Hold a banner in London, go to jail

This video says about itself:

15 February 2015

Several protesters were arrested at Parliament Square, London, on Saturday during a peaceful demonstration organised by the activist group Occupy Democracy.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Man in court for holding a banner

Thursday 6th August 2015

A “RIDICULOUS” case is being brought against a peaceful protester today, for holding a banner without permission.

Ryan O’Sullivan faces charges for holding a banner on Parliament Square without having requested Mayor Boris Johnson’s prior permission.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is bringing forward the suit against Mr O’Sullivan, who engaged in the alleged “prohibited activity.”

Mr O’Sullivan, who is being supported by the Occupy Democracy campaign, said: “It seems wrong that we have to ask Boris permission to protest outside Parliament.

“The fact I was asked to provide public liability insurance for holding a banner demonstrates how ridiculous things have become.

“The risk is that it will deter people from wanting to protest outside Parliament.”

Today’s hearing is part of the third in a series of trials which, according to the group, “demonstrate the absurdity of the policing of the Occupy Democracy protests.”

Twelve people have so far been acquitted of charges linked to the protests outside the Houses of Parliament last November.

Occupy Democracy legal adviser Matthew Varnham said: “Peaceful protest should never require authorisation.

“This point was made by the UN Special Rapporteur in his 2013 Report on the UK when he concluded that at most there should be a regime for notification.

“The fact we have seen people arrested for sitting on a tarpaulin and holding a banner, found to be unlawful because prior permission had not been sought, is an affront to the democractic principle of freedom of expression.”

An ongoing judicial review challenging Mr Johnson’s decision to exclude all protest from Parliament Square was launched by Occupy Democracy and human rights group Liberty this March.

Occupy London fights on, 2011

Occupy London demonstrators

From daily News Line in England:

Monday, 5 December 2011

‘WE WILL NOT BE EVICTED!’ – insist St Paul’s occupiers

‘We will not be evicted!’ was the clear message from the occupiers outside St Paul’s as they defy new attempts by the Corporation of the City of London to evict them.

Sandra Greenford told News Line: ‘We here at Occupy LSX are determined to stay for good. We will not be pushed, we will not be bribed, we will not be tricked and we will not be evicted!

‘Nothing can stop this movement from growing, in almost every country in the world there is an Occupy Movement of young and old people who refuse to pay the price for capitalism with their jobs and health care and lives.

‘In the US the Occupy Movement has defied attempts to brutalise, gas, attack and destroy the occupied areas.

‘Every time the US police try to destroy the will of the people, the will of the people grows stronger.

‘The same is true for our occupation, with every threat, with every attack, with every day our resolve to stay grows and we become stronger in the belief in our own strength.’

Another occupier, who travelled all the way from Ireland to participate in the occupation, Conor said: ‘The church has made us an offer where they will put up a tent in St Paul’s Cathedral and some can stay there but the rest of us would have to leave.

‘This insulting and pathetic offer is a liberal front to try and give the church a democratic and popular face.

‘Meanwhile, the Corporation of London have made further threats and they have re-opened the eviction proceedings.

‘There was a problem because land was split between St Pauls, the Corporation of London and the public highway.

‘The law states that you can evict a permanent structure on the public highway.

‘As long as we move the tents every few days they are stuck.

‘But now they are moving to proceed with the eviction, we are more determined than ever to stay.

‘I am coming on the march to defend Chase Farm hospital and I will whip up a few of my friends to come with me.

‘I think occupying Chase Farm hospital is a huge step forwards, I came from Galway for exactly this sort of thing.

‘This is what I travelled 400 miles for!

‘Governments can survive gestures like marches, but to occupy something like Chase Farm hospital is tangible it is full of power, it is powerful.

‘We are for keeping the hospital open. My friends are involved in the struggle to keep Brent library open.

‘We should occupy any service threatened with closure and keep it running.

‘We need to get away from the idea that the House of Commons is the way to change things.

‘We need a multi-pronged attack, a general strike, to take to the streets, to occupy services and to force the government to collapse.

‘They are going to move to a similar sort of government to that of Greece or Italy here in this country.

‘Greece is the economic template for every European nation.

‘This means that we have to move fast to defeat them.’

A group from the Occupy London occupation decided to do a walk to parliament. Before they left, Simon More said: ‘We are doing a peace walk to Westminster to call for a radical change to the UK foreign policy away from war and towards peace.

‘We intend to remain here outside St Paul’s to develop our visions for a better world.

‘We will not be coerced in to departing.’

His friend Matthew Thomas added: ‘I believe that the foreign policy of the state is based on aggression and intimidation.

‘All the state’s interventions have been based on violence, which I am against.

‘The motivation behind all these interventions is economic, to serve the state’s financial interests.

‘The current theme seems to be profit before people. imperialism is hugely unfair, it seems that they just want to oppress smaller countries.

‘We are for collectivism and mutual co-operation not imperialism.’

Alfie Evers, a young writer, said: ‘This is my first time at Occupy St Pauls and I have come down because it has been on my agenda to stop and see and I am glad that it is still going.

‘I am massively against the big banks and corporations making the people pay for the crisis.’

At the daily General Assembly meeting the Free Assange/Manning campaign appealed to the occupiers: ‘I urge everyone from Occupy LSX to come down to the High Court on The Strand on Monday December 5th at 8.30am to support Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.’

The Assange/Manning campaign told News Line: ‘This is possibly Julian Assange’s final hearing.

‘We urge everyone to come down to the High Court.

‘Wikileaks is important because it has revealed the Iraq/Afghanistan war diaries which are legally admissible, historical documentation of the day-to-day activity of troops on the ground.

‘There could be potential war crimes tribunals for those who pursued these wars over the last decade.

‘Bradley Manning is the “whistle blower” who is accused of releasing these valuable documents.

‘He is facing a military tribunal on December 17 rather than a fully accountable, proper public trial.

‘He has 36 charges, one of which carries the death penalty.

‘We urge everyone to come down to the US embassy on December 16 and 17.

Assange must not be deported and Bradly Manning must be given a free and fair public trial.

‘Occupy is the voice of the 99%.’

English police bans Magna Carta commemoration

This video series from England says about itself:

PUTNEY DEBATE: Unsettling Debt: What does Debt Resistance mean in the UK

From PFI contracts that make hospitals three times as expensive as public funding would, to the bubble in the housing sector, from graduates’ average debt burdens of £44,000, to unpayable energy bills …debt affects all aspects of our lives.

Be it private, national or local government, debt is one of the neoliberal system’s most powerful tools to discipline us.

But together, we can overcome the shame attached and the idea that you need to be an expert to understand what is happening.

Together we can start building strategies for resistance.

As part of Occupy London’s New Putney Debates, Debt Resistance UK organised an evening of discussion to share informations, hear more from participants on debt and explore possibilities for collective action.


Carl Packman – Payday Loans
Claire Welton – Fuel Poverty
Mary Robertson – Housing Debt
Helen Mercer – NHS Debt
Joel Benjamin – Local Government Debt
Jonathan Stevenson – National Debt
Fanny Malinen – Student Debt

Debt Resistance UK is a London-based group dedicated to challenging the narrative of debt injustice as inevitable and apolitical.

This debate was held on Tuesday 4 November 2014.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Police put a stop to democracy festival

Monday 15th june 2015

Eight arrested at ‘unregulated’ Runnymede Magna Carta event

POLICE besieged a democracy festival and arrested visitors this weekend as the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary celebrations took place mere steps away from its campsite.

Officers turned away all comers to the Runnymede Festival for Democracy, which took place at a local eco-village, because the event was “unlicensed and unregulated.”

Eight people were also arrested, with activists urging the force to “stop over-reaching powers and respect the law.”

The sustainable community based near the signing site of the Magna Carta hosted a series of workshops on democracy and human rights, with a series of writers, academics and high profile campaigners billed on the programme.

New Putney Debates speaker Julie Timbrell told the Star that police intervention had denied “us our hard-won right of freedom of association.

Magna Carta was won through protest by the barons and common people against arbitrary abuse by the king.

“We represent the people but, now, as the Queen prepares to celebrate in Runnymede field, the forces of the crown are turning away democracy speakers from our festival in the neighbouring forest.

“It appears that only the barons on the invite of the Queen have the right to celebrate the Magna Carta.”

A spokeswoman for Surrey Police said that “it carefully considered the information and reports received in relation to the proposed activity” before making use of Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

The law is usually used to shut down raves and other open-air “amplified music” events that might cause “serious distress to the inhabitants of the locality.”

According to organisers, the “eco-village have met with both representatives of the council and local residents, who were all happy for the event to go ahead.”

They added: “It is particularly sad and inappropriate that the police are choosing to exceed their legal powers to prevent an event celebrating the importance of democracy and the rule of law.”

But police said that a sound system had already been removed from the scene with the compliance of the eco-villagers.

Today marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, a major historical event in the social and political development of England and in the emergence of the rule of law against arbitrary power: here.

The British Library’s Magna Carta exhibition: A vital though flawed presentation: here.

Occupy and May Day in London, England

This video from London, England says about itself:

Russell Brand Speaking at Occupy Democracy

19 October 2014

Russell Brand speaking at Occupy Democracy in Parliament Square after the “Britain Needs A Pay Rise” Protest, 18th October 2014.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Activists gear up for May Day protests

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Occupy Democracy targets Parliament Square

DEMOCRACY campaigners will seize Parliament Square on May Day for a week of direct action before the general election, protesters announced yesterday.

Occupy Democracy activists have vowed to “step up” their campaign in the run-up to May 7 by setting up a 10-day long “festival of democracy” in Westminster.

It will follow Leicester’s Jubilee Square occupation, Democracy A&E, which is also running until polling day. Occupy Democracy called for action beyond the ballot box.

“History shows us that the extension of our democratic rights has not been led by politicians, but has been forced onto the agenda by the actions of mass movements such as the Chartists and the Suffragettes,” the group said.

“We are asking people to join us and help build such a movement.” In Leicester, occupier Daniel Ashman said: “We have chosen Jubilee Square for this demonstration because it epitomises the priorities of the elite versus the needs of communities.

“We have launched Democracy A&E, a space for concerned local residents to discuss how to repair our broken democracy.”

According to campaigners, Leicester Council has spent £4 million on Jubilee Square while funding for day-care centres, homeless shelters and homes has been cut.

Fellow Occupy Democracy supporter Michaela Smith said: “Democracy is not a spectator sport — politicians do not build communities, people do.

“As we are in the run-up to the election, now is our time to reclaim this sterile public space as a forum to deliver our priorities to those who seek to represent us.”

The London action is set to commence during the capital’s May Day celebrations and will include a series of debates and workshops on some of the campaign’s key principles.

They will be joined on Parliament Square by Disabled People Against Cuts activists. Co-founder Linda Burnip explained her members will be “supporting the occupation of Parliament Square to highlight the current injustices we as well as others face.

Disabled people see on a daily basis how corporate greed and corruption impacts negatively on our lives,” she said.

This video from England says about itself:

May Day March and Rally London 2014 Part 1 of 3

1 May 2014

May Day March and Rally London 2014. March from Clerkenwell to Trafalgar Square. Rally at Trafalgar Square – Thursday 1 May 2014.

The marchers arrive at Trafalgar Square. Huge crowd.

From the London May Day Organising Committee:

MAY DAY 2015


Assemble Clerkenwell Green 12.00

Rally at Trafalgar Square from 14.20

Speakers including:

JOHN HILARY War on Want;

Joint Chairs – Eve Turner GLATUC/Tony Lennon SERTUC

Celebrate May Day

fight austerity – fight TTIPfight racism


AN ANTI-CUTS comedy show is set to tour north-east England in the run-up to the general election. The Accidental Activist, by playwright Ed Waugh, is “a reflection of the deep anger that runs in society as ordinary working people are having their living standards butchered while the rich are getting even richer,” said Newcastle-based stand-up comedian John Scott: here.

A PACKED Scottish TUC fringe hosted yesterday by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group discussed how to fight austerity beyond the general election: here.

Journalist arrested for journalism in London

This video from London, England says about itself:

‘Democracy RIP’? Occupy protesters arrested in London

15 February 2015

Several protesters were arrested at Parliament Square, London, on Saturday during a peaceful demonstration organised by the activist group Occupy Democracy.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Journalist arrested in Parliament Sq ‘under false pretenses’

Monday 16th February 2015

A JOURNALIST accused London police yesterday of arresting him on bogus charges during a crackdown on a peaceful Parliament Square demonstration.

Clashes between police and over 200 demonstrators took place after sunset on Saturday — the fifth weekend occupation of Parliament Square.

Occupy News Network live-streamer Obi Abadinas was arrested after Greater London Authority (GLA) heritage wardens and Metropolitan Police moved in on protesters.

His arrest has raised concerns about freedom of speech and people’s right to protest in the capital.

“I got arrested due to a false testimony from Boris Johnson’s Gestapo, heritage warden H22,” said Mr Abadinas.

“He claimed that he had asked me to leave and to provide my details — I had not spoken to him that day.”

Mr Abadinas was arrested under Section 3 of the Criminal Act, which allows the police to take someone by force in “the prevention of crime.”

He told the Star that no further action was taken by the Met, but that he might be called as part of investigations by the GLA.

“I hope they do, so I can prove they lied,” he added.

Mr Abadinas was one of five arrested, including Lib Dem vice-chair Donnachadh McCarthy.

Mr McCarthy said: “It’s outrageous that so many peaceful protestors are being arrested while Boris Johnson entertains the real criminals — making hundreds of thousands of pounds working for the tax-dodging Barclay brothers at the Telegraph.”

As reported by the Star, the mayor and the GLA are currently undergoing a judicial review for alleged abuse of power at previous Occupy Democracy events.

The group’s legal advisor Matthew Varnham explained that last month’s protest camp was allowed to be held on the grass of Parliament Square, which he described as a “welcome development.”

“Unfortunately, the GLA has now backtracked and last night’s arrests demonstrate an inflexibility to continue to facilitate such protest.

“This is particularly problematic as we now know the GLA’s repair schedule will likely see the grass area closed until ‘late spring,’ so after the general election.”

Despite the clashes, the Occupy camp went ahead on Sunday featuring workshops and speeches by housing activists Bohemians 4 Soho, feminist campaigners Sisters Uncut and a member of Greece’s governing party Syriza.

The occupation ended after a general assembly but Occupy Democracy vowed to return for a weekend every month until the general election.

Anti-government protest in London

This 19 October 2014 video from London is called UK cops kick ‘Occupy’ protesters off Parliament Square, Russell Brand delivers pizza.

By Joanna Ramiro in England:

Friday 7th November 2014

MAYHEM spread across London as protesters clashed with riot police on Wednesday evening during the Anonymous international day of action.

Across the country thousands of people wearing the distinctive Guy Fawkes mask took to the streets to protest against capitalism and the establishment.

“I have come along basically to say to the government: ‘enough is enough’,” said 66-year-old protester Maggie, who was in Westminster.

“They are corrupt. They are bringing in so many austerity cuts, the welfare reform hasn’t been thought out properly yet Iain Duncan Smith seems to think it is working.”

Protesters identified a series of reasons for joining in — from the expenses scandal to police violence and racism.

Asked why he had come along, 36-year-old Steve Foster said: “The inquiry into institutional paedophilia is probably the main reason.”

“I am actually a victim myself, though not institutionally, when I was a kid.”
“I want to see a real inquiry and I want to see prosecutions and people jailed in the Establishment, where we all know it is rife. That is my biggest reason.”

The London leg of the Million Mask March started in Trafalgar Square, quickly descending on to Parliament Square.

Early confrontations with the police started in front of the House of Commons when protesters attempted to bring down the metal barriers that surround the green.

Much like in recent Occupy protests on the square, police reaction quickly escalated, with officers delivering baton blows indiscriminately.

The Metropolitan Police recorded 10 arrests for alleged assault and public order offences but protesters maintained a general sense of euphoric defiance.

11-year-old Issan spent most of the night on a megaphone shouting against oppression and lack of democracy.

He told the Star: “I’m here to stick up for human rights.”

Issan’s mother agreed that it was for his future that they had come down to march.

Ask what he was hoping to do to change things for the better, Issan quickly replied: “I want to be the next PM.”

A Brighton jobseeker has turned the tables on Iain Duncan Smith’s punitive sanctions regime after his benefits were docked despite applying for 67 jobs in a fortnight: here.

Occupy London fights on

This video is about London Drama School students performing ‘Don’t Stop me Occupying 2012’.

From daily News Line in London, England:

Monday, 23 January 2012

St Paul’s occupiers determined to fight on – despite eviction attempts

ANTI-CAPITALIST St Paul’s occupiers were defiant and determined to stay despite attempts to evict them through the courts.

Ev Emanon from Anonymous UK camped at St Paul’s told News Line: ‘Our appeal is next Friday at the Royal Courts of Justice, that is when we find out whether our appeal has been a success.

‘We are here on the front line; you cannot evict an idea. The international movement is going to pick up speed and gain momentum from the spring. This is just the beginning!’

Fellow occupier Dom said: ‘’They cannot get rid of us. The courts ruled that they can get rid of the structures, but they cannot get rid of us. Whatever happens next Friday we are not going anywhere.

‘We are prepared to sleep at the top of the stairs at St Paul’s if it comes to it. We are in solidarity with the struggle at Chase Farm Hospital and we are in support of the picket at Chase Farm and of your plans to occupy the hospital to stop the closure.’

Arthur, a young Polish worker occupying the St Paul’s site said: ‘We must fight for a better life, for our families, for our future!

‘No matter what they decide in the courts, we are going to stay. I will stay that is for sure.

‘I am really interested in coming down to Enfield and joining in the daily pickets of Chase Farm hospital. It must stay open.

‘They have no right closing any hospital. We must keep the NHS intact and develop it.’

Javier Freiria and Adolfo Castro from Casdiz in Spain said: ‘We support the occupy movement in Spain, “the Indignados” which means “the angry”.

‘We are part of the movement called “Valcarcel Recuperado”. We occupied the building for six months, but the police took us out of the building.

‘We have come down here to support Occupy London. The banks are the germ of the problem. The state does not support the people, the state supports the banks.

‘This problem continues; it has not been resolved. Now in Spain there is a big movement to occupy buildings, all the old buildings are occupied.

‘There is a lot of jobless youth in Spain. Capitalism is the trash of the world.’

Occupier Alphonso Lister said: ‘It is truly wonderful the international solidarity of the occupy movement.

‘Every day we get visitors who have come from occupy movements from countries in every part of the world. It was a special surprise to welcome our friends from Spain and hear their stories.

‘That is why we will not budge an inch here at Occupy London. We will not be intimidated by their courts, their judges and their system. This is the very system we are here opposing so why should we respect their judgements.

‘Their judgements are based on their interests and they are the interests of making money of private property, of the Corporation of London, of the church and state, they are a billion miles away from the people and we are very close to what everyone is feeling. The 99% have risen up and want a life!’

‘Is it too much to ask for the basic things in life? Why can we not have a home or electricity, water, a job, an education and such. This system stinks, it reeks of something rotten to the core!’

There was then a extremely powerful piece of drama entitled ‘Don’t Stop me Occupying 2012’ performed by The London Drama School students on the steps of St Paul’s. To the music of Queen ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ the students performed the piece showing the people rising up against the system.

Natasha Langridge, who directed the play, said: ‘We have produced an anti-capitalist, pro-occupy piece of physical theatre.

‘We have fourteen international students aged 18-25 who are participating in the production.

‘This system does not benefit the majority of the people and it does not work.

‘It is about time we acknowledge that, and use our knowledge and experience to create something better which is what occupy is trying to do and we support them 100%.’

The London Drama School student Peri Linklater-Johnson who was in the performance said: ‘We have created this together under the direction of Natasha Langridge. We support occupy, it is giving everyone a chance to say what they want to say.

‘There is no elitism in occupy. There is the top rungs of the ladder and everyone else gets meshed in together. The people with the most money have the most power.’

Fellow student and performer Agui Bouba added: ‘The tuition fees are making university elitist, they are favouring the rich and they are heading towards an American-style system.

‘This is a big mistake, education is the key to making a really powerful society. I believe university must be free like it is in Belgium.’

Andrew, who also performed in the anti-capitalist physical theatre piece said: ‘We should certainly defend the NHS. They want 49% of the NHS farmed out to the private sector.

‘This means that there is the temptation to make money and it is an infringement on the NHS. Once you have something that is free like the NHS that is a great thing.

‘They are trying to exert elitist control over it and I do not know why that is necessary.

‘In World War I they sent all the young people off to die.

‘They are always targeting youth. The children are the future.’

Police clear out Occupy London protesters: here.

Occupy London, interview and slogans

Occupiers on the steps of St Paul's Catheral, London

On 8 November, at the Occupy London protest camp near St. Paul’s cathedral in London, England.

Many slogans: Capitalism means war. Make Trident redundant, not workers.

Green party: no nuclear. In a mocking reversal of the religious fundamentalist slogan The End is Nigh, here The Beginning is Nigh; Global Revolution.

The world’s resources must go towards caring for people, for the planet, not the military, corporate profits, or the rich.

Fund human needs, not warfare.

Capitalism game over (like in the demonstrations against the Ben Ali dictatorship in Tunisia).

No shock doctrine for Britain. On the information tent: Gandhi: “There is enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed”.

Student demo 9 November.

Posters, calling for freedom of Egyptian bloggers Alaa and Maikel.

An Iranian refugees’ poster of Karl Marx.

Homes, not jails.

A lib.com poster.

Hedge funds make profits off Greece.

“Now is the winter of our discontent”. Richard III, Shakespeare.

I meet London occupier Nathalie Fisher. She is from Brighton, where she participates in the Occupy Brighton camp. Occupy Brighton is now 30 tents; it started two weeks ago, Nathalie says. Local publication SchNEWS helps with the camp.

Caring for her children means Nathalie cannot be in London all of the time; she is now in the London camp for a few days.

This blog is back

This 17 October 2011 video from England says about itself:

Occupy London protest: on the steps of St Paul’s cathedral

After failing to get into the London Stock Exchange, protesters took to the steps of St Paul’s, setting up a ‘people’s assembly’ and occupation camp.

Going to the big city London, one may expect Internet connection to be easy. Well … I expected that, and I was dead wrong.

There seems to be a war going on between Richard Branson of Virgin and other Internet fat cats, and in that war, London Internet access seems to be the casualty.

So, my blog entries with interviews of Occupy London participants, about London wildlife and art, etc. will all appear on Dear Kitty. Some blog later than I intended. However, stay tuned, as they will appear soon now.

Occupy London under pressure

This video from Britain is called Occupy London (Occupy LSX) – St Paul’s Protest 15 October.

From daily The Morning Star in London, England:

Canon fires himself

Thursday 27 October 2011

by Rory MacKinnon, Corporate Affairs Reporter

The canon chancellor of London’s famous St Paul’s cathedral quit on Thursday amid pressure to turf out the anti-cuts occupation at its gates.

Reverend Giles Fraser, who backed the protest, announced his departure via Twitter early on Thursday morning, saying: “It is with great regret and sadness that I have handed in my notice at St Paul’s Cathedral.”

Activists have held St Paul’s Square for nearly a fortnight under the Occupy London banner after police barred them from private land directly outside the exchange – but the cathedral has repeatedly called for them to leave altogether.

Representatives said in a statement the reverend’s resignation had left them “deeply moved.”

Canon Fraser had defended their rights from the outset and ensured St Paul’s remained a sanctuary for peaceful protest, they said.

“He is man of great personal integrity and our thoughts are with him.”

Many of the campers have held Evensong and Sunday services in the square since the cathedral closed its doors last Friday, with a “sermon on the steps” scheduled for Saturday morning.

But Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams – the worldwide head of the Anglican Church who has publicly criticised the Con-Dem cuts – has yet to publicly comment on the occupation.

A spokesman for the archbishop said he had no plans to make any comment at this time.

But Dr Williams appeared to urge his clergy to action in an address to Manchester University in March, describing the Church as a “citizen’s assembly” where worshippers argued about what was good for the human race.

“Christianity is not an opting-out of politics but a living-out of another kind of political identity and vision,” he said.

“It’s not removing people from civic responsibility. It is saying you learn the deepest kind of civic responsibility and civic virtue in this community.”

At times this had brought Christians into “deadly collision” with the political expectations of the state, he said – but such conflicts were the stories of Christian martyrs.

The Christian gospel was about motivating “a grass-roots politics and activism of generosity and mutuality.”

“The only justification for the public presence of the church in British life or the life of any society is in its God-given capacity to keep that argument alive.”