Beaver crossing, video

This video is about a beaver crossing from one pond to another pond, near Zevenaar in the Netherlands.

Jos van Zijl made this video.


Red squirrel eats hazelnut

This 26 September 2017 video shows a red squirrel eating a hazelnut on a cemetery in Groningen city in the Netherlands.

Maria Woortman made this video.

American chipmunk tries to store corn cob

This video from the USA says about itself:

Chipmunk Tries To Fit “Square Peg Into Round Hole”

17 September 2017

Chipmunk collects corn cobs as trophies, but how does he get them into his burrow? Any human can relate to the trials and tribulations and frustrations this little fellow goes through – one also wonders what’s going on in the cute thing’s tiny little brain. Feel free to suggest other thought bubbles in the comments section! Filmed with great luck using two trail cameras once I found his corn cob decorated burrow entrance.

American groundhog prepares for winter

This video from the USA says about itself:

14 September 2017

Groundhog, Woodchuck, Whistle Pig, by any name this fellow is huge! And with those big buck teeth and barely able to waddle what’s not to love about this cute cousin of the squirrels and marmots. It’s apple season and just in time for this big Woodhog to bulk up for winter hibernation.