Great grey shrike eats mouse

This 13 December 2016 video shows a great grey shrike eating a dead mouse which it had impaled on a branch.

Reint Harkink from the Netherlands made this video.

House mice eating, video

This 13 December 2016 video is about house mice eating seeds.

Rina Schellekens in the Netherlands made this video.

How mice use their brain to hunt. Scientists light up nerve cells with lasers to illuminate amygdala’s role in stalking, chomping. By
Laurel Hamers, 12:08pm, January 12, 2017: here.

Wood mouse drinks tea, video

This video shows a wood mouse drinking tea in a garden.

Elise Xhaflaire from the Netherlands made the video.

Gray squirrels and acorns

This video from the USA says about itself:

9 December 2016

Gray Squirrels bury nuts as fast as they can – a true nut burying frenzy – as I spend some quality time handing them large ripe acorns given by a friend. The Backyard has no acorns this time of year (water oaks) while they are falling in piles in other areas of Florida with small live oaks. Rather than eating them as I expected, the squirrels seem in a great rush to bury them as fast as possible – many they will not find again. Maybe it is going to get cold this winter! You will also hear the calls of Gray Catbirds and Northern Cardinals in the background at various times.

Giant squirrel discovery in Alaska

This video from the USA says about itself:

7 December 2016

Drone footage reveals giant Abominable Squirrels in a remote part of Alaska. As you can imagine the found footage affords only a brief glimpse of these shy and elusive creatures!

Squirrels in chicken coop, video

This 1 December 2016 video is about three red squirrels in a chicken coop in the Netherlands.

W. van der Kleut made the video.

Grey squirrels and robins in Cornwall

This video from Britain says about itself:

Video for Cats – [Grey] Squirrel and Robin Fun

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on November 24th 2016