Red squirrel at bird feeder, video

This video is about a red squirrel at a bird feeder in the Netherlands.

Snacking squirrels video from the USA

This video, from the National Wildlife Federation in the USA, is called Snacking Squirrels.

Red squirrel eats bird food, video

This video is about a red squirrel in the Netherlands.

It has discovered food for birds in a forest.

Irma Kion made this video.

Great egret news

This video is about a great egret catching a mouse.

Jan Katsman made this video in the south of Flevoland province, the Netherlands.

About 200 great egret couples nest in the Netherlands.

Many more of these birds winter in the Netherlands. In February 2014, 3325 great egrets were counted. In February 2015, it was 6390 egrets.

Red squirrel and willow tit in northern Finland

Red squirrel, 11 March 2015

Still 11 March 2015. After the waxwings and other birds, we saw this red squirrel.

The squirrel was under one of two feeders close to a road near Oulu, northern Finland. It still had its greyish winter coat, not yet its more reddish summer fur.

The feeders attracted many birds as well. Like a yellowhammer. And a siskin.

Willow tit, 11 March 2015

And this willow tit.

Also great tits and blue tits.

This place reminded me of the artificial water holes for birds which I saw in the Gambia on 4 February 2012.

In both cases, on both sides of a footpath close to a road, at a forest’s edge, facilities for birds hung from trees.

Both places attracted, besides birds, squirrels: red ones in Finland; sun squirrels and striped ground squirrels in Gambia.

Also more differences, of course. No snow in Gambia, plenty of it in Finland. And dry season water in Gambia, winter food in Finland.

Mice in the Netherlands, new research

This video is about yellow-necked mice.

Translated from the Dutch Mammal Society:

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

For years the yellow-necked mouse in the Netherlands was only known from the extreme southeast of Limburg province. Since 2005 from the German border they are expanding to the west. Meanwhile, the species is known from all our provinces bordering on Germany. The question now is: are yellow-necked mice taking over, or may they occur in the same habitats together with common wood mice?

In Northwest Europe two species of wood mice live, common wood mice and yellow-necked mice. The yellow-necked mouse is clearly larger, but in terms of food spectrum it is virtually identical to the ordinary wood mouse.

So far, research has not yet established clearly whether yellow-necked mice supplant wood mice.

Red squirrel in tawny owls’ nestbox, video

Before the tawny owl couple of my earlier blog post started nesting in their nestbox in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, a red squirrel visited that box; as seen in the video here.

Squirrels And Snowballs Will Make You Love Winter Again: here.