Three great egrets

This video is about a great egret in a new nature reserve near the Reusel river in Moergestel in the Netherlands.

Today, a great egret in about the same spot, just north of Sassenheim railway station along a ditch, where I saw one earlier. Maybe the same bird?

Also a great egret just south of Sassenheim on the bank of a ditch.

And one west of the Naardermeer nature reserve.

Great egret and geese

This video is about a great egret feeding in the Netherlands.

Today, near Weesp, big flocks of geese flying west.

Just north of Sassenheim railway station, a great egret on the bank of a ditch. I had seen quite some grey herons there. And mute swans. And a fugitive pelican from Amsterdam zoo. But never before a great egret there.

Great egret and little egret photos: here.

Great egret and grey heron together, and other heron photos: here.

Dutch pelican keeps flying

This is a white pelican video from Hungary.

The great white pelican, which was first spotted in Oegstgeest in the Netherlands, later near Sassenheim, has moved on to the Elsgeest polder near Voorhout.

The bird seems to have escaped from Artis zoo in Amsterdam.