White-winged black tern video

This video is about white-winged black terns. It is from the Netherlands where this species nests rarely. I saw these beautiful birds in Poland.

Marsh sandpiper video

This is a marsh sandpiper video. This video is from the Netherlands, where this species is a rare migrant.

Water rail on ice, video

This 3 February 2017 video is about a water rail on ice. It is not easy for the bird.

Corne Koopmans from the Netherlands made the video.

‘Dutch police too whites only’

Police commissioner Max Daniel, ANP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Police has to be multicultural, otherwise we will lose support

Today, 02:49

The National Police should have more people with a multicultural background, otherwise the police will lose public support. That says Max Daniel, Police Commissioner of the Northern Netherlands … in an interview with the Volkskrant newspaper.

According to Daniel, police reflects society insufficiently. In addition, police employees with a migration background do not often enough reach senior positions, he said. Daniel, of mixed Dutch-Indonesian ancestry, is in the higher levels of the National Police the only one with a non-western background.

He argues that the urgency of ethnic diversity is not sufficiently felt by the leadership.

Dutch right-wing Prime Minister against Trump’s xenophobia

This video from Virginia in the USA says about itself:

Muslim Ban Protest at Dulles International Airport #NoMuslimBan #LoveTrumpsHate

28 January 2017

Some clips from my journey all the way out to IAD to protest Trump’s Muslim Ban. It was amazing being witness to things like this. Could have cried seeing their faces as they exited the doors and saw the huge crowd of people welcoming them home. #nomuslimban #nobannowall #lovetrumpshate #welcomehome

Protesters at Dulles International Airport rally against President Trump’s executive order barring refugees and migrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

“Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President.” – Theodore Roosevelt

President Donald Trump of the USA has not only a conflict with fellow right-winger Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia.

He has a conflict with the government of right-wing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as well.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Rutte: United States American entry ban is discrimination

Today, 14:28

Prime Minister Rutte calls the US entry ban “just discrimination”. “If you exclude groups, then one can not conclude otherwise.”

Parliament had asked the prime minister to clearly speak out about the US measure to not admit citizens from seven Muslim countries any more. He had not done so far. Now Rutte said in a debate on the EU summit in Malta, where he will be going tomorrow, that the US measure is inconsistent with our values and can backfire.


According to Rutte this step makes the world not safer but less safe. “I do not understand that they do not understand in the United States that they make it harder for people to continue to make the right choices,” he said.

He thinks that people who are still on the right side of the divide, by excluding them may end up on the wrong side of the divide.

I should add there is some hypocrisy in Rutte taking a stand against xenophobia now; as his VVD party has stopped a plan to house refugees in Rutte’s expensive neighbourhood in The Hague city.

15,000 Somali Refugees Who Had Planned To Resettle In The U.S. Are Stranded. Even if some are admitted to the U.S. this week, many more are suffering from drought and conflict amid Trump’s immigration ban: here.

Greater flamingo video

This is a greater flamingo video; from the Netherlands, where some birds of that species winter.