Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder in Florida, USA?

This video from Florida, USA says about itself:

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

12 July 2017

Practical review of Woodlink Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7533.

This is the Woodlink Absolute Squirrel-Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7533 – It has a feeder perch on only one side and holds a lot of seed. I got it so I could leave a large amount of seed for the Florida Backyard birds when I’m traveling for long periods and they won’t run out of seed or have the squirrels eat all the bird seed. There are two other models – a larger one with feeders on both sides and a smaller one with a feeder on one side.

This one is heavy – well made and attractive and it forces the birds to one side so I can always see them feeding. Note that it is “Squirrel Resistant” not squirrel-proof – I’m not sure anything can be totally squirrel-proof!

These feeders uses weight adjustable perchs that shut off the access to the seeds whenever anything heavier than birds sits or pushes on it. I have it set a little heavy so as not to exclude any birds – just squirrels and larger. Generally it works great and I am quite happy with this feeder.

Squirrels immediately began attacking it of course and the weight limiting perch works well, but the squirrels found two ways to get a small amount of seed out of the feeder – one was to hang down off the roof for a bit, which is pretty slippery and carefully eat some of the seeds without touching the perch mechanism or try and scoop some seeds out of the feeding holes so they fall on the ground and then they get it later. Most of the time the squirrels slip off the roof and fall to the ground after getting a small amount of seed this way. After awhile they get bored with the small reward for all the work and move on to something else and come back and test it periodically.

American red squirrel antics

This video from the USA says about itself:

11 June 2017

Three Stooges style antics from these knuckleheads – two red squirrel brothers and a chipmunk eating breakfast. All is well until the chipmunk accidentally bumps heads and scares the red squirrel in the bowl who over reacts and when his brother comes over seemingly concerned and checking things out he gets slapped around. Pausing for just a second to ponder whether he should just let it slide – you can see the wheels turning – he makes the obvious choice and pounds his brother on the head. After a bit all is forgotten and it’s back to breakfast.

American red squirrel feeding

This 30 May 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Extreme 4K UHD close-up of a friendly Red Squirrel eating some sunflower seeds. He doesn’t mind if you watch him eat just don’t expect to have any seeds!!

New Zealand introduced trout eat introduced mice

This video says about itself:

Huge Trout Eats Mice – Wild New Zealand – BBC Earth

19 June 2017

With little competition and few predators, the Brown Trout in New Zealand has been known to grow to epic proportions. These prize fish sometimes reaching a metre in length and weighing up to 5 kilos have developed monstrous appetites and a bloodthirsty penchant for mice.

Young white coypu video

This 20 June 2017 shows a coypu with its white youngster.

We cannot be sure whether the colour of the young animal is albinism or leucism.

Marianne Leenders made this video in Germany, close to the Dutch border.

Coypus are originally South American rodents, but they are feral in many European countries.