More beautiful birds in Yangxian county, China

Russet sparrows, 5 April 2018

As this blog said before, on 5 April 2018, we were at a hide in Yangxian county, Shaanxi province, China; to see golden pheasants. We did not just see golden pheasants, but other beautiful birds as well. Like russet sparrows, with which my earlier blog post ended. Here on the photo some more russet sparrows, both male and female.

Songbird, 5 April 2018

The songbird on this photo may look a bit like a blackcap, but isn’t. Blackcaps don’t live in China.

Oriental turtle dove, 5 April 2018

One of many oriental turtle doves near the golden pheasant hide.

Red-billed blue magpies, 5 April 2018

And a red-billed blue magpie came again. One? No, two of these beautiful birds.

Red-billed blue magpies, on 5 April 2018

Oriental turtle dove and pheasant, 5 April 2018

And yet another oriental turtle dove. With a male golden pheasant behind it.

Oriental turtle dove and pheasants, 5 April 2018

With two male golden pheasants.

Oriental turtle dove, on 5 April 2018

Maybe thin branches are easier if you are an oriental turtle dove. You don’t have to share them with pheasants.

White-browed laughingthrush, 5 April 2018

Finally, this white-browed laughingthrush.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on this blog about beautiful birds in Shaanxi, China!


Red-billed blue magpies, yellow-throated buntings at Chinese golden pheasant hide

Chinese bamboo partridges, 5 April 2018

Still 5 April 2018 at the golden pheasant hide in Shaanxi province in China. There were also other birds than golden pheasants. Like this Chinese bamboo partridge couple.

Yellow-throated bunting, 5 April 2018

And this yellow-throated bunting.

Yellow-throated bunting, on 5 April 2018

There were many white-throated laughingthrushes.

Red-billed blue magpie, 5 April 2018

Other frequent visitors were red-billed blue magpies, like this one.

Chinese bamboo partridges, on 5 April 2018

The Chinese bamboo partridges came back.

Collared finchbill

And this collared finchbill arrived.

Red-billed blue magpie, on 5 April 2018

And another red-billed blue magpie (or the same one as before?).

Russet sparrow, 5 April 2018

There was a special East Asian sparrow species: russet sparrows. The photo shows a male.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on birds at the golden pheasant hide!

Golden pheasants in China, male and female

Golden pheasant male on table, 5 April 2018

Still 5 April 2018 at the hide in Shaanxi province in China. After seeing golden pheasants earlier that day, at 15:40 no less than five male golden pheasants came. They went to the stoney table …

Golden pheasant male off table, 5 April 2018

… and jumped off it.

Golden pheasant male on tree stump, on 5 April 2018

They went to the tree stump …

Golden pheasant male on tree, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

… and to the fallen tree with fungi on it …

Golden pheasant male on ground, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

… and to the ground …

Golden pheasant male on table, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

… and to the table again.

At 16:10, there were three male golden pheasants.

At 16:45 there was just one male golden pheasant.

One golden pheasant male, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

At 17:18, again one male golden pheasant came, and went.

Golden pheasant female, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

A few minutes later, a female golden pheasant.

Golden pheasant female on table, Shaanxi, on 5 April 2018

The female went to the food on the table. However, then a northern goshawk caught an oriental turtle dove. This distressed all birds which flew away. Including the female pheasant. Usually, pheasants prefer running to flying, even if fleeing from danger. But this was apparently an exception for this female.

With nearly all birds gone, it became time for us to go as well. However, there will be another blog post about the golden pheasant hide: about the non-pheasant birds we saw there.

Golden pheasants in Shaanxi, China

In this video you can see, eg, these birds:

Chinese golden pheasant [after 2 minutes], Larus melanocephalus (Mediterranean Gull), Eurasian spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia), Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans), Squacco Heron, White Stork, Double-crested cormorant, Crested Duck.

After our arrival on 4 April 2018 in Yangxian county in China came 5 April. Still in Yangxian.

We went to a hide to see golden pheasants.

On our way, crested ibis statues on city lampposts.

Yangxian, 5 April 2018

We passed beautiful fields of the countryside.

Yangxian fields, 5 April 2018

Yangxian fields, on 5 April 2018

After arrival at the hide, we saw many other beautiful birds before the first golden pheasant turned up. These other birds will have their own, later, post on this blog.

Golden pheasant female, 5 April 2018

At ten minutes past nine, the first golden pheasant arrived. It was a female, going to feed at a stoney table.

Then, we had to wait about three hours for the next pheasants.

Golden pheasant male fight, 5 April 2018

They were three males. It being mating season, one might expect them to fight. But that did not happen, except for the brief episode on this photo.

Golden pheasant three males, 5 April 2018

Nearly all the of the time, about 15 minutes, they just walked around and fed, watching each other, but not attacking each other.

Golden pheasant male, 5 April 2018

Maybe the weather was too cold for fights?

Golden pheasant male on tree, 5 April 2018

Golden pheasant male on tree, on 5 April 2018

But not too cold for eating?

Golden pheasant male on tree stump, 5 April 2018

Then, no more pheasants for some hours again. There was a squirrel.

Stay tuned, as the golden pheasants will be back!

Snowy mountains, high-rise buildings in China

Snowy mountains near Kangding, 4 April 2018

As an earlier blog post mentioned, on 3 April 2018 we had arrived back in Kangding, capital of Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province in China. The next morning, 4 April, a plane brought us back to Chengdu city; flying along snowy mountains, as this photo, a cellphone photo like the others of this blog post, shows.

At a big Chengdu railway station, we boarded a bullet train to Shaanxi province, to Yangxian county, to Hanzhong city.

Chengdu buildings and trees, 4 April 2018

Chengdu is a city of over 10 million people. Quite some of them housed in high-rise buildings like on these photo.

Chengdu buildings, 4 April 2018

We arrived in Hanzhong.

This 2017 video says about itself:

Large patches of rapeseed flowers in full bloom, decorating the fields with shades of yellow upon green, have attracted large crowds of spring outing makers to the Yangxian County of Hanzhong in … China’s Shaanxi Province.

The county is also well-known for the beautiful birds — the crested ibis, an endangered species listed on the State Protection List in China.

Stay tuned … as there will be more on China on this blog. Especially about birds: special birds.

Buddhist monasteries, snowy mountains in China

Mount Yala, 3 April 2018

Still 3 April 2018, after our earlier report on that day. We left Pamuling village, and went to an area with many snowy mountains. Like Mount Yala depicted on this photo.

Mount Yala is 5,820 meters high. It is one of four holy mountains in local Tibetan Buddhism. Oriental White Yak mountain is another name for it.

Mount Yala, on 3 April 2018

There are Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and prayer flags around Mount Yala …

Mount Yala, Sichuan, 3 April 2018

… and green meadows and grey rocks.

Lhagang monastery, 3 April 2018

We continued to Tagong, or Lhagang monastery, at 3,530 meters above sea level. Its full name in Tibetan is Minyag Lhagang Yongdzog Rabgyal Lhakang Thongdrol Samdrubling. On its gate, four languages: English, Chinese, Tibetan and Sanskrit.

Mount Gongga, 3 April 2018

We continued, and saw the highest mountain in Sichuan province. Mount Gongga. 7,556 meters high.

Snow, 3 April 2018

More snowy mountains.

Mount Zheduo, 3 April 2018

We arrived at a mountain pass: Mount Zheduo.

Mount Zheduo, flags, 3 April 2018

Many Buddhist prayer flags there.

Stupas, 3 April 2018

And Buddhist stupas (chörten in Tibetan).

Finally, we arrived back in Kangding.

Cuckoo, meadow pipit, spoonbill and flowers

Ferry, 28 April 2018

After 27 April 2018 to the Palmerswaard nature reserve, again there on 28 April; by this ferry across the Rhine. Like other photos in this blog post, this is a cellphone photo. In the background of the photo is the 82 meter high tower of the Cunera church in Rhenen. It is a 15th century late Gothic church. The name of the church refers to Saint Cunera; who, however, appears to be no more than a legend.

Bottlebrush plant, 28 April 2018

At a restaurant close to the ferry landing in Rhenen were these bottlebrush flowers; originally from Australia.

As we enter the Palmerswaard, a lesser black-backed gull flying. A spoonbill flying.

A mute swan and a tufted duck couple swimming.

Like yesterday, a reed warbler sings.

Palmerswaard, 28 April 2018

This photo from the northern, Palmerswaard, bank of the river Rhine shows a lake, behind it a dike, behind the dike the (invisible) Rhine, and behind the Rhine (visible) the southern bank.

As we continue, two whitethroats.

A dunnock.

Palmerswaard, on 28 April 2018

There are smaller and bigger lakes all over the Palmerswaard.

A greenfinch sings.

On a branch, we see a cuckoo sitting and calling.

A green-veined white butterfly.

A meadow pipit on a pole.

Finally, two shelducks and a gadwall couple.