Arab emirates ban Guy Fawkes masks

This video from the USA is called Arrested For Wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask (Occupy Lansing).

By Kris Holt:

November 19, 2012

If you’re a member of hacking group Anonymous, it’s now illegal to show your face in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dubai police have declared the Guy Fawkes mask, the disguise most strongly associated with Anonymous, illegal. Police issued a warning was issued to anyone considering wearing the mask ahead of the UAE’s National Day on Dec. 2. They claim it symbolizes resistance to state authority.

Hurricane Sandy floods New York Aquarium

This video from the USA is called Flooded New York Aquarium May Evacuate Animals.

From the Wildlife Conservation Society in the USA:

We hope that this message finds you and your family safe in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who sustained losses.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium weathered the storm. But I can’t mince words about its condition: critical damage.

I hope you’ll consider making an emergency gift to the Aquarium Restoration Fund to bring us back into operation as soon as possible.

Located just off the beach at Coney Island, the 14-acre aquarium was completely overtaken by water. At this moment, we are working on restoring life support systems and have restored power to two exhibits. Water is still being pumped out of areas that house crucial operating systems.

Our primary concern remains the health of the thousands of animals, including Mitik, the orphaned walrus – many of whom will be relocated to other aquariums if power cannot be restored within a safe timeframe. Next comes the long process of repairing and rebuilding.

During Sandy, 18 aquarium staff remained on duty throughout the storm, working nonstop to protect and care for the animals as the waters rose and the winds battered the coast. This was especially crucial for the safety of Mitik, the orphaned walrus calf who only recently arrived and whose pre-existing health issues require constant attention.

That same staff has continued to work around the clock to restore our operating systems critical to thousands of animals in our care. We’ve established temporary life support for the aquatic systems, are pumping flood waters out of basements and mechanical areas, and are working to restore filtration and other life support essentials for the exhibit and holding tanks.

It will be months before we can reopen the doors of the New York Aquarium. We need your help for immediate repairs and rebuilding.

Every dollar will aid in the recovery of an institution that serves as a beacon to the storm-battered Coney Island community.

We wish everyone as quick and full a recovery as possible from the effects of this historic storm. And we look forward to welcoming you to the reopening of a restored New York Aquarium in the months to come.


Bertina Ceccarelli
Executive Vice President, Global Resources
Wildlife Conservation Society

P.S. Many have also asked about the state of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s four zoos. We’re pleased to report that none experienced serious damage. The Prospect Park Zoo, Central Park Zoo and Queens Zoo have re-opened and the Bronx Zoo will re-open tomorrow.

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