Senator Edward Kennedy: Iraq is Bush’s Vietnam

Vietnam and Iraq wars, cartoon

From Crooks and Liars blog in the USA:

Senator Kennedy: “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam

By: SilentPatriot on Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 at 12:58 PM

In a speech this afternoon at the National Press Club, Senator Kennedy pre-empted President Bush’s address to the nation tomorrow by outlining a bill he’s introducing that requires congressional approval for any troop surge in Iraq.

Kennedy drew striking parallels between Vietnam and the current conflict, going so far as to say that “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam.”

Well, Kennedy did not go that far saying that.

As he had said that before, nearly three years ago.

Then, however, Senator Kennedy became the target of hysterical attacks.

Maybe those attacks will be a bit less now, after George W Bush himself has compared Iraq to Vietnam.

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