Rare houting fish reproducing again

This 3 December 2017 Dutch video is about a fisherman who had caught a houting in Westeinderplas lake.

On 19 February 2019, Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reported that houting, a rare fish which was extinct in the Netherlands, are reproducing again in the Westeinderplas lake.

Dipper couple, red squirrel, black woodpecker

This is a 2014 wildlife video from the Netherlands. Including a dipper couple, red squirrel, black woodpecker, roe deer and others.

Bohemian waxwing feeding, video

This 10 February 2017 video shows a Bohemian waxwing feeding on berries, in Julianadorp in the Netherlands.

Ilse Kootkar made this video.

Bittern catches fish, video

This is a video about a bittern catching a fish, on 6 February 2017, near Hazerswoude in the Netherlands.

Adri de Groot made this video.

White-winged black tern video

This video is about white-winged black terns. It is from the Netherlands where this species nests rarely. I saw these beautiful birds in Poland.

Marsh sandpiper video

This is a marsh sandpiper video. This video is from the Netherlands, where this species is a rare migrant.