rescue team of SOS Dolfijn goes on its way to pick up the sick young whale, the employees of Ecomare already get the animal [called Sven] away from the beach.

Harbour porpoise beached on Texel, video

This 19 March 2016 video, by Nicola Baken from the Netherlands, says about itself:

Footage of how passing tourists on the isle of Texel found a live stranded harbour porpoise. The young male was brought over to the mainland and handed over to SOS Dolfijn rehabilitation centre.

This is the harbour porpoise called Sven.

Beached harbour porpoise in rehabilitation center, video

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

19 March 2016

This morning a live stranded harbour porpoise was found on the Dutch isle of Texel. The young male was found emaciated and with a bite wound on his tail. The wound was caused by an attack by a grey seal. So the little harbour porpoise was lucky to have survived this attack. In the rehabilitation centre he was given the name Sven.

He is now the second patient that is currently under the care of SOS Dolfijn. Exactly two weeks earlier a harbour porpoise stranded on the German coast. This animal was named Nena and is already swimming by herself again. Sven needs to be supported constantly and is too weak to swim.

Brent geese and plants of Texel island

This video is about brent geese (Branta bernicla) grazing on grassland.

After 8 March 2016 on Texel island came 9 March. When we saw brent geese at the De Petten nature reserve.

Then, a wildlife ranger pointed out tundra vole dens in the grassland near the Mokbaai bay.

We continued with the ranger to De Geul nature reserve. Normally not open to the public as there was spoonbill nesting season.

Many great cormorants nesting.

Hairy bittercress flowers tell that spring is coming, though it is still rather cold.

Texel plants: here.

Harbour porpoises off Texel island, video

This 10 March 2016 video from the Netherlands is about harbour porpoises, swimming between Texel island and Den Helder.

Wendy van der Zee made this video.

Green sandpiper and spoonbill on Texel island

This is a green sandpiper video.

This morning, 10 March 2016, near the bank of the pond outside the window on Texel island: a green sandpiper.

A mallard couple swam in the pond as well.

A bit later, also close to the window: a male pheasant.

Yesterday, a spoonbill on the meadow a bit further.

We had also seen shelducks, Egyptian geese and 88 curlews on that meadow. And a kestrel on a traffic sign not far away.

There will be more posts on Texel on this blog; but first the photographs will have to be sorted out.

Texel island arrival today

This video is about birds on Texel in 2015.

Today, our journey to the south-east of Texel island.

From the train, a great cormorant on the bank of a ditch.

Bad weather. Much rain and sleet.

From behind the window, two herring gulls on a meadow. Later two Egyptian geese land close to them.

I hope that during the next days the weather will become better for seeing and photographing birds.