Murdoch minion incites murder of British Labour leader

This 2016 video from Britain is called The Sun Newspaper Is Racist With Rupert Murdoch At The Helm

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

MacKenzie could face police quiz over Corbyn knife ‘joke’

Thursday 4th May 2017

SUSPENDED columnist and former editor of the Sun newspaper Kelvin MacKenzie could be reported to the police for inciting hatred and violence towards Jeremy Corbyn, Labour sources said yesterday.

The hack “joked” about the idea of the Labour leader being “knifed to death” in an interview with the New York Times.

He then contacted writer Katrin Bennhold in an attempt to change the quote and referred to the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox last June as the reason for his sudden change of mind.

Mr MacKenzie was quoted as having said: “I think the fake news headline that would give this country the most joy would be: ‘Jeremy Corbyn knifed to death by an asylum-seeker’.”

Ms Bennhold wrote: “The next morning, I got a text message from Mr MacKenzie: ‘Hi Katrin, Can you change that perfect headline from ‘Jeremy Corbyn knifed to death by asylum-seeker’ to ‘Jeremy Corbyn defrauded by asylum-seeker.’ In the light of Jo Cox murder mine is in tol [sic] poor taste.”

The Sun suspended Mr MacKenzie — who was in charge when the Sun published front-page lies about the 96 Liverpool fans killed at Hillsborough — for comparing mixed-race Everton footballer Ross Barkley with a gorilla last month.

He is also known for criticising Channel 4 for delegating the job of reporting the Nice truck attack last year to Muslim newsreader Fatima Manji, who wears a headscarf.

A Labour source confirmed to the Star that Mr MacKenzie could be reported to the police.

They said: “This sort of disgusting language should not be tolerated by anyone in the media, politics or any walk of life.

“We saw last year how overheated language in politics led to the murder of Jo Cox.”

I suspect that police may not treat MacKenzie as harshly as they might theat some hypothetical Muslim who hypothetically made some sick joke about knifing, eg, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May to death.

Murdoch’s O’Reilly sacked for sexual harassment

This 19 April 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

FOX News Bill O’Reilly FIRED For Sexually Harassing Co-Workers.

BILL O’REILLY IS OUT The Fox star has been let go from the network following a mass exodus of advertisers over sexual harassment allegations. Executives at Fox reportedly fear more will come out in the coming months. O’Reilly’s name has already been scrubbed from “The Factor,” a show he hosted to much acclaim for 20 years, and Tucker Carlson is taking over his time slot. This is what Twitter thinks O’Reilly will do next. Here’s how the rise of President Donald Trump led to O’Reilly’s fall. And take a look at the timeline of the “nine and a half months that shook Fox News.” [HuffPost]

BILL O’REILLY TO RECEIVE $25 MILLION PAYOUT FROM FOX As part of his settlement to leave the network. Here’s why his fall from grace was particularly steep and what it means for the culture at Fox. And yes, O’Reilly did once write a fictional novel about a fired newsman’s murderous revenge. [HuffPost]

First Roger Ailes, Now Bill O’Reilly: Sexual Harassment Scandal Ousts Top Men at Fox News: here.

Roger Ailes did sexually harass me,’ says former Fox journalist Alisyn Camerota. Ex-Fox News chair allegedly told Camerota, who spent more than a decade at the channel and is now at CNN, joining him in a hotel room would help her career: here.

Black employees allege discrimination by Fox, say bosses made them arm wrestle white colleagues: here.

Bill Shine Is Out As Fox News Co-President. The network shake-up continues amid growing sexual harassment and racial discrimination claims: here.

Sean Hannity ‘called AIDS a gay disease’ and compared homosexuality to ‘playing in a sewer’: here.

Tesla fires female engineer who alleged sexual harassment. Lawyer for AJ Vandermeyden says termination was retaliatory after she took lawsuit public, accusing the company of discrimination: here.

Bill O’Reilly, another Murdoch-Fox sexual harassment scandal

This 2 April 2017 CNN video from the USA is called Lisa Bloom on Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment settlements.

After the resignation of Roger Ailes, boss of Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News, because of sexual abuse

By Rebecca Shapiro in the USA:

04/04/2017 01:45 am ET

Hyundai Pulls Upcoming Ads From ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Amid ‘Disturbing’ Allegations

The decision comes after a bombshell New York Times investigation into sexual harassment claims made against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Hyundai announced on Monday that it will pull advertising spots slated to air during “The O’Reilly Factor” amid sexual harassment claims leveled at the Fox News host.

The decision came after Mercedes-Benz withdrew its advertising spots following a New York Times investigation that reported Bill O’Reilly and Fox News had paid about $13 million in settlements to address sexual harassment and other behavioral complaints brought forth by five women who previously worked with the host.

New York Times reporter Emily Steel, who co-bylined the bombshell report, tweeted Hyundai’s statement late Monday night. The automaker said it had upcoming spots planned for “The O’Reilly Factor,” but would reallocate them after learning about the “recent and disturbing allegations.”

Mercedes-Benz shared a similar sentiment on Monday.

“The allegations are disturbing and, given the importance of women in every aspect of our business, we don’t feel this is a good environment in which to advertise our products right now,” Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman Donna Boland said.

In a statement to The New York Times, O’Reilly denied the harassment allegations, adding that his role at the network made him a target. …

The typically pugnacious host, who has previously addressed a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him, did not say a word about the latest revelations during Monday night’s broadcast.

O’Reilly’s show is considered the most valuable to the news network, raking in millions of viewers each night during a coveted primetime spot. Fox News reportedly extended his contract, which was set to expire this year.

‘O’Reilly Factor’ Loses About 15 Advertisers. Here Are The Ones That Stayed. The exodus comes after new revelations about sexual harassment claims against the Fox News host: here.

WILL BILL O’REILLY MAKE IT THROUGH THIS SCANDAL? Media reporter Michael Calderone breaks down why this harassment scandal is different. At least 40 advertisers have pulled their ads from his show. But President Trump defended the Fox News host, saying “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.” [HuffPost]

Fox has hired the firm that investigated sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes to look into Bill O’Reilly.

BILL O’REILLY ANNOUNCED VACATION PLANS Amid news he may not have a job when he returns. [HuffPost]

BILL O’REILLY REPORTEDLY ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK Multiple outlets are reporting that the Murdoch family is leaning toward axing O’Reilly. The reports follow a new claim by attorney Lisa Bloom, who said the TV host used to call a black woman “hot chocolate.” [HuffPost]

And the news for Fox keeps going from bad to worse: former Fox News host Alisyn Camerota accused former CEO Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her and a Fox News contributor also leveled sexual harassment claims against host Sean Hannity. And cable rivals are circling for those primetime viewers. [HuffPost]

MORE BAD REVELATIONS FOR FOX The company has now paid $45 million for Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment settlements, and reports have surfaced about an incident where Bill O’Reilly dragged his ex-wife down the stairs. [HuffPost]

British Blairite-Murdoch anti-Labour coup plot

This video from Britain says about itself:

Leveson Inquiry: Rupert Murdoch endorsed Tony Blair after getting all he could from him

25 April 2012

The News International proprietor admits that he only sanctioned Sun approval of Tony Blair after he had gotten all the concessions he could get from him.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Blairites‘ Soft Coup Plot Uncovered

Tuesday 28th February 2017

McDonnell: Murdoch-backed opposition moves into shadows

PLOTTERS seeking to oust Jeremy Corbyn are involved in a sneaky “dark arts” operation to get rid of him without sparking another Labour Party rebellion, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has charged.

Mr McDonnell said some Labour MPs in alliance with the Murdoch-owned media are hell-bent on “destroying” Mr Corbyn’s leadership to reclaim the party for capitalists.

He accused the “covert coup plotters” of wanting to undermine Mr Corbyn through “an exceptionally well-resourced ‘dark arts’ operation of the old spin school” in an article posted on the Labour Briefing website on Sunday.

He said the unnamed plotters were so determined to get rid of him that they were prepared to jeopardise their own seats and endanger the very existence of the party.

The warning comes after former Labour spin doctor Peter “the Prince of Darkness” Mandelson claimed last week that he was working “every single day” to drag Mr Corbyn down.

After last year’s failed coup attempt fronted by stool pigeon Owen Smith, the plotters realised a direct attack on Mr Corbyn would provoke an angry backlash from grassroots supporters, Mr McDonnell said.

They are destabilising the elected leader with “constant behind-the-scenes non-attributable briefings” to “chip away at Jeremy’s standing” every time anyone in the shadow cabinet made media statements or appeared in Parliament.

The “constant barrage of negative briefings also crowds out any positive initiatives or narrative from Jeremy and his team,” Mr McDonnell said, ramming home their narrative that the Labour Party is split.

He said these tactics led to “fake news” stories in the Times and the Sun claiming Mr Corbyn was about to stand down as leader — which were then perpetuated by copycat media outlets.

And civil servants’ leader Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the non-Labour affiliated PCS union, threw his weight yesterday behind Mr Corbyn.

“Many of those criticising the current Labour leadership were either complicit or silent when public-sector pay and jobs were being slashed,” he pointed out.

“We have long argued for a genuine alternative to the Tories’ obsession with cuts, for the kind of policies Labour is developing under Jeremy Corbyn, and we continue to believe this is in the best interests of those we represent and the communities they live in.”

A spokesman for Mr McDonnell said the article had been written and published in print last week in response to Tony Blair’s attack on Labour over Brexit, but that it only appeared online on Sunday night.

Asked about Mr McDonnell’s claims of a soft coup, Mr Corbyn has insisted he is “very happy” and that Labour is moving forward with policies and campaigns.

He said Labour would “learn the lessons” of last week’s by-election defeat in Copeland.

Labour lost the seat to the Tories but fended off a challenge from Ukip leader and serial fantasist Paul Nuttall in Stoke.

Labour is expected to face three more by-election challenges in relatively safe seats in the coming months.

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram are planning to leave Parliament to take on the Manchester and Liverpool mayoralties, while Gerald Kaufman’s death on Sunday will trigger a by-election for Manchester Gorton.

Blairite Miliband’s Murdoch press attack on British Labour

This video from Britain sdays about itself:

New evidence of UK complicity in Libya torture

8 February 2013

Exclusive: what was the role of MI6 and Tony Blair’s government in the kidnap of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj from Malaysia in March 2004, which delivered him into the hands of Colonel Gaddafi’s torturers? …

For 10 years British politicians like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and David Miliband have flatly denied that the British state was complicit in torture during the war on terror. But new evidence in Mr Belhaj’s case appears to strongly challenge those claims.

By Keith Flett in Britain:

The other Miliband obfuscates for Murdoch

Monday 27th February 2017

KEITH FLETT takes David Miliband to school after he claimed in the Murdoch press that Labour is miles from winning power

DAVID MILIBAND, who lost out to his brother Ed Miliband for the Labour leadership in 2010 and subsequently departed for a role in New York as the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, has given a wide-ranging interview to Rupert Murdoch’s Times newspaper.

The Times predictably chose to run it in the wake of Labour’s low poll performance in the Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central by-elections.

Former MP for South Shields and foreign secretary in the 2005-2010 Labour government, Miliband is often touted by the right-wing media as a future Labour leader over the water.

Miliband does not actually attack Jeremy Corbyn in the interview, confining himself to the more potentially interesting point that he believes a more radical outcome can be achieved in different ways to current Labour policy.

He doesn’t make it clear whether this is just a retread of New Labour thinking or something else.

It is his comment that Labour is “further from power than any time in [his] life” that has particularly been seized upon, primarily by Corbyn’s opponents. As with his views on current Labour policy, it is not entirely clear what Miliband means.

Fifty-one years ago, Harold Wilson was Britain’s prime minister in the 1964-70 Labour government. One could argue that Miliband, who was born in 1965, has in mind the period before Labour was elected in 1964 with a very small majority.

Labour had lost the 1959 general election which, after the Suez debacle in 1956 and Anthony Eden’s sudden departure as Tory leader, the party had some hopes of winning.

Under the new Tory leadership of Harold Macmillan, with the economy booming after years of post-war austerity, Labour, to some, appeared out of touch with the beginnings of the “consumer society.”

After the 1959 election, a wellknown study of Labour’s support and policies was undertaken and published in 1960 under the title Must Labour Lose?

The conclusions will be familiar enough to anyone active on the left now because they are essentially the same ones that the Labour right still use to attack the left, namely that talk of public ownership must end and “free” market capitalism be embraced.

This was very much in line with the politics of the then Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell but after his sudden death Harold Wilson took over.

Wilson came from the centre-left and with his speech-writer and spin doctor, Tony Benn, had a rather different take on matters.

Wilson’s perspective on modernisation involved a technocratic future, which the Tories, under old Etonian leader Alec Douglas-Home, were certainly not in tune with.

In the interview, Miliband also compares Labour’s position now unfavourably to the 1980s when it was last out of office for an extended period.

He correctly notes the changes in Scottish politics but also argues that Labour’s core support is now weaker.

In this he is probably right. The Iraq war led to the desertion of many voters and support for both major parties has been in decline for decades. Labour and the Tories took just 67.3 per cent of the vote between them in 2015.

In 1964 the comparable figure was 87.5 per cent. Yet it was also in the 1980s, with the struggles of the miners and printers, that the left rebuilt itself after the defeat to Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

As Henry Mayhew’s Victorian London costermonger noted of an earlier period of left-wing defeat: “People fancy that when all’s quiet that all’s stagnating. Propagandism is going on for all that. It’s when all’s quiet that the seed’s a growing. Republicans and Socialists are pressing their doctrines.”

Maybe that’s not David Miliband’s idea of how to rebuild the left but it may well be Jeremy Corbyn’s.

Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch

This video says about itself:

Trump & Rupert Murdoch Team Up to Kill the Internet

8 January 2017

Donald Trump is reportedly seeking recommendations as to who should be the next FCC Chair from right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is against net neutrality, as is Donald Trump, and together their FCC Chair choice will surely attempt to kill the internet by gutting the FCC’s current regulations which mandate net neutrality.

Source: here.

By Solomon Hughes in Britain:

Murdoch was the voyeur to the Gove-Trump love-in

Friday 17th February 2017

BACK in January, I wrote a piece for the Morning Star arguing that Michael Gove’s bum-licky interview with newly elected US President Donald Trump was a gift from Murdoch, who wants to get in with the Donald.

I don’t write the headlines for my articles — in the newspaper world wonderful people known as subeditors or editors write headlines.

Their headlines are often the best bit, boiling down my ramblings into a punchy sentence.

For that story, the headline was the effective, if slightly yucky: “Murdoch sends Gove to stroke Trump.”

At the time, many other journalists literally didn’t mention Rupert Murdoch when discussing the Gove-Trump interview.

Because Gove is a journalist,

Until recently, he was a Conservative party government minister

other journalists give him an easy ride.

And, I guess, none of us like to admit how much we are influenced by our publishers.

But as readers of this column know, I think Gove can be best understood as an agent for Murdoch.

He has always worked for him and really owes his political career to Murdoch, as well as a £150,000 per year salary he currently gets.

Now the Financial Times has backed up the point that Gove went to Trump as a present from Murdoch.

They have revealed that Murdoch actually secretly sat in on the entire interview between Gove and Trump.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL‘S TOP EDITOR WAS DISPLEASED WITH HIS REPORTERS’ COVERAGE OF TRUMP “Could we please just stick to reporting what he said rather than packaging it in exegesis and selective criticism?” [HuffPost]

NEW TRAVEL BAN COMING Trump promised a revised version, which is written to skirt the court rulings on the original executive order: “We can tailor the order to that decision and get just about everything, in some ways more.” [Reuters]

THE ‘LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE’ OF THE FIRST FAMILY’S TRAVEL SCHEDULE — THAT’S COSTING TAXPAYERS “Barely a month into the Trump presidency, the unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is straining the Secret Service and security officials, stirring financial and logistical concerns in several local communities, and costing far beyond what has been typical for past presidents — a price tag that, based on past assessments of presidential travel and security costs, could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term.” [WaPo]