Osprey-grey heron collision, photo

Osprey and grey heron

This photo, by Wilfried Solarz from the Netherlands, is about on osprey. It had been driven away by a young goshawk. But then, it almost collided with a grey heron; making the heron scream.

Journey to the Baltic sea

This video says about itself:

Bird lovers take to Baltic Coast

5 October 2015

Ornithologists and bird lovers were out in force on the Baltic coast over the weekend as birds began their annual migration.

On 1 October 2016, our train departed to Greifswald town in Germany.

We went there to see birds, now that birds cross the Baltic sea in their autumn migration. Greifswald is not so far from the coast of Poland, where the video was made.

Early in the morning: starlings at the railway station.

Then, something not so welcome: the engine of ‘our’ train had broken down. We had to hurry to another platform to catch the train to another town to change to yet another train to Germany.

After we had passed Osnabrück, at 10:25 a great egret flying.

15:45: scores of cranes on a field.

Five minutes later, a buzzard.

About 16:30, we arrived at Greifswald railway station.

In the Pommersches Landesmuseum, we found out something about the geology, paleontology and history of this region. That will come in a separate blog post.

Greifswald, 1 October 2016

Two black redstarts on roofs in the city center.

Greifswald on 1 October-2016

Both these pictures are cellphone photos.

In the harbour, we went aboard the ship.

Terns, gulls, oystercatcher photo

Terns, gulls, oystercatcher photo

This September 2016 photo is by amkeizer from the Netherlands.

Most of the birds on this photo are sandwich terns.

The one oystercatcher stands out.

Can you see the two black-headed gulls in winter plumage?

Good red kite news

This video says about itself:

25 November 2010

Photographer and biologist Johan Hammar is photographing red kite (Milvus milvus) from a hide in southern Sweden. Europe holds about 95 % of the world population of red kites but in many countries they are decreasing. In Sweden it was almost extinct. Only 30 pairs remained in 1960. But thanks to nature conservation efforts there are now more than 1300 breeding pairs in Sweden.

BirdLife in the Netherlands reported on 14 September 2016 things are going well for red kites in the Netherlands. In 2014 3 nesting couples; in 2015 8; this year about 10.

However, there is a threat for this species of people poisoning raptors.

In Belgium there are about 200 nesting couples.

Young spoonbill flies differently

Spoonbills flying

This is a photo by Willem de Wolf from the Netherlands, showing spoonbills flying.

The young spoonbill at the front flies differently from the others.

Kingfisher, goshawk and flowers

This is a kingfisher video from the Netherlands.

On 11 September 2016, to Tiengemeten island in the Netherlands.

Before the ferry departed, three spoonbills in a wetland.

Canada geese. Grey lag geese. A barnacle goose.

A great egret. A gadwall duck swims.

Ferry to Tiengemeten, 11 September 2016

As the ferry departs, a kingfisher on the right bank of the harbour. Sitting a bit similarly to the kingfisher in the video, though it sits on a branch about 80 centimeter above the water; not on a pole.

As we cross the estuary, a great cormorant.

As we arrive in the harbour of Tiengemeten, a white wagtail and barn swallows flying.

Tiengemeten, 11 September 2016

We walk.

On the right side a wetland with spoonbills and barnacle geese.

A snipe and ruffs.

A pintail duck, a shoveler and teal.

Wild teasel; the flowers are gone already.

A marsh harrier flies.

Bristly oxtongue flowers.

Tiengemeten plants, 11 September 2016

Chicory flowers.

A kestrel hovers. A goshawk flies.

A stock dove flies.

Two female pheasants.

Many insects in this warm weather, including twin-lobed deerflies.

Tiengemeten ragwort, 11 September 2016

We pass ragwort flowers.

Tiengemeten, on 11 September 2016

Scores of ruddy shelducks swimming.

Tiengemeten landscape on 11 September 2016

A flock of scores of golden plovers flying, with three northern lapwings flying along.

As we arrive at the harbour again, a common gull on a mooring dolphin.

Modern classical music in medieval Dutch church

Choir in Hooglandse Kerk, 10 September 2016

This photo shows the Leids Kamerkoor choir performing in the Hooglandse Kerk, St. Pancras church in Leiden, the Netherlands. Like all photos in this blog post, this is a cellphone photo.

We heard the choir there on 10 September 2016, Heritage Day.

Hooglandse kerk windows, 10 September 2016

The church was built in the late middle ages. It is in Gothic style, as one can see from the tall windows.

Buildings through Hooglandse kerk windows, 10 September 2016

Through the windows, one can see the buildings around the church; many of them ancient as well.

Tombstone, 10 September 2016

On the church floor, many tombstones, from, eg, the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Some of them still legible; some so worn that they are now illegible; some in which a few letters are still legible, like on the left of this photo. The window reflects on the church floor in this photo.

Light through windows, 10 September 2016

Beautiful late summer light through the windows.

The Leids Kamerkoor choir on this 10 September sang twentieth and twenty-first century classical music, from, eg, Dutch and Canadian composers.

In this 2015 video from a concert in Tampere, Finland, the Leids Kamerkoor sang nineteenth century music: “Die Nachtigall” (The Nightingale), by Mendelssohn.