Red squirrel at feeder

This 23 November 2017 video shows a red squirrel at a feeder in the Netherlands.


Orphaned baby squirrels rescued

This video from the USA says about itself:

Orphaned Baby [Grey] Squirrels Rescued – A Documentary

15 October 2017

Mother Squirrel is missing and her two precious baby kittens have climbed to the nest box entrance and were calling desperately for their Mom. I was watching them in person and on a nest box camera so now it was time to rescue the little ones and take them to a wildlife rehab center I had coordinated with in advance. This is their story.

Mother Squirrels are some of the most dedicated in the animal kingdom and squirrels have very strong family bonds, you can sense the bigger older brother concern for and care of his smaller younger sibling.

Red squirrels in garden

This 16 November 2017 video is about two red squirrels in a garden in the Netherlands.

Wim Donkers made this video.

Red squirrel eating peanuts

This 2017 video from the Netherlands shows a red squirrel eating peanuts.

Spotted nutcrackers, squirrels in Swedish winter

This December 2011 video from Sweden shows spotted nutcrackers, other birds like nuthatches and red squirrels feeding.

Chipmunk in the USA, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

13 October 2017

Chipmunk takes on a cup of sunflower seeds on a perfect Fall morning. While we admire the changing leaves he is thinking ahead to winter!