Red-breasted flycatcher video

This is a red-breasted flycatcher video.

I was privileged to see this beautiful bird species in Poland.


‘US, Turkish, Polish governments against free press’

This video from the USA says about itself:

UK: Journalism Helps Terrorism

20 August 2013

“David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, has threatened legal action against the British government after he was detained and searched at Heathrow airport over the weekend, his lawyers said Tuesday.

Miranda argues it was illegal for police to seize data from him and wants to ensure that they do not do anything with the material until a judge has heard his claim…But Britain’s Home Office on Tuesday defended Miranda’s detention, saying the government and police “have a duty to protect the public and our national security.” “If the police believe that an individual is in possession of highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism, then they should act and the law provides them with a framework to do that,” it said…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Laura Smith-Spark /

Freedom House is a pro-Establishment organisation in the USA, financed by the United States government. They usually attack governments which have conflicts with the United States government for real or imaginary violations of human rights. While rarely mentioning such violations in the USA itself, or by governments allied to it.

Now, however, reality has become so blatant that even Freedom House cannot completely neglect it any more.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Worldwide creeping war against journalism

Today, 00:01

Press freedom is under pressure worldwide, research organizations Freedom House and Free Press Unlimited say. In a report, they write that journalists and media organizations have not had such a difficult time since 2003.

The two organizations each year map all kinds of forms of freedom. The researchers conclude that in 2016 press freedom in many countries has deteriorated. As examples, they name Poland, Turkey and the United States.

Governments in the NATO military alliance, all three of them. Like the British government.

“There has never been a president who has shown so much disdain for the press as Trump,” says the report. According to the organizations it is dangerous that the US in the field of press freedom no longer represents a model for other countries.

The USA was already no ‘model for other countries’ when journalists reporting on the protests against the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri were arrested and persecuted for journalism. Long before Trump became president, documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras was already harassed and arrested for making films.

In Poland, the situation has worsened most: that country dropped six places in the ranking.

See also here.

‘Stop Ukrainian government’s anti-Polish racism’

This video from Poland says about itself:

Most monstrous yet forgotten genocide in the history of Europe – Wołyń 1943-2016 – UPA Ukrainians

11 July 2016

Animated movie about the UPA genocide was made by Arkadiusz Olszewski and was used with his approval.

Watch the entire movie “Genocide” with english substitles here.

By Ben Chacko:

Ukraine: Persecuted Poles hold road block protest

Friday 31st march 2017

Kiev government accused of ongoing racism

ETHNIC Poles blocked the international Lviv-Warsaw motorway in Ukraine on Wednesday night in protest against the Kiev government’s anti-Polish racism.

The action followed the firing of an anti-tank rocket at the Polish consulate in Lutsk, which campaigners say is part of a pattern of aggression against people of Polish, Belorussian and Russian descent in Ukraine since the nationalist coup of 2014.

Demonstrators carried placards reading: “This is Our Land,” “Do Not Touch Our Monuments” and “Volyn in our hearts.”

The last is a reference to the Volyn Slaughter of 1943-44, when the nazi-allied Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) massacred over 100,000 Poles in an ethnic cleansing operation.

Since the EU and US-supported putsch of February 2014, Ukraine’s authorities have presented the UPA as freedom fighters against the Soviet Union and glorified Stepan Bandera, the chief of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists of which the UPA was the military wing.

Monuments to the victims of the UPA terror have been desecrated alongside those honouring Red Army soldiers and anti-fascist partisans of the second world war.

Protesters built a barricade of tyres and set it alight, blocking all lanes of the motorway and causing a traffic jam stretching for miles.

Clashes between protesters and security forces were reported, though it is not clear if there were injuries. Activist Taras Kmet called on Poland to “pay attention to how we are humiliated here, how our rights are violated.

“Our government agencies are being shot at. Soon we too will be shot,” he declared, warning of increasing violence against ethnic minorities with the tacit approval of the government.

Mikhail Kononovich, a representative of the local Belorussian community, said Kiev was guilty of “systematic persecutions, physical and moral terror” against Poles, Belorussians and Russians.

He said his community had sent an appeal to “international human rights organisations and the embassies of Belarus, the United States, Russia, Canada and the embassies of the European Union countries” calling for the world to recognise the “grave violations of the rights of national minorities in modern Ukraine.”

Terrorist attack on Polish consulate in Ukraine

This video says about itself:

29 March 2017

The Polish Consulate was hit by a projectile in Lutsk, western Ukraine, Wednesday, damaging the roof of the consulate and shattering the windows. Poland’s consul in Ukraine, Krzysztof Sawicki, asserted that the attack may have come from a grenade launcher.

Krzysztof Sawicki, Poland’s Consul (Ukrainian): “The shell hit the Consulate’s building after midnight, concretely to its roof, 20-30 centimeters above the window of the office apartment where the employee of the Consulate was sleeping. Thank God that nobody was killed.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ukraine: Polish consulate ‘attacked by terrorists

Thursday 30th March 2017

THE Polish consulate in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk was hit by an anti-tank rocket overnight in what the consul called a “terrorist attack.”

A hole was blown in the building’s roof above a room where a member of staff was sleeping.

Police found part of a RPG-22 disposable rocket launcher nearby, and said the rocket was fired from a nearby backyard.

Lutsk, the capital of Volyn province northeast of Lvov, is in the western hotbed of far-right Ukrainian nationalism that glorifies WWII nazi collaborators who massacred up to 100,000 Poles in the region.

Ukrainian neonazis destroy monument for murdered Poles

This video says about itself:

Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia 1943-1944

10 May 2014

Ethnic cleansing operation carried out in Nazi German-occupied Poland by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)’s North Command in the regions of Volhynia (Reichskommissariat Ukraine) and their South Command in Eastern Galicia (General Government) beginning in March 1943 and lasting until the end of 1944. The peak of the massacres took place in July and August 1943, most of the victims were women and children. The actions of the UPA resulted in 35,000-60,000 Polish deaths in Volhynia and 25,000-40,000 in Eastern Galicia.

The killings were directly linked with the policies of the Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military arm – Ukrainian Insurgent Army, whose goal specified at the Second Conference of the Stepan Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) during 17–23 February 1943, or at least in March 1943 was to purge all non-Ukrainians from the future Ukrainian state. Not limiting their activities to the purging of Polish civilians, the UPA also wanted to erase all traces of sustained Polish presence in the area.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ukraine: Monument marking nazi village massacre blown up

Wednesday 11th January 2016

A MONUMENT to the victims of a World War II massacre by Ukrainian nazis has been blown up.

Police in the Lviv region of western Ukraine said in a statement yesterday that vandals had destroyed a stone cross in Huta Penyatska.

It had been put up in 2005 to commemorate the Polish villagers butchered there in 1944 by a nazi unit mostly composed of Ukrainian volunteers [the SS division Galicia].

Up to 1,200 people are believed to have been killed there, according to the Polish Institute of National Remembrance.

Ukrainian media showed the memorial and two stone slabs bearing the names of the victims daubed with nazi symbols [like SS runes] and the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Lviv police said they were investigating.

Glorification of World War II nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, who led the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, surged following the 2005 “Orange Revolution” coup and again after the 2014 Maidan Square far-right putsch.

Polish investigation of nazi criminal in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Minneapolis man thought to be Nazi commander after Associated Press report

15 June 2013

Residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood are reacting this morning to allegations that one of their neighbors was the commander of a Nazi SS unit during World War II. The investigation found that 94-year-old Michael Karkoc was a top commander in the Ukrainian Self-Defense Legion.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Poland: Ukrainian nazi officer ‘harboured by the US

Saturday 19th November 2016

POLISH experts are probing whether the US harboured a World War II Ukrainian nazi officer for decades, a prosecutor announced on Thursday.

The Associated Press news agency identified Michael Karkoc

now living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

as a commander of a unit in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion, which is accused of burning villages in Poland.

Poland subsequently opened a probe into Mr Karkoc, 97, who denies that he fought in the war.

The accusations are based on wartime documents, testimony from other members of the unit and Mr Karkoc’s own Ukrainian-language memoir.

Prosecutor Dariusz Antoniak said experts would confirm whether Mr Karkoc is the same person as the nazi commander by comparing facial features in photos of him now with those in a 1940 picture taken in Ukraine.

German prosecutors shelved their investigation of Mr Karkoc in 2015, saying he was not fit to stand trial.