Hatred of women caused Dayton, USA massacre

This 12 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Classmates Reveal Dayton Shooter‘s Motive

Classmates of the Dayton shooter reveal his motive. John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas break it down on The Damage Report.

“Many questions remain in the motivations of the man who allegedly committed a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend, leaving nine dead before responding officers shot him to death.

But officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News the suspected shooter demonstrated a misogyny that was far more extreme than any of his political leanings.

In that, he follows a bleak pattern among mass shooters.

“There are red flags”, Jacquelyn Campbell of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and one of the leading domestic violence researchers in the nation told ABC News. “There are things about these shooters’ behavior before these things happen that I think we as a country need to think hard about in terms of trying to make these things less frequently happen.”

After many mass shootings, information comes out that links the shooter to gender-based and domestic violence — and many massacres, like this one, include female family members, partners and ex-partners among the victims.”

Read more here.

TEXAS GOV. SHOCKED SHOOTER GOT RIFLE Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) expressed dismay that the mass shooter who killed seven people in West Texas managed to buy an AR-style weapon in Texas even though he had a criminal history and didn’t register for a background check. [HuffPost]

Google censorship, Islamophobia and sexism

This video from the USA says about itself:

Support the WSWS’s fight against Google censorship!

4 August 2017

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A new search algorithm introduced by search engine Google in April under the guise of combating “fake news” has significantly reduced Google search traffic to left-wing and anti-war Internet sites.

A growing number of leading left-wing websites have confirmed that their search traffic from Google has plunged in recent months, adding to evidence that Google, under the cover of a fraudulent campaign against fake news, is implementing a program of systematic and widespread censorship. Truthout, a not-for-profit news website that focuses on political, social, and ecological developments from a left progressive standpoint, had its readership plunge by 35 percent since April. The Real News, a nonprofit video news and documentary service, has had its search traffic fall by 37 percent. Another site, Common Dreams, last week told the WSWS that its search traffic had fallen by up to 50 percent: here.

It seems that to the Google bigwigs, being pro-peace is ‘fake news‘; while Rupert Murdoch‘s Faux News Fox News and Donald Trump‘s neo-fascist adviser Steve Bannon‘s Breitbart News are supposedly legitimate news sources.

US autoworkers denounce Google censorship of WSWS: here.

It is not the only problem with Google.

Already in 2007, Google favoured right-wing creationist pseudo science over science.

Google has an Islamophobia problem in its English language searches.

In a Dutch language Google search I did on Islam, among the top 10 results were Islamophobic extreme right conspiracy theorist E.J. Bron and an Islamophobic article in right-wing weekly Elsevier.

Google also has a sexism problem.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Google embarrassed: employee thinks men are preferable for tech top jobs

Today, 04:41

A memo by a Google employee about the company’s diversity policy has again led to a heated discussion of sexual harassment and discrimination in Silicon Valley, as was previously the case with Uber taxi service.

In the memo, the Google employee describes that he believes that “the left-wing orientation of Google leads to a politically correct culture”

‘Left-wing orientation’!!?? Only in a sense like the British Conservative party which historically opposed women’s suffrage and later became ‘left-wing’ in the sense that they allowed Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May to become prime ministers.

within which a fair debate about diversity can not be addressed.

According to the employee, the lack of women in the technology industry should be explained by [supposed] biological differences between men and women. …

“We must stop assuming that the gap between men and women [in wages, top jobs etc.] is caused by sexism,” the man writes in the approximately 3000-worded memo. …

The memo came at an awkward moment for Google. The US Department of Justice said earlier they want to investigate the company because female workers may get less pay than men.

I would not be surprised if Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump‘s new boss of the Department of Justice, would now try to stop that investigation.

GOOGLE CANCELS TOWN HALL ON GENDER DISPUTE Over fears of the far-right. [Reuters]

THE GOOGLE MONOPOLY IN ACTION When Barry Lynn and his team of anti-monopoly researchers at the New America Foundation spoke out about Google’s status as a monopoly, they were promptly fired from their institution, which receives large donations from the tech giant. [HuffPost]

British secret police apology for abusing female activists

This video from Britain says about itself:

MET Police Protest Infiltrators

20 November 2015

A woman who had a child with an undercover police officer who was spying on her says she feels she was “raped by the state” and has been deeply traumatised after discovering his real identity.

She met the undercover officerBob Lambert – in 1984. At the time, Lambert was posing as “Bob Robinson”, an animal rights activist, on behalf of the then secret police unit known as the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).

The woman, whose first name is Jacqui, said Lambert was supportive when she became pregnant with their son in 1985, and wanted to have the child. But he later vanished from her life, claiming to be on the run. She only discovered his true identity last year – after spotting his photograph in a newspaper.

“I feel like I’ve got no foundations in my life,” she said. “It was all built on sand – your first serious relationship, your first child, the first time you give birth – they’re all significant, but for me they’re gone, ruined, spoiled …

“I was not consenting to sleeping with Bob Lambert, I didn’t know who Bob Lambert was. I had a spy living with me, sleeping with me, making a family with me, and I didn’t do anything to deserve that.”

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Met apologises for abuse of female activists

Saturday 21st November 2015

Eight women win police apology and payout for the ‘abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong’ behaviour

WOMEN deceived into long-term relationships with undercover cops spoke yesterday of the “deep psychological damage” they had suffered, after police chiefs were forced into a humiliating admission of guilt.

Evidence that the Metropolitan Police sanctioned officers to sleep with their targets has mounted since the exposure of undercover cop Mark Kennedy in 2009 — however until now the force has stubbornly refused to budge from its “neither confirm nor deny” policy.

But now seven women have won substantial damages from the Met, along with an extraordinary apology for officers’ “abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong” behaviour.

Kate Wilson, who was targeted by Mr Kennedy, is the only one of the group of eight litigators who has declined to settle — meaning her case will likely be heard in court.

Yesterday their lawyer Harriet Wistrich, of Birnberg Pierce solicitors, accused the Met of “institutionalised sexism” in its targeting of women in political, social justice and environmental activist groups.

One of the women, “Rosa,” told journalists yesterday that her experience had “affected my whole view of the state and yet it went as deep as my womb.”

Met assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt said the incidents amounted to a “violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma” in his apology on Friday morning.

“I unreservedly apologise on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service,” he said. “I am aware that money alone cannot compensate the loss of time, their hurt or the feelings of abuse caused by these relationships.”

But the chief denied that relationships were authorised in advance or used as a “tactic of deployment,” ludicrously suggesting that coppers may have shacked up with activists “if it was a matter of life or death.”

Helen Steel, who was targeted by Special Defence Squad officer John Dines, called for the release of the undercover identities of officers so that other targets could learn the truth.

“Unless the code names are revealed by the public inquiry, we’re never going to know the extent of these abuses,” she urged.

The eight have all been deemed core participants in the public inquiry into undercover policing — and their settlement in no way prevents inquiry chair Lord Justice Pitchford digging deeper into their cases when he starts hearing substantive evidence next year.

But the women raised concerns that the limiting of the inquiry’s scope to public bodies meant it could not probe the “revolving door” of spies between the police and private corporations.

Another woman targeted by Mr Kennedy, who has remained anonymous but uses the name Lisa for public statements, said the cop had secretly sought work with private spying outfit Global Open while still in a relationship with her.

“With spies working for private firms there is even less oversight, and the scope for abuse is even greater,” Lisa told the Star.

“Alison,” who was targeted by an SDS officer who posed as a joiner and union activist, said it was “vital” the inquiry investigated the role of big construction companies.

She said the co-operation between the industry and police officers demonstrated that police spying was “about protecting corporate power in this country, and not the rights of citizens.”

Assistant commissioner Hewitt also acknowledged that “failures of supervision and management” were behind the incidents — which the women welcomed as an admission that the sick predators were not acting as rogue agents.

The SDS was set up in 1968, and until its disbandment in 2008 is thought to have had 10 undercover officers infiltrating protest groups at any one time. Another undercover division, the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit, reported directly to the private Association of Chief Police Officers until 2011.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

An astonishing betrayal

Saturday 21st November 2015

INADEQUATE and overdue are the kindest assessments of the Scotland Yard “apology” to women deceived and abused by Metropolitan Police secret agents.

However much was paid to the women concerned, it cannot assuage the harm done to them and the children that some of them bore to the police spies.

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt made all the right sympathetic noises, absolving the women of blame for their mistreatment and recognising that they had been victims of manipulation and gross violation and that their cynical abuse probably epitomised contemporary Met attitudes towards women.

However, he persisted with the Met line that the top brass was unaware of how the Special Demonstration Squad, which existed as a unit of Special Branch from 1968 until 2008, was gathering evidence.

It beggars belief that none of the undercover cops would have been asked for 40 years what they were doing, where they were living and with whom.

Hewitt insists that senior officers would never have authorised their agents to embark on sexual relationships as a means of securing information.

Of course not and we can be totally confident that there is nothing in writing in the Met archives that acknowledges the grubby depths to which its officers were ready to descend to infiltrate and disrupt legal organisations of peaceful protest.

Police Spies Out of Lives, the body that has provided legal support to the women, refers to a “level of deception perpetrated by state agents seeking to undermine movements for social change” that is more akin to that of the Stasi in East Germany.

The scandal actually smacks of FBI tactics used in the US to infiltrate the Communist Party after the second world war when spies married party members and had children with them before coming out as state agents during the judicial persecution of the CPUSA.

The scale of betrayal experienced by women who believe themselves part of a loving relationship before being abruptly abandoned and learning later that it was all a sham to root out information cannot be overstated.

The psychological effect on children born into these relationships can only be imagined.

At a time, in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, when politicians are falling over themselves to agree new powers for state intelligence organs, some consideration should be given to the victims of the security state.

Once again, a mealy-mouthed “apology” and financial compensation reflect the price of failure to hold to account those responsible at the highest level for criminal acts against innocent citizens.

A joint investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Guardian has uncovered a second undercover police officer, known as “Carlo Neri” who infiltrated the Socialist Party of England and Wales between 2001 and 2006: here.

British Conservative Lord wants to sack women firefighters

This video from the USA says about itself:

Ultimate women firefighters show the boys how it’s done

5 July 2015

Two women firefighters from Indiana compete for gold in the bi-annual 2015 Ultimate Firefighter Challenge held in Springfield, Va.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Women can’t fight fires, claims Tebbit

Friday 16th October 2015

‘Prehistoric’ Tory peer told to apologise

“PREHISTORIC” Lord Norman Tebbit was called on to apologise yesterday after the veteran Tory said women should not be “allowed” to serve as firefighters.

While attending a lobby of Parliament on Wednesday, firefighters bumped into the Thatcher-era cabinet minister in the Palace of Westminster’s central lobby.

They pressed the Conservative peer on the impact of his party’s reforms to fire service pensions, which will force staff to pay in more and retire five years later.

The Fire Brigades Union members argued that the changes would disproportionately affect women officers.

To their astonishment, Mr Tebbit replied by saying that “women shouldn’t be firefighters,” according to eyewitnesses.

Nottinghamshire firefighter Carina Peel demanded he explain his remarks, arguing that it was not her fault that her gender affected her work.

Mr Tebbit hit back, saying: “I can’t mother a child and that’s not my fault.”

Ms Peel said she then asked him if it would have “made a difference” if women officers had rescued him from the IRA’s 1986 bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton, in which he was injured.

Mr Tebbit dodged the question and moved the conversation on to another subject, she said.

FBU women’s committee secretary Samantha Rye joined Ms Peel in calling for an apology.

“Women have served with distinction alongside their male colleagues for over 30 years in the fire and rescue service,” she said.

“They work incredibly hard to prove themselves in what is still a predominantly male environment.

Lord Tebbit was rescued from the Brighton bombing by firefighters — would he have refused the service he received if it had been a woman rescuing him?

“Women firefighters go through the same testing and fitness training as their male colleagues do. We can do the job just as well.”

Ms Peel added: “I find (Lord Tebbit’s remark) hugely offensive and disrespectful.

“He showed a prehistoric attitude towards myself and women who have fought for 30 years to establish themselves in the fire service.”

The Star was unable to contact Lord Tebbit for comment.

British elections and corporate media sexism

This video about the British election campaign says about itself:

Leaders’ debate: ‘Farage should be ashamed’ on HIV – Leanne Wood

2 April 2015

The leaders’ debate first clap went to Plaid Cymru‘s Leanne Wood, after she told Ukip leader Nigel Farage that he should be ashamed of himself.

Mr Farage had been talking about the treatment of immigrants with HIV on the NHS.

By Louise Raw in Britain:

Why are we so afraid of the idea of women in power?

Saturday 9th May 2015

Women have been sidelined and written out of history due to a longstanding notion of what constitutes the ‘natural order,’ writes LOUISE RAW

IN the run-up to this election, you may have noticed the mainstream media noticing something very particular — the leaders of the Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru are not men. They’ve been falling backwards off their chairs.

Excitement has been considerable, with some commentators opining that feminism can now pack up its bags and go home — its work here is done.

But is that really the case? The tone of much of the commentary suggests not. We might have expected the tabloids to take more interest in the women’s hair and clothes than their gravitas — and so they did, with the odd publication ranking the women in order of attractiveness.

But consider James Ashton on Plaid’s Leanne Wood, in the Independent (even before it essentially declared for the Tory Party): “Less fierce than Nicola Sturgeon, less shrill than Natalie Bennett, Leanne Wood has emerged from three-and-a-half hours of prime-time television as the leader you’d most likely invite around for a cup of tea.”

Shrill? Fierce? Cups of tea? Can you imagine David Cameron or Ed Miliband being rated in those terms? I’ve met Bennett, and a calmer, more measured woman you’re unlikely to meet. Nor does the Sturgeon I’ve seen and heard in the media bear any resemblance to the woad-clad Braveheart, roaring and rattling her sword at the English, who is supposed to be making my blood run cold.

Such are the workings of sexism and misogyny. Women in the vicinity of power must be reduced, made manageable, diminished. And if they refuse to, as the wonderful Ngozi Adichie has it, shrink themselves, then they are a threat, and we will demonise them.

Behind it all lies the idea that women attaining power is new. If something’s a novelty, it’s not tried and tested. It could fail, be a passing phase, a mistake — could even lead to disaster. It might also be a threat to that extremely subjective concept, so infinitely malleable to such a variety of arguments — the “natural order.”

Naturally, this is a crock. As socialists, by definition somewhat at odds with the system we live under, we should find it easy to accept and challenge that kind of cant (not a typo). And yet ideas about the dodginess of women in power seep into all our consciousnesses.

How can they not, when every other billboard tells us women are here to ornament, to compete with each other for men, and at the mercy of hormones, periods and other bodily unpleasantness?

The history of women’s lives is fudged, blurred, ignored, not taught. No wonder some believe its chronology was essentially: Dawn of time; babies; cooking; cooking; nothing much… (millennia pass) … 1960s! Miniskirts! The pill! Working women (secretaries, etc)!

If you skew the facts like this, it’s easy to think nature has been usurped, and that this explains all modern social malaise. It’s feminism — boys no longer know how to be men, women feel they have to have careers and are unhappy in them, kids are neglected, you can’t even open a door for a woman without being arrested, political correctness gone mad, yada, yada.

Just as we’re messing up the environment, we are messing — at our peril — with the essential nature of men and women.

Whereas in “the old days…” This would all have been music to John Knox’s ears. The Protestant preacher and reformer pulled no punches when he titled his 1558 polemic The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women. By “regiment” he meant “rule” — there wasn’t some 16th century marching army of uppity women, sadly. What really got Knox’s goat was Catholic queens like Mary of Guise. To rail against them, he went straight to the “it’s not natural” box (“monstruous” means “unnatural” here). “For who can denie but it repugneth to nature … that the weake, the sicke, and impotent persones (yup, that’s women) shall norishe and kepe the hole and strong, and finallie, that the foolishe, madde and phrenetike shal gouerne … and such be al women.”

Foolish, mad, frenetic — ringing some shrill, fierce bells? Like any modern Twitter troll, Knox published anonymously, but authorship quickly became known and shot Knox stupendously in the foot. That same year, Protestant Elizabeth I took to the throne. She took umbrage at Knox’s insults to female sovereigns and put a complete block on his involvement with the English Protestant cause after 1559.

But if men were arguing against women’s power in the 16th century, clearly there’s nothing new about the concept. In fact, we can go back much further — anthropologists have shown us women hunting and fully involved in “pre-historical” societies. The evidence is there, should we care to see it, for ancient Egyptian women working, including as brewers, medieval women in every trade from fine art to construction and powerful in the guilds, militant women weavers on strike in 1788 — it’s a long list, covering every historical period imaginable.

But there’s profit in “othering” women and keeping all of this quiet. If you tell people for long enough that they’re not capable, it will sink in. Though they know, intellectually, that it’s not true, some of that will be internalised.

Companies make millions telling women they are unacceptable as they are, and must constantly improve every physical aspect of themselves. Wax that body hair, be thinner, prettier, younger-looking — and then we just might treat you nicer. Black and Asian women are sold skin-bleaching products and must straighten or otherwise Westernise their hair.

Mothers are told their most important new job is getting “their body back” post childbirth (where did it go? Who is snatching the corporeal form of new mothers? We should be told).

This is women’s true life’s work, and a handy distraction from that pesky pay gap. Rape, domestic abuse, street harassment, FGM? Nothing a new pair of shoes can’t make better.

It has been capitalism’s most successful trick to make the majority of citizens of the world feel unequal to holding power — from the divine right of kings to “scientific” treatises on the inadequacies and lack of full humanity of black women and men, women generally, and the working class, it’s been done relentlessly and well.

We can’t do better than writer and theorist Bell Hooks here, who has long warned against the interconnectivity of race, capitalism and gender both creating and perpetuating systems of oppression and class domination.

But few white feminists are introduced to Hooks’s work. Even those who fight for liberation are made to feel they can only operate in their own limited spheres — class, race, religion, gender — all are absolute divides we cross at our peril, we are made to believe.

So white feminists can talk about their Muslim sisters, but not to them — they’re “naturally,” or at least culturally, anti-feminist, aren’t they? Also we’d probably offend them somehow. No wonder the marvellous Sara Khan of Inspire Muslim Women, who challenges gender discrimination in Islam, is writing a book on how the left has failed Muslim women.

All the mainstream parties, and all of us as individuals, need to utterly and publicly reject divisive thinking right now. The protests, opposition and strength under impossible duress of our sisters and brothers in Gaza, Ferguson and Baltimore and the young mothers fighting enforced homelessness in Britain cannot but impress and teach us that we must talk to Muslim women, black women, working-class women — and, yes, men — not just when we want their votes, but constantly.

As socialists — especially if we’re white — it’s incumbent upon us to do this, too. Yes, we might misunderstand, tread on cultural sensitivities, get it wrong — so we will learn, listen, fight our own privileges, and do better. We cannot be silent any longer and we must no longer allow ourselves to be divided. We need to remember that “divide and rule” carries within it an equal and opposite potential — unite and conquer.

Louise Raw is the author of Striking a Light: the Bryant & May Matchwomen and Their Place in History (Bloomsbury). The 2015 Matchwomen’s Festival is on July 4 in Canning Town. Discounted advance tickets now available at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/matchwomens-festival-2015- tickets-16082194276. Children’s tickets are free.

Thai military dictator condones murdering women

This is a music video by United States punk rock band the Dead Kennedys, live performance of their song called Holiday in Cambodia.

It is about Cambodia during the evil times of the Pol Pot dictatorship.

Now, in 2014, it looks like Thailand, neighbour to Cambodia, is not really a much better holiday destination, with its dictatorship now than Cambodia then.

We already know that, if you plan to spend your holidays in beautiful Thailand, then you can get into big trouble when taking George Orwell’s novel 1984 with you, as the dictatorship hates that novel.

And, no matter how hot Thai beaches can be, it seems very dangerous to bring your swimwear as well.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Thailand beach murders: Thai PM suggests ‘attractive’ female tourists cannot expect to be safe in bikinis

In a televised speech on tourist safety, following the murder of two Britons on the island of Koh Tao, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha questioned whether female travellers can be safe in bikinis

Natasha Culzac

Thailand’s military ruler has suggested that “beautiful” female visitors to his country should not expect to be safe in bikinis.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha allegedly made the comments as the investigation into the death of two Britons intensifies.

David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23, were killed earlier this week after they attended a beach party on the island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.

Negative attention on the country – to which 800,000 Britons visit each year – appears to have left its leader attempting to offer explanations for why young travellers may run into trouble there.

Speaking in a live broadcast today discussing tourist safety, he said: “There are always problems with tourist safety. They think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can do whatever they want, they can wear bikinis and walk everywhere,” according to the AFP news agency.

He added: “Can they be safe in bikinis… unless they are not beautiful?”

No arrests have yet been made following the murder of Miller and Witheridge, whose bodies were found less than 100 metres from the location of where the gathering was being held on Sunday night. …

The bodies were taken to Bangkok and autopsies have today found that Witheridge died from head wounds while Miller suffered severe blows to the head and then drowned in the surf. …

These comments [by dictator Prayuth Chan-ocha] were rebuffed by Witheridge’s MP, Brandon Lewis, who told the Daily Mail: “I have not seen anything indicating that there should be any blame on the victims, and right now the investigation will hopefully be targeted on finding the perpetrator of the crime.

“I hope the focus will be on bringing whoever committed this barbaric crime to justice.”

See also here.

British sexist terrorist campaign

This video about history is called Meet the Romans with Mary Beard.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

TV classics professor receives bomb threat

Sunday 04 August 2013

Television academic Mary Beard revealed today that she received a bomb threat on Twitter amid growing anger over sexist abuse online.

Ms Beard said she alerted the police to a message she received on Saturday from someone who claimed to have planted a bomb on her doorstep.

The terrifying message said: “A bomb has been placed outside your home. It will go off at exactly 10.47pm and destroy everything.”

Campaigners yester­day observed a Twitter silence in protest at the abuse received by women through the site.

Journalists Hadley Freeman, Grace Dent and Catherine Mayer have recently had death threats while Labour MP Stella Creasy and campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez have had rape threats.

Britain’s Twitter chief Tony Wang said: “There is more we can and will be doing to protect our users against abuse.”

Sexism in British media

British historian Mary Beard, Photo: BBC/LION TELEVISION

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Things get ugly for journo after beauty comments

Wednesday 02 May 2012

Self-proclaimed “beauty” Samantha Brick sparked outrage today after claiming that some women were “too ugly for TV,” writes Louise Nousratpour.

Journalist Ms Brick, who was recently ridiculed for claiming “women hate me for being beautiful,” defended sexist remarks by TV critic AA Gill that BBC2 Meet The Romans presenter Mary Beard was too unattractive for television.

“While Ms Beard is a supremely intelligent woman…the plain truth is that Ms Beard is too ugly for TV,” she wrote in an article for the Daily Mail.

Do Ms Brick or her co-thinkers ever ask whether men on TV, intelligent or not so intelligent, are good-looking or not?

Ms Brick then argued that “savvy” presenters would realise their looks is key to success and consider undergoing complete makeovers, including cosmetic surgery.

But NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet slammed Ms Brick’s inflammatory comments.

She said: “Women working in the media continue to face double standards, yet we know the public want to see, hear and read contributions from a diverse range of presenters, journalists and actors, not just – thankfully – the beautiful.”

Historian Mary Beard, who has been branded “too ugly for TV” by self-proclaimed “beautiful journalist” Samantha Brick, has said she will not lose any sleep over a “silly fuss”: here.

What We Look Like: A Comic About Women in Media. Anne Elizabeth Moore and Robyn Chapman, Truthout in the USA: “‘What We Look Like,’ with Anne Elizabeth Moore and Robyn Chapman, is a follow-up to Ladydrawers’ look at women’s participation in the labor force. This time, we look at why the diminished economic status of women isn’t popularly considered, even beyond media’s gendered hiring practices. The representations of women that do result are a far cry from the reality – compare for yourself!” Here.

Think sexist advertising isn’t a big deal? Think again: here.

Why It Sucks to Be a Woman in the Video Game Industry; here.