Spanish neo-fascist violence against pregnant Muslim woman

This video is the film Inside Fascist Spain (ca. 1945). A film by the Department of Defense of the USA. Though this film is critical about the Franco dictatorship, not much later, as the Cold War started, that Franco dictatorship became de facto allies of the USA.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Police have arrested two men in Barcelona who are suspects of having kicked a pregnant Muslim woman in her stomach.

The pregnant woman was walking with her husband and two children in the street when the pair shouted abuse at her because she was wearing a niqab. The two men attacked the husband and then the wife when she tried to intervene. In addition, she received a kick in her stomach.

Research at the hospital showed that the unborn child is well. So is the woman.

Spanish police say the two suspects have links with far-right groups. They stand accused of discrimination and abuse.

Spanish poet Federico Garcia Loca

This video says about itself:

19 August 2016

Eighty years ago, toward the start of the Spanish Civil War, renowned poet Federico Garcia Lorca was killed by the forces of Francisco Franco and his poems were banned. Nevertheless, his work continues to grow in popularity until today.

Great reed warbler in Spain

This 5 August 2016 video shows a great reed warbler in the Valencia region in Spain. In the background, sounds of little grebes and other birds.

Griffon vulture video

This 5 August 2016 video shows a griffon vulture in the Murcia region in Spain.

Sand martin video

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Southern grey shrike in Spain, video

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Orphean warbler babies in Spain, video

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