British neo-nazis threaten to burn Liverpool

This video from Britain says about itself:

24 May 2012

World In Action goes inside the National Front and the BNP to reveal the violence and deception behind its patriotic public face. The film includes sworn statements from a police infiltrator and from defectors – some in hiding – and reveals the contents of confidential files and private documents.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Fascists threaten to burn the city if their march is banned

Monday 10th august 2015

NEOnazis have threatened to send Liverpool “up in flames” next weekend if a racist march planned in the city is stopped.

The fascist National Action group made the threat in a letter exposed on Twitter yesterday by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson.

It stated: “A few n*****s beaten up, a few cars set on fire and a few shops smashed and your own non-whites will erupt like a volcano.”

The letter concludes: “Only bullets will stop us!”

Mr Anderson released the letter as part of his battle to have next Saturday’s White Man March, which is expected to draw 150 racists from across Europe, banned.

Merseyside Police say they are bound by the Human Rights Act to “facilitate a peaceful march.”

Only Home Secretary Theresa May has the power to stop it going ahead.

The Home Office could not be contacted for comment yesterday, but Ms May is understood to be consulting the police over the letter.

English EDL nazis, armed and dangerous

This 2013 video is called BIRMINGHAM mosque BOMBED by the EDL in ENGLAND – ARE MUSLIMS SCARED?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

EDL member poses with gun on Facebook page

Saturday 8th August 2015

A MEMBER of the far-right English Defence League posted a picture on Facebook this week showing himself in full paramilitary garb and brandishing what appears to be an assault rifle.

English EDL nazi Christopher Bishop

Well-known Oxfordshire EDL member Christopher Bishop apparently posed for the picture at his home before placing the image, along with a number of others, on the social media website.

The picture shows Mr Bishop wearing full camouflage with his face covered by a ski mask in front of a sign saying: “This is a respectable house.”

He posted it on his Facebook page under his own name, where it quickly became the subject of derision.

Duncan Cahill of anti-racist group Hope Not Hate said that Mr Bishop was well known to his organisation

Oxford EDL man, Christopher Bishop accidentally gets an Irish Nationalist Tattoo: here.

British neo-nazis attack pro-refugee demonstrators

This video is called Neo-Nazi group Britain First ‘invade’ East London Mosque.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

EDL blamed for Folkestone protest attack

Monday 3rd August 2015

Rally called for end to migrant deaths on line

A PEACEFUL migrant solidarity protest at the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone on Saturday was attacked by members of Britain First and the English Defence League.

A vigil organised by the Folkestone United group to mark the deaths of 11 desperate refugees trying to enter Britain was marred by the violent mob.

Speaking to the Star, Thanet People’s Assembly organiser Bridget Chapman said “scuffles” followed an attack by the racist groups, despite heavy policing.

Ms Chapman, who organised the protest, explained that she had to act after “some friends and I were very moved by the death of the Sudanese boy on one of the Channel tunnel trains.

“We wanted to send a clear message to the migrants that we support them.”

She added they also aimed to “tell the media that we will no longer tolerate irresponsible reporting of this crisis and that the focus needs to be firmly on the plight of the migrants and not on the inconvenience to holiday makers.

“We wanted to ask Eurotunnel how a boy could up up dead on the freight deck of one of their trains.”

Last week’s news that a 30-year-old Sudanese man died trying to cross the Channel brought the number of migrant casualties on the tunnel line to nine just over a month.

Coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis taking place on both sides of the English Channel has been heavily criticised by migrant groups and charities who have described it as “inflammatory” and skewed.

A Church of England bishop has also come out against the Prime Minister’s approach to the tragedy after David Cameron described those seeking refuge in Britain as a “swarm.

Bishop of Dover Trevor Willmott said: “We’ve become ana increasingly harsh world, and when we become harsh with each other and forget our humanity then we end up in these stand-off positions.

“We need to rediscover what it is to be a human, and that every human being matters.”

German neo-nazi anti-Syrian refugee violence

This 2013 video is called Rise of Nazi attacks on migrants and refugees in Greece.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today, about Germany:

In Dresden there were riots last night near a new camp for asylum seekers. Just before the arrival of 500 refugees from Syria members of the neo-Nazi NPD sought confrontation with pro-refugee demonstrators.

The approximately 200 NPD members threw bottles, rocks and firecrackers at the marchers. …

Three people were injured in the riots. A woman was taken away bleeding profusely. Eventually, the police put an end to the demonstrations.

Less study of nazi crimes at German university

This United States government-commissioned video by director Billy Wilder is called Historic Stock Footage: NAZI DEATH MILLSCRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

By Marianne Arens in Germany:

Frankfurt university winds down research on National Socialism

21 July 2015

If the Goethe University in Frankfurt gets its way, future teachers will no longer receive instruction in the history of National Socialism. This is the only conclusion to be drawn from the recent attacks by the university’s education department on the Center for Research on National Socialist Pedagogy.

The head of the Education Department has decided that student attendance of lectures on National Socialist pedagogy will receive little or no official recognition. Students in the teacher training program will no longer receive any credit points, while students in the master’s program in education will, in future, receive only half as many credit points as previously. The credit points correspond to the “certificates” that were previously awarded to students as proof of their academic achievement.

The short statement from the department and the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education does not deny depriving student teachers of credit points. In a bureaucratic manner, it refers to the “joint agreement of all German states,” produced at the Culture Ministry Conference on Teacher Education. According to this agreement, topics studied have to concentrate on “instruction, training, diagnostics, and school development.” National Socialist pedagogy, which is ascribed the status of a “special topic,” is considered a “requirement neither in Frankfurt nor in other German or international institutions of teacher education,” the statement reads.

The Research Center for National Socialist Pedagogy was set up four years ago as a pilot project at Frankfurt University. By 2013, it had worked out a two-semester course of study aimed at providing all student teachers and pedagogy students with a knowledge of National Socialism, its crimes and ideology. This course of study has now been carried out successfully three times.

The lectures were always well attended and were frequently overflowing. Professor Benjamin Ortmeyer, who leads the research center, made comparative analyses of pedagogical writings during the period of National Socialism, and researched topics such as National Socialist propaganda against the workers movement and the enforced conformity of opinion (Gleichschaltung) of the Frankfurt University during the Third Reich.

Ortmeyer invited Theresienstadt concentration camp survivor Trude Simonsohn to one of his lectures. Another time, he spoke about Josef Mengele, the concentration camp doctor at Auschwitz-Birkenau, who had written his doctoral dissertation in Frankfurt on “race research” and about whom the professor has written a book (Beyond the Hippocratic Oath: Dr. Mengele and the Goethe University).

The past four years have clearly shown that the course of study on National Socialist pedagogy answers a growing demand. The study of the Third Reich by prospective teachers is all the more important, since the German university and media establishment has evinced a clear trend towards downplaying the role of National Socialism and the lessons of the World War II.

This historical revisionism is closely connected with the revival of German militarism and the aggressive foreign policy of the German government. For example, Herfried Münkler, who teaches political science at the Humboldt University in Berlin, said at the beginning of the year in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “It is barely possible to conduct a responsible policy in Europe based on the notion: We are to blame for everything.” Münkler argues openly for German hegemony in Europe.

Münkler’s colleague Gunther Hellmann is also pushing for a new foreign policy strategy on the part of the German government. He wrote a book for the Munich Security Conference in 2015 and promotes the new white paper of the armed forces on the web site of the Defense Ministry.

Consequently, it cannot be viewed as accidental that the university management refuses to secure the Center for Research on National Socialist Pedagogy in its curriculum. The department has cut even the modest funding that it had previously provided to the academic staff at the research center, who subsist largely on third party funding provided by the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is close to the trade unions. The presidium will temporarily provide funding, but this is only guaranteed until May 2016.

One of the topics that the research center has already examined illustrates how important the continuation of its work would be. This topic is the enforced conformity of opinion (Gleichschaltung) and the role of the university rector, the infamous Ernst Krieck. In 1939, Krieck wrote, “as in the city of Frankfurt, so also at its university, Marxist ideology and the Jews of a foreign type penetrate and advance. During the epoch of systems, ever more Jews and supporters of Marxism gained academic chairs. … All these elements must be wiped out. … At the same time, the student body will also be purified of them.”

The passage can be found on a panel in the exhibit that was created by students at the university for its 75-year anniversary celebration in 1989: “The brown seizure of power. University of Frankfurt 1930-1945.” The exhibit documents the book burning, suppression and expulsions, “race research and hereditary biology,” and every kind of active support that the Goethe University gave to fascism.

The exhibit plates are still hanging in the old cafeteria building at the Bockenheim campus. Their days are numbered, however, since the university moved to a new location at the Westend campus five years ago. Although the hundred year anniversary of the university was celebrated with great pomp last year, there was no comparable effort or expense put into examining its National Socialist past, and no concrete plans have yet been made to move the exhibit to the new location.

Neo-nazi coup in Kyiv, Ukraine?

This video from Ukraine says about itself:

Right Sector Neo-Nazis hold up casino, get asskicking by mafia – Odessa

5 March 2015

Odessa is a unique city with a rich and respected tradition of smuggling, black market, and shadow economy.

I suppose it can be compared to Chicago, except the Roaring 20’s came back once the Soviets left.

Here we can see some Neo-Nazis thinking this is Kiev and trying to shake down a mafia-run casino. Considering these guys manage to get crippled attacking inanimate objects, the results are rather predictable.

By James Tweedie:

Ukraine: Neonazi Right Sector threatens Kiev with 18 battalions

Tuesday 14th July 2015

Fascist paramilitaries behind Euromaidan coup ‘mobilise 10,000 fighters’ after stand-off with Ukrainian security forces

UKRAINIAN President Petro Poroshenko convened a “war cabinet” yesterday after neonazis mobilised 10,000 armed thugs and threatened to march on Kiev.

Right Sector militants set up checkpoints on the outskirts of the capital late on Sunday to prevent state reinforcements reaching the western town of Mukachevo, where some 20 Right Sector gunmen had been encircled by security since a gun battle on Saturday.

The neonazi group, which played a central role in the Euromaidan protests that led to the coup in Kiev against president Viktor Yanukovych, has issued a list of five demands. If they were not met, the group said, it would march on Kiev.

Spokesman Artem Skoropadsky claimed that Right Sector had many armed battalions in addition to the two fighting anti-fascist separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region.

“In the conflict zone we have two battalions, but we have 18 or 19 reserve battalions spread across Ukraine,” he told reporters in Kiev.

“They are training, they are getting prepared to be sent to the front.

“We can send all reserve battalions to the president’s administration and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

An Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) special monitoring mission said it had seen a “Ukrainian armed forces convoy moving towards Mukachevo, comprised of 11 armoured personnel carriers, two trucks loaded with soldiers and one fuel truck.”

Reports came in on Sunday evening that most of the gunmen had broken out of the wood where they had been besieged, leaving behind two wounded men who surrendered.

“The armed members of the Right Sector will be found. At the moment their location is unknown,” said Zakarpatia regional Governor Vasily Gubal.

But Right Sector spokesman Andrey Sharaskin told Ukraine’s 112 TV channel that the group’s militias fighting eastern rebels had left their positions in Donetsk and returned to their bases.

Referring to “reserve battalions,” he claimed that “over 10,000 activists have been mobilised all across Ukraine.”

Right Sector rallies took place in 17 cities on Sunday, as leader and MP Dmitry Yarosh called on his followers “to continue protests for an indefinite term until those guilty in the tragedy are arrested.”

“Our brothers acted within the framework of necessary defence,” he claimed.