Black-tailed godwit wins Dutch national bird election

This is a 2014 video about a black-tailed godwit.

Near the Reeuwijkse plassen nature reserve, Henk Verbruggen made this video.

Dutch Vroege Vogels TV reports tonight on the results of the Dutch national bird election.

41.669 people voted. Nearly a quarter of these votes was for the black-tailed godwit.

Second was the blackbird; third the house sparrow.

Dipper diving, video

This video shows a dipper diving.

Bastiaan Willemsen from the Netherlands made this video.

Bearded tits feeding, video

This video, recorded in October 2015 in nature reserve De Onlanden in the Netherlands, is about male and female bearded tits feeding on reed seeds.

Also about De Onlanden: here.

Syrian refugees in the Netherlands demonstrate against ISIS terrorism

As this video shows, today hundreds of Syrian refugees in Arnhem city in the Netherlands have demonstrated against ISIS terrorism in Paris and in their homeland. They stated they wanted peace all over the world, not terrorism.

Their signs said things like: ‘I am Kurdish, I am against terrorism’ and pointed out that they fled Syria because of ISIS violence.

Syrian demonstrators in Arnhem today

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière declared this week that refugees arriving on the German border will be deported back to the first European Union country they entered, in a reversal of policies that have been in place since August: here.

Britain: Hilary Benn: Shadow Foreign Secretary says Labour won’t back air strikes on Syria. The shadow Foreign Secretary says that, after Paris, the emphasis must be on peace talks and helping refugees: here. Good news, and a bit surprising, as Hilary Benn is a right-winger within Labour; closer to Tony Blair than to his father Tony Benn.

Bittern camouflage, video

This November 2015 video shows a bittern in nature reserve De Onlanden in the Netherlands.

The bird tries to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Sieds Rienks made this video.