Spanish conservative defends rape

This video from England is called SlutWalk London: Rape Survivors Speak Out.

Recently, there were politicians in the USA and in the Netherlands talking about “legitimate rape” and saying that raped women don’t get pregnant.

But before that, in 1990, there was already another US politician with similar views.

In 2008, there was that politician of the neo-nazi British National Party defending rape.

Early in 2012, there was the ultra-conservative Roman Catholic archbishop in Spain advocating rape.

And now we have, according to the blog of Roque Planas:

Spanish Official: ‘Laws Are Like Women, They’re To Be Raped’

10/10/2012 1:26 pm EDT

A Spanish government official is drawing international fire for using some violently machista language.

José Manuel Castelao Bragaño, who until Friday served as chief of the government agency that assists Spaniards living abroad, resigned from his post last week after saying at a meeting “las leyes son como las mujeres, están para violarlas.”

Translated literally, the phrase reads: “Laws are like women, they’re there to be raped.” The word “violar” means both “rape” and “violate” in Spanish. Castelao’s expression played off the double meaning.

Castelao, 71, who previously served as a conservative deputy in the provincial legislature in Galicia, told the Spanish daily El País that he’s resigning for personal reasons that have nothing to do with his comments.

He served as president of the General Council of Spanish Citizens Abroad for less than one week.

Last Tuesday, Castelao shared his thoughts on women, rape and the law during an official meeting of the General Council of Spanish Citizens Abroad. The group was voting on a proposal.

“No problem,” Castelao said, according to El País. “We’ve got nine votes? Put down 10 … Laws are like women, they’re there to be raped.”

For those in the room, Castelao’s remark was shocking. “It was an absurd and unfortunate phrase, and worse coming from him, the head of a government agency,” said Ana María Navarro, who sits on the Council, according to El País.

And now, back to the USA:

“Some girls rape easy”: Republican candidate Roger Rivard sparks outrage

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has withdrawn his support for the representative.

Ellen Connolly

October 11, 2012 16:51

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