Water vole in garden, video

Carla van de Pol made this 30 May 2016 video in her garden in the Netherlands. It shows a European water vole feeding on ferns.

Young red squirrel on video

This video shows a young red squirrel, investigating the surroundings of its nest, on 21 May 2016 near Ede in Gelderland province, the Netherlands.

Michael de Vries made this video.

Eastern chipmunks in the USA, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

21 May 2016

Chipmunks acting like prairie dogs and some great birds’ songs too! Eastern Chipmunks are a variety of ground squirrel – although we usually don’t think of them that way. High in the Great Smoky Mountains surrounded by thousands of acres of dense wood chipmunks are seldom seen well out in the open, but they are nothing if not motivated, hardworking and adaptable.

Watching me feed the birds in an open meadow next to the edge of their forest homes they quickly excavated an access/escape tunnel to reach the seed feeding area and escape if need be since they would be easy targets for predators like hawks, owls and foxes. Watching Chipmunks out in the open more like prairie dogs is quite entertaining! More on this in the future!

Grey squirrels and peanuts, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Teaching Squirrels To Play Catch

25 April 2016

Teaching Gray Squirrels to catch a peanut is more challenging than you may think. Partly because their eyes are more to the side of their head and they are farsighted and partly because they have trouble following basic instructions! Join me in a group lesson on catching – throwing comes later. You don’t have to be a squirrel to enjoy!

House mice fighting, video

This video is about house mice quarreling.

Henriette Faas from the Netherlands made this video.

Great tit and mouse at feeder, video

This video shows a great tit and a mouse feeding at a feeder.

Piet Clarijs in Ossendrecht in the Netherlands made the video.

Birds and squirrels in Cornwall, long video

This video from Britain says about itself:

14 March 2016

Videos for Cats to Watch – The NEW Ultimate Birds and Squirrels Compilation – Over 2 Hours

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall