Brussels atrocities and after, update

This video from the USA says about itself:

ISIS Uses Trump In New Propaganda Video

25 March 2016

ISIS has just released a new video that features Donald Trump. The video shows Brussels with Trump’s image and voice calling the city a horror show. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Jordan Chariton (TYT Politics), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A new ISIS propaganda video released Thursday celebrates the attacks in Belgium and features Donald Trump. As images of flames dance over the Republican presidential front-runner’s face and footage rolls of emergency workers in Brussels, audio from a recent Trump interview with Fox News plays. “Brussels was one of the great cities. One of the most beautiful cities of the world 20 years ago,” Trump says. “It was amazing actually. And safe. And now it’s a horror show. It’s an absolute horror show.”

The nine-minute video, allegedly released by the Al-Battar Media Foundation, a pro-ISIS media group, flashes phrases such as “Brothers, rise up!” and “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go for jihad” as Trump and pundits are heard describing the Brussels attacks.”*

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By Alex Lantier:

Scandal mounts over failure by Belgian police to halt Brussels attacks

26 March 2016

Friday saw a series of stunning new revelations of inexplicable lapses of Belgian and allied security forces that helped terrorists evade detection prior to the March 22 Brussels attacks. After the constitution of an all-party parliamentary commission of inquiry Thursday night, a government crisis is emerging in Belgium, which hosts the headquarters of both the European Union and the NATO military alliance.

The new revelations involved both the individuals who carried out the Brussels bombings, which cost 31 lives and wounded 270, and Salah Abdeslam, who participated in the November 13 attacks in Paris and was captured by police only on March 18, four months after fleeing to Brussels.

According to a report by Gilbert Dupont in Dernière Heure-Les Sports, widely taken up in other francophone newspapers, Belgian police were aware of Abdeslam’s location throughout. During four months when he was on the run, described by officials and the media internationally as Europe’s “most wanted man” due to his role in the November 13 attacks, elements in the police forces knew precisely where he was hiding in the Brussels area. …

Abdeslam’s short interrogation was not the only missed opportunity to prevent the March 22 attacks. The El Bakraoui brothers, the suicide bombers on that day, were known to US intelligence and were on US no-fly lists. Turkish officials had identified Ibrahim El Bakraoui as an Islamist fighter to their Belgian counterparts, and Russian and Israeli intelligence told the Belgian government that attacks on Zaventem airport and the Brussels subway were imminent. …

The key element is that the El Bakraoui brothers, Abdeslam, and their accomplices were all part of a broad network working to recruit and send Islamist fighters from Europe to the Middle East, to fight in the imperialist proxy war for regime change in Syria. These networks were tolerated by police and security officials of the NATO countries, which saw them as an important policy tool.

Significantly, Turkish officials who spoke to the Guardian charged that European governments also used these networks to export European Islamists to the battlefields of Syria.

“We were suspicious that the reason they want these people to come is because they don’t want them in their own countries. I think they were so lazy and so unprepared and they kept postponing looking into this until it became chronic,” said a source described by the Guardian as a senior Turkish security official.

The close integration of these Islamist networks with security agencies of the NATO powers, including Belgium, underlies a whole spate of Islamist terror bombings. This ranges from last year’s terror shootings in Paris to the September 11, 2001 attacks, that flowed from the long collaboration between the CIA and the precursors of Al Qaeda to topple the Soviet-backed Afghan government in the Soviet-Afghan war of the 1980s.

While the public was kept in the dark about the ties between security agencies and the Islamist forces, governments exploited such attacks to press for unpopular, antidemocratic policies, from the bloody Middle East wars of the US “war on terror” to the current state of emergency in France. Precisely because such operations play a central role in US and European politics, the emerging political crisis in Belgium over police responsibility for the attacks is provoking deep concern in imperialist circles internationally.

This week’s terrorist attacks in Belgium, which have left 31 dead and 300 wounded, are the latest in a series of similar high-profile attacks in the 15 years since the beginning of the “war on terror”: here.

German politicians and the establishment media are using the terrorist attacks Tuesday in Brussels to justify moving further to the right. Above all, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière is beating the drum for the systematic buildup of state powers in Germany and Europe: here.

‘War on terror’ NOT answer to Brussels atrocities, Belgian says

This video from the USA says about itself:

Hedges: “We Bomb Them, They Bomb Us

24 March 2016

Chris Hedges, ​journalist and senior fellow at The Nation Institute, discusses the Brussels attacks.

By Michel Collon in Belgium:

Brussels attacks: no, Mr. Prime Minister!

Yesterday, like so many of my fellow Brussels [people], I spent hours checking the location of my close ones. Who, by misfortune, could have been on the subway, a line which I myself take to come to the headquarters of Investig’Action? Who, by misfortune, could have been on the airport Starbucks where I have the habit of having a break while waiting for a flight? The clogging of the communication channels made the waiting for connection even more distressing.

In short, like so many of my fellow people from Brussels, I’ve lived one day what Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and before them Algerians have been living for years. Because I have been many times to sites bombarded by Westerners, I know what the scene looks like: body parts lost everyone making it impossible to the family to depart with loved ones. I have seen the pain of those who will never see their husband, wife or child.

Like so many of my fellow people from Brussels, I’ve cried and felt like striking the criminals who took so many innocent lives. But we are not born criminals, we become [them]. And the most important question is: how did they get there? To the point of denying the value of the lives of so many innocent people! Of making them suffer and terrorize them, instead of fighting with those innocents against the injustice that strikes us all? Who has intoxicated these young men? Who has taught them violence to the point of despair and most of all who has armed them? Criminals, no doubt, but aren’t they also the victims of some sort, even if the word may cause shock.

When I heard Prime Minister Charles Michel declare during the press conference [that] people of the country should unite and that he avoided carefully the central question of “how have we arrived to this point and who is to be held responsible?”, I felt anger against this hypocrite who proposes to us simply to continue life as before when the question is precisely “How to avoid this to begin again soon? Apply which policies to end this infernal mechanism”?

Do you really believe surveillance and repression will avoid new attacks? Some, yes, but not all because it is just impossible. To do so we need a change of policies. Of your policies.

Einstein said: “We can’t solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Indeed, we will not stop terrorism if we don’t fight its deep causes and work on prevention.

Mr. Prime Minister Charles Michel I do not thank you. Because you have avoided asking the important questions: Did the Saudis and Qataris finance the terrorists? Yes, the reports from the US service say. The US created al-Qaeda? Yes, Hillary Clinton has recognized. The CIA organized a training camp in Syria? Yes, the American journalist Seymour Hersh has proved. Did France’s former foreign minister Laurent Fabius encourage terrorism by saying “al-Qaeda does a good job”? Yes, take a look at his video from December 2012 in Marrakech.

This is that video of Fabius praising al-Qaeda.

Generally speaking, has the US made use of the so-called Islamic terrorism from Bin Laden in Afghanistan in 1979 till today’s Syria, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Caucasus, Algeria, Iraq, Lybia and other countries? Isn’t it urgent to create a commission to investigate the links of the US to the terrorism and the background strategies of all this drama? You and Europe, will you continue to follow Washington as a small dog? You are happy like a little kid to receive a call from Obama. … Mr. Michel, when I think of all the suffering that could have been avoided, I do not wish to thank you.

It is true you are not alone in practicing political cant.

Foreign minister Didier Reynders, I do not thank you either. You have declared yesterday terrorists attack “our way of living”? Exactly the words of George W. Bush on September 11th, before attacking Iraq and Afghanistan under untruthful pretexts. Mr. Reynders, why haven’t you recalled your April 2013 declaration boasting “these youngsters (to whom) we may build a monument as heroes of a revolution”?

Why have you refused my invitation to participate in a debate “Youngsters in Syria, how to stop them from leaving?” ? The subject did not concern you? Did you think to “change the regime“, as you say, all means were good, even terrorism? Haven’t you considered encouraging them to pursue theses acts in other territories some would perpetrate them here? Mr. Reynders, I do not thank you.

Ms. Milquet, I also do not thank you. You were minister of Interior at this time. You have also refused to participate on the debate, always with a new excuse only to silence yourself later. Embarrassed to have turned a deaf ear to the cries of distress from mothers watching their boys — kids of 16, 17, 18 yo — to leave towards hell without any action from Belgium doing anything to stop them. Do you feel any regrets now you see the consequences? Ms. Milquet, I do not thank you.

Isn’t it about time to start a major discussion on the consequences of international politics conducted by Belgium for years?

3. Should Belgium prostrate itself in front of Saudi petro-dollars (stolen from the Arab people instead of used to fight poverty as in Latin America) when we know Saudis finance the poisoning of young spirits with a falsified version of Islam?

4. How can we justify the refusal of asylum to the victims of «our» wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan?

5. When will we finally open the debate on the humanitarian intervention in Lybia, when Otan [NATO] allied with al-Qaeda to overturn Kahdhafi, violating the Charter of the United Nations, which forbids such practices? The consequence we know today: Lybia is a nest of the international terrorism.

Isn’t it time also to open a major debate on the consequences of social politics — more likely anti-social — conducted by the Belgium government for years?

1. Can you wear away the education budget non-stop? Fabricate the school-parkings where teachers do not have the adequate formation and means to face the complex questions of nowadays?

2. Can you wear away the prison and rehabilitation budgets non-stop, if the consequence may be the small delinquents becoming unrecoverable?

3. Can you wear away the audio-visual media budget non-stop, the consequence being journalists without time to deepen their stories (as stated by people from RTBF) and condemned to copy and paste and fast-info? Not to mention leaving people being subject to believing in conspiracy theories or worse being subject of fanatic preachers and unscrupulous recruiters?

4 Can you continue to give banks and multinationals the gift of not paying taxes and throw your deficit in the hands of the local authorities, where the responsibles do not dispose of means to help the young people? Isn’t it this way you produce municipalities \without hope such as Molenbeek? (Not only but also Vilvoorde, Verviers, Antwerp and let’s not forget euro-djihadists come from various European countries.)

5. Must we be surprised when a high number of young people falls in the arms of professional recruiters? When we let the police know and often parents and teachers heard back: “They can go to Syria; what we do not want is that they come back”?

6. Do you really feel you have the right to say you are surprised by the attacks in Paris and Brussels even though the alarm has been ringing for years and you refused to listen?

Yesterday, all parents were frightened for their children. Today, they have questions about what kind of education to offer in front of a world the more and more violent. Can we really give them a real education and a future? Tomorrow, what city will be striked? The growing hate and fear, Muslims as target, plays the game of the extreme right. Is that what you want?

Conclusion: the attacks are not a fatality, it is the result of a policy. Conducted in Washington. Then in London and Paris. Brussels following. Leaders, you are co-responsible. Do we have the right to debate — in “democracy” — or will you still pressure the media to silence?

Brussels, 23rd of March

Dutch mosque arson not by just one man

The Enschede mosque

Translated from Dutch RTV Oost TV:

Several men involved in failed arson at mosque in Enschede

24-3-2016 | 11:52

The man arrested for the attempted arson at the mosque at the Tweede Emmastraat street in Enschede did not act alone. Also several firebombs were thrown at the house of prayer. This appears from the investigation by police.

Several men were on the that Saturday February 27 involved in the failed arson. Images of these men were displayed today in the crime show Under the Loupe on TV Oost.

No damage, but danger

When the fire bombs were thrown over a conifer hedge to the mosque around 21:45 pm on February 27, about thirty people were present.

At the spot where one of the firebombs landed, kids had played shortly before. The firebombs did not cause damage, because they missed the mosque.

“Terrorist intent”

The public prosecutor calls throwing the firebombs a very serious matter. The 33-year-old man from Enschede arrested for this is being prosecuted for “attempted arson with a terrorist intent.”

Because the suspect according to the public prosecutor had the aim to terrorize part of the population, it is called a terrorist objective. Last week the court in Almelo decided that the man still will be held for ninety days more.

A video is″>here.

Turkey, ISIS and Kurds

This video says about itself:

24 January 2016

25 minute program about Turkey, Daesh [ISIS] and the PKK. Part 1.

Producer: Johnny Miller. Cameraman: Chris Den Hond. Translator: Berivan Akyol.

This week, an Istanbul court appointed a trustees’ board to take over management of the Feza Media Group, the owner of Turkey’s biggest-selling daily, Zaman, as well as Today’s Zaman and the Cihan news agency. Riot police forcibly broke down the gate and stormed the building, without bothering to deliver the court decision: here.

Have the UN, US and Russia just agreed to give more freedom to Kurds in Syria? Here.

Turkish Opposition Sues Erdogan Government for Supporting Terrorism: here.

ANKARA launched a full-scale offensive against its Kurdish minority yesterday, bombing refugee camps in northern Iraq and rounding up dozens of political activists across Turkey itself: here.

Turkey redefines journalists as terrorists, while U.S. claims the ally fights terrorism — which it actually supports. U.S. applauds NATO member Turkey for “combatting terrorism,” but Erdoğan fuels it — while carrying out state terror: here.

US-trained Chechen ISIS commander Abu Omar al-Shishani survives US assassination strike: here.

Anti-mosque arsonist ‘a terrorist’, Dutch authorities say

The Enschede Tweede Emmastraat mosque

Translated from daily Tubantia, in Overijssel province in the Netherlands, today:

ENSCHEDE – The 33-year-old man who on Saturday threw a Molotov cocktail at the mosque to the Tweede Emmastraat in Enschede is suspected by the public prosecutor of “arson with a terrorist intent.” …

Saturday around half past ten Molotov cocktails were thrown at the mosque at the Tweede Emmastraat in Enschede. There were at that time people present, including children.

The 33-year-old Enschede man was arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday. His home was then searched. Objects there were confiscated but the public prosecutor is not saying what. The police investigation is still underway. The public prosecutor says the crime “involved several Molotov cocktails”, without mentioning numbers. No one else has been arrested so far. The public prosecutor would not say how the suspect had possibly contact with accomplices. …

There is terrorist intent when “the accused had the intention to make afraid some of the population’, the prosecution says. This is the case, according to the public prosecution.

Dutch NOS TV reports today (translated):

According to De Bruin, the spokesperson of the national prosecutor in recent history it had not happened before that an incident at a mosque got the label “terrorism”. “This is a serious offense where one gets significantly longer imprisonment sentences for.”

Indeed. So far the label “terrorist” was only used when Muslims were suspected of crime.