Bushfire smoke pollutes Australian Open tennis

This 14 January 2020 video says about itself:

Slovenian tennis player Dalila Jakupović has been forced to retire during her qualifying match at the Australian Open after suffering from severe coughing fits. The poor air quality in Melbourne already delayed the start of the qualifying rounds as smoke from surrounding bushfires smothered the city. Jakupović claimed the first set 6-4 against Swiss player Stefanie Vögele and looked likely to secure the second but collapsed on court before retiring,

Dutch NOS radio reports that Ms Jakupović cried as she had to give up because of the global warming bushfires. Many other players also complained about the foul air.

GERMAN engineering giant Siemens said today that it would continue infrastructure work on a coal mine in Australia despite protests from climate change activists: here.

London Wimbledon bosses ban Jeremy Corbyn chanting

This satiric 3 July 2017 video from Wimbledon tennis court in London, England says about itself:


Actually, it is video of decades ago at Wimbledon, when it rained, there was no tennis and Sir Cliff Richard started singing; with the sound of recent pro-Jeremy Corbyn chanting superimposed.

The satire is because of what this 4 July 2017 video from the USA says:

Wimbledon Issues Ban On Chanting “Jeremy Corbyn“!

From daily The Independent in Britain:

The Corbyn chant was sung by supporters of the [rugby] British and Irish Lions during their game with New Zealand on Saturday [1 July 2017] morning, indicating that this could be a trend beyond Glastonbury. …

Although it is rare, Wimbledon isn’t a stranger to political protests. In 2011 the Spanish anti-austerity 15-M movement were prevented from making a protest during a Rafael Nadal match and in 2016 David Cameron was greeted by boos after Andy Murray acknowledged the former Prime Minister during his victory speech.

Tellingly, the Wimbledon bigwigs, mainly Conservatives, I suspect, have not banned chants supporting wobbly Tory Prime Minister Theresa May. Maybe also because very few, if any, people would think of chanting in support of May. After Ms May’s disastrous austerity policies, disastrous election campaign, disastrous reaction to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, disastrous coalition with Irish terrorist homophobes, to whom she gave her magic money tree loot, even many people who have voted Conservative all their lives are thinking seriously about never doing that again. And Tory politicians who at the moment still say in public that they support Theresa May 100% are meanwhile, out of sight of the public, quarreling behind her back whether they should stab her in the back in a few days’ time, a few weeks’ time, or a few months’ time.

The Wimbledon situation reminds me of Brazil. At the recent Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, spectators booed Brazilian coup president Temer at the opening ceremony. So, Temer did not dare to go to the closing ceremony. A bit later, he was booed by spectators of the Paralymics; where tickets were cheaper, so that also some not so well of Brazilians could afford them.

More Paralympics TV viewers

This video says about itself:

Dutch paralympic tennis player Esther Vergeer talks to Erin McLaughlin about the rising popularity of paralympic sports.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Dutch NOS TV looks back contentedly on the broadcasts about the Paralympic Games. Their daily Paralympic magazine on Netherlands 1 TV averaged nearly 650,000 viewers. This is a doubling of the figures of the games of four years ago, says the broadcaster.

“Our biggest compliment is the criticism that we actually should have broadcast more of the Paralympic Games” says NOS director Jan de Jong.

Wimbledon tennis hawk stolen

This video from the USA is called Harris’s Hawks vs. Jackrabbit.

From Sky News in England:

Wimbledon Hawk Rufus Snatched From Car

Police appeal for information after the Harrier Hawk used to scare pigeons at SW19 is stolen.

4:56pm UK, Saturday 30 June 2012

The hawk that patrols Wimbledon’s tennis courts to frighten away pigeons has been stolen.

Detectives are investigating the theft of Rufus, a Harrier Hawk

No, Sky News. A Harris’s hawk, originally from North America.

A Harrier Hawk is a bird from Africa.

, who was taken overnight on Thursday and Friday from a car parked outside the home of his owner.

A police spokesman said the car was parked on a private drive in Dunstall Road, with the rear window open for ventilation, when the thieves struck.

The hawk, which deters pigeons at the All England Club simply through his presence, is also a family pet.

“The family has become very attached to the bird who is now four-and-a-half years old,” the police spokesman said.

“They are distressed over the theft and are appealing for help to recover the bird.”

Owner Imogen Davis, 25, said her family are in shock after Rufus’s disappearance.

“It’s really, really sad,” she said. “He was taken in his travelling box, which is where he sleeps because it’s nice and dark and cool and he can fall asleep in there.

“We’re very, very shocked, we just want to know he’s okay.”

She said they reared four-year-old Rufus as part of the family-run business Avian Environmental Consultants.

“We work as a team together. To have him taken away like that is just horrible,” she added.

“It’s a family business, the birds are brought up around us. They’re part of the family. It’s just the way it is.”

Ms Davis said she originally thought it was a prank, but was not sure as a falconry glove and falconry hood were stolen at the same time.

“Initially I was almost hoping that it was a prank because there was more possibility of us getting him back, and somebody would realise it was a stupid thing to do,” she said.

“But because the hood and the glove were taken, I’m not sure. I suppose at least it means he’s been looked after.”

Rufus has become a well-known fixture at the south-west London club, with visitors often stopping to ask for photos with the hawk and even tennis stars, including former champion Richard Krajicek, tweeting pictures of him.

Tennis ball homes for harvest mice

This is a harvest mouse video.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Mice find new homes in old tennis balls

Monday 21 June 2010

Tennis balls won’t just be be flying around Centre Court at Wimbledon – but also at Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire, where harvest mice have taken up residence.

Conservationists hope the old balls will make perfect nest houses to boost numbers living at the centre.

They have been put in an area of the centre for mammals called Back From The Brink.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust mammal manager John Crooks said: “We are hoping it will be a case of game, set and mouse.

“I have cut small penny-sized holes in the balls and put straw inside and they seem to be taking very well to them.

“We have about 30 in our collection here and we are hoping that the tennis balls will make them feel secure so that they breed well this year.”