Bahrain dictatorship, oppression and public relations

This video says about itself:

A women in Bahrain explains how her house was burned by Police during the LuluReturn protests on Friday 23rd September.

From JURIST in the USA:

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bahrain medics urge UN probe of protest convictions

Maureen Cosgrove at 2:02 PM ET

Bahraini doctors and nurses on Saturday urged the UN to investigate claims of abuse and due process violations in relation to their recent convictions for pro-democracy protests. Last week, the National Safety Court of Appeal, a court composed of military prosecutors and civilian and military judges, in Bahrain [JURIST news archive] sentenced [JURIST report] one anti-government protester to death for killing a police officer and gave lengthy prison sentences to medical personnel, including doctors, for providing treatment to injured protesters during the country’s uprising. In a statement [text] released shortly after the convictions, the medics denounced the charges and criticized the Bahraini government:

“During the times of unrest in Bahrain, we honored our medical oath to treat the wounded and save lives. And as a result, we are being rewarded with unjust and harsh sentences. … The charges that we have being accused of are absolutely ludicrous. We are highly professional and experienced medics and specialists, and we categorically deny all charges against us. This is the first time in the history of medicine that the medical profession has been attacked on such a large scale by any government.”

As one of 20 Bahraini doctors and nurses given up to 15 years in prison, Dr Roula al-Saffar recalls with outrage the tortures inflicted as police tried to force her and other medical specialists to confess to “a doctors’ plot” to overthrow the Bahraini government: here.

From EA WorldView blog:

Bahrain Feature: The Regime’s Public-Relations Army of US and British Consultants (Chan’ad Bahraini 2.0)

Monday, October 3, 2011 at 8:24 | Scott Lucas

UPDATE 0930 GMT: Chan’ad Bahraini 2.0, paralleling the information in EA’s LiveBlog this morning, has added a section on Tom Squitieri at the bottom of the article.

UPDATE 0745 GMT: EA has uncovered another PR consultant doing his best to put the case of the Bahraini regime and tarnish the protesters as puppets of foreign powers and sinister opposition leaders — meet Tom Squitieri in our LiveBlog.

See also Bahrain Propaganda 101: The Regime and Its US PR Firm Spin the Election [and]
Bahrain Propaganda 101: How a US PR Firm Puts “News” in American Newspapers.

The activist site “Chan’ad Bahraini 2.0” unveils the network of high-power public-relations consultants employed by the Bahraini regime in its effort to quell protests since February:

Since the start of the uprising in Bahrain this year, and the subsequent brutal Saudi-backed crackdown, the government has desperately been trying to sanitize and salvage its international reputation. To this end, it has been pouring the public’s money in to contracts with Western PR firms to do this dirty work.

From the looks of it, these PR firms are doing a fairly poor job for their clients. And it doesn’t help when the Ministry of Interior comes out with ridiculously offensive press statements like “Ministry urges families to keep women out of illegal activities“.

But I thought it was still worth listing some of these PR firms in one place so there is a record.

From Bloomberg:

Bahrain Sentences Two Protesters to Prison for Blocking Traffic

By Donna Abu-Nasr – Oct 3, 2011 9:52 AM GMT+0200

A Bahraini court sentenced two people to three months in prison and fined each 100 dinars ($265) for blocking traffic as part of an anti-government protest called by the mainly Shiite opposition.

US sells arms to Bahraini dictatorship as repression continues: here.

Bahrain military court sentences protesters, students: here.