British neonazi planned homophobic massacre

Ethan Stables posing with a Nazi flag at his flat in Barrow, Cumbria (Greater Manchester Police)

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Ethan Stables trial: Neo-Nazi convicted of planning terror attack at gay pride event

Police found machete and axe at 20-year-old’s home after he said he was ‘going to war’

Lizzie Dearden, Home Affairs Correspondent

A neo-Nazi has been convicted of planning a terror attack at a gay pride event after posting violent homophobic rants online.

Armed police stopped Ethan Stables as he was travelling to the celebration at a pub in Cumbria, finding weapons including a machete and axe at his home.

They had been tipped off by a member of a far-right Facebook group who saw the unemployed 20-year-old post a message saying he was “going to war” and planned to “slaughter every single one of the gay bastards”.

Leeds Crown Court was shown footage of Stables saying “gays look nicer on fire” and burning a rainbow flag before his arrest on 23 June.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford said Stables espoused homophobic, racist and Nazi views online, taking a selfie with a swastika flag hanging on his bedroom wall.

The defendant searched online for information on joining neo-Nazi groups Combat 18 and National Action – a banned terrorist organisation – while researching how to prepare for a “race war”.

The jury was told Stables, who was expelled from school after putting another pupil in a headlock, was interested in the Columbine High School massacre and viewed graphic footage of terror attacks, torture, massacres, executions and extreme violence.

Evidence presented in court showed he made a series of Google searches on a prospective attack, including one reading “I want to go on a killing spree” and another on “how to be a terrorist”.

Police examination of his devices showed he also searched “how to make chemical poison”, “what is prison like for a murderer” and “do you get haircuts in prison”.

Stables had also researched how to make a bomb at home, with investigators finding a collection of match heads in his flat.

While swapping messages with fellow extremists, he blamed the fact that he was unemployed on “faggots, n******, spastics” and the Equalities Act.

Stables also expressed hatred of Muslims and Jews, claiming in a WhatApp message a month before his arrest: “My country is being raped. I might just become a skinhead and kill people.” …

Prosecutors said he became aware the venue was to host a LGBT+ pride night and travelled there to “take photographs [and do] reconnaissance of that public house with a view to launching an attack later that evening”. …

His mother told the court he became radicalised after a trip to Germany to see a young woman, while Stables said he had been “brainwashed” by right-wing extremists he met while living in hostels.

The verdict came after another far-right extremist, Darren Osborne, was jailed for life for launching the Finsbury Park terror attack.

The father-of-four killed one man and injured several others when he ploughed a van into Muslim worshippers leaving Ramadan prayers in June.

USA: Growing number of killings tied to young white supremacists. A new report shines a light on the transition from online hate to real world ramifications: here.


Nazi German Holocaust sexual abuse

This video says about itself:

Sex slavery in the nazi camps

25 February 2011

Women in nazi camps.

From the Forward in the USA:

It’s Time For A Holocaust #MeToo Reckoning

Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua

February 5, 2018

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Over the past few months, more and more women have been opening up about horrible stories of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. The #MeToo movement is a long overdue corrective to our culture. And yet the stories of one group of women have yet to crest into the mainstream and get the recognition they deserve: Holocaust survivors.

Holocaust museums, educational institutions and film archives are full of robust programs. But the stories of survivors who experienced sexual abuse are treated as taboo, or of secondary importance. They are never part of a museum’s permanent exhibition. And yet, we are becoming increasingly aware that sexual violence, whether through experiments, terror, coercion, rape or routine practices meant to humiliate and defile, was rampant during the Holocaust.

The reasons these stories remain hidden are complex. But one can’t ignore the simple fact that few women survivors have shared them.

My own mother denied being a Holocaust survivor. Her identity was forged through her experiences as a “freedom fighter” in the Israeli underground and army. Those were the stories she told me, the stories she was proud of.

And it’s no small wonder. What would she have gained by telling me she and five thousand other mainly teenage Jewish girls from Upper Silesia were trafficked as Nazi slaves to a remote town in Sudetenland, where they were imprisoned for over four years?

Italian nazi not regretting shooting Africans

This video says about itself:

3 February 2018

Amateur footage shows the scene after a driver opened fire on African migrants in the Italian city of Macerata. At least six are injured in an attack that police said appeared to be racially motivated

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Italian gunman does not regret shooting down immigrants


The Italian who stands accused of opening fire yesterday from a car on African immigrants shows no remorse, Italian media report. 28-year-old Luca Traini is “calm and determined” according to a spokesperson for the Italian justice system. “He is aware of what he has done.”

Yesterday he shot at people from different places in the city of Macerata from a black Alfa Romeo car. That injured five men and one woman, all African immigrants. Traini was arrested shortly after the attack. He is a suspect of multiple attempts at murder. According to the police, he had racist motives. …

The shooter had no criminal record. He is said to have a history of links with neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups. On a police photo you can see that Traini has a neo-Nazi tattoo on his head

That (wolfsangel) tattoo, according to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, alludes to Roberto Fiore, the leader of the neofascist party Forza Nuova. Roberto Fiore applauds Traini’s attempted murders and has offered to pay his legal expenses.

and had knotted an Italian flag around his neck. The police found a copy of [Adolf Hitler‘s book] Mein Kampf in his home.

Traini was an election candidate for the Northern league last autumn, an anti-immigration party. Left-wing politicians believe that the leader of the league, Matteo Salvini, must apologize to the Italian people. Salvini himself said to La Stampa that the real guilty persons are the [‘centrist’] Italian government. “It has let in hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants.” …

Of the six victims of the shootings, five are still injured in the hospital. … One of the wounded said from the hospital to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that after the attack she no longer dares to cross the street. “I have never hurt anyone”, says the woman. “And I did not know the gunman at all.”

USA: Holocaust denier poised to claim Republican nomination in Illinois race for Congress: here.

Most United States murderous terrorism is nazi terrorism

Members of the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis) during a 2010 march to the Phoenix Federal building (John Kittelsrud/Flickr)

From the Raw Story in the USA:

White supremacist terrorists killed more people in the US last year than any other extremist group: report

Noor Al-Sibai

17 Jan 2018 at 18:50 ET

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League shows that murders by white supremacists doubled in 2017 — and that they killed more people than Muslim extremists.

As the Huffington Post reported Wednesday, the ADL’s Center on Extremism found that 34 people were killed by extremists last year. Of those, 20 people (or 59 percent) “were killed by right-wing extremists, a designation that includes white supremacists, members of the so-called ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt-lite’, and members of the anti-government militia movement.”

Of those 34 people, 18 were killed by white supremacists, which marks a 157 percent rise from the seven people
killed by white supremacists in 2016.

The ADL’s study was published the same day as a report released by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security that appeared to intentionally skew data to overstate the number of people killed in the United States by “foreign-born” Muslim terrorists.

ONE NEO-NAZI GROUP. FIVE MURDERS IN EIGHT MONTHS. What you need to know about the Atomwaffen Division. [HuffPost]

England: A NAZI sympathiser who threatened to petrol bomb mosques after the Manchester Arena attack was jailed for eight years today. Hitler obsessive Liam Seabrook, 31, admitted to his probation officer that he planned to kill Muslims just four days after 22 people were murdered at the Ariana Grande concert in May last year: here.

Nazism from Hitler to United States ‘alt-right’

Demonstrators against Trump and nazis in the USA

By Mark Gruenberg in the USA:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Historians find comparisons between today’s ‘alt-right’ and Hitler‘s nazis

The nazis were inspired by the US’s Jim Crow laws, the banning of mixed raced marriages, and the encouragement for the KKK to create their own racist legislation against Jews, writes MARK GRUENBERG

NEONAZIS, including the one who fatally ran down counter-protester Heather Heyer with his car, were part of last August’s infamous “alt-right” riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Now, a panel of historians says, there are more parallels than people realise between the US “alt-right” and its allies and the real nazis — the ones led by Adolf Hitler in Germany from the 1920s to 1945.

Not only that but Hitler’s nazis used US race laws — those creating Jim Crow, outlawing so-called “miscegenation”, establishing “Black Codes” and encouraging the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) — as a basis for their own racist legislation against Jews.

Those infamous Nuremberg Laws, stripping Jews of citizenship and many ways to even make a living, preceded and foreshadowed the “final solution”, the genocide of six million European Jews in nazi extermination camps during World War II.

Those were among the points made by a panel of historians on “Anti-semitism and racism: sources, similarities, and differences” during the American Historical Association convention in Washington DC on January 6.

And the similarities are not just found in the US either, the panellists said.

Professors Jeffrey Herf and Piotr Kosicki of the University of Maryland at College Park, James Whitman of Yale, Mirna Zakic of Ohio University and moderator Aaron Rabenbach of Princeton all made the point that the equivalent of the alt-rightists in Western Europe also follow nazi lines, with one occasional political exception.

Some of “the new rightists in Europe are clothing themselves in philo-semitism”, said Rabenbach, admiring Israel’s current right-wing government and its anti-Arab policies, but for their own racist anti-Muslim reasons.

Such sentiment is uncommon, Herf retorted. “The major themes of the far right are the myth of the Holocaust and, in Germany, the extortionist nature of the Israeli state,” he said.

Nevertheless, the panellists spent much of their time tracing parallels between the ideologies and rise of the alt-right in the US and the ideologies accompanying the nazis’ rise in Germany, along with the nazis’ actions there when they took power.

“It’s a fair statement to say so many of us working on nazi Germany and the Holocaust have not thought about the long-term shadow” that era casts”, Herf said.

“From a political point of view, I hope historians of US racism and nazi anti-semitism will find more common ground than they have in the past.”

They certainly found it in Charlottesville, the panel said. The alt-right, neonazis, KKK and their allies who rioted there, presumably defending a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee, not only killed Heyer, along with two state troopers whose helicopter crashed, but injured between 19 and 36 other people, including an African-American man severely beaten in a parking garage. And they did so while screaming vicious chants against minorities in general and Jews in particular.

The rioters also advocate repression of those minorities and that’s where the parallels between the Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws of the US and the nazis’ Nuremberg Laws come in.

In his paper, which Rabenbach read on his behalf, Yale’s Whitman described how a team of 35 nazi jurists and lawyers travelled to the US in the early 1930s to study and ask questions about the Jim Crow laws and similar legislation, not just in Southern states but nationwide.

Those laws included statutes making “miscegenation” — intermarriage between the races — a felony and ensuring what Whitman, in an understatement, called “second-class citizenship for African-Americans, Native Americans, Filipinos, and Latin Americans.”

The nazis also noted that the carnage of World War I had left the US as the world’s dominant economic power. Using their own ideology, they made the link to racism, Whitman’s paper added. “Hitler believed racism made America a rising world power, so it would also do so for Germany.”

But in another parallel with the rise of the “alt-right”, it wasn’t just the nazis who believe that ideology and it wasn’t just Jews who were targets of racists in pre-World War II Europe, the historians warned.

While Hitler and the nazis called European Jews “enemies and parasites”, the pre-war Catholic primate of Poland — an intensely devout country 71 per cent Catholic and 11 per cent Jewish — alleged that Jews “engaged in violence and white slavery”, one speaker said. Meanwhile, Protestant churches “promoted anti-semitism.”

“But anti-semitic rhetoric was also used against Slavs, Bolsheviks, and capitalists”, Rabenbach added. Another parallel based hatred on both exaggerated notions of Jewish power and Christian theology of Jews as Christ-killers. The Catholic church did not abandon that theology worldwide until 1963.

“Neither the anti-semitism nor the racism was based on colour”, Whitman’s paper noted. And unlike the Jews, the others were not “believed to be engaged … in a dangerous political threat against Germany that had to be exterminated to save the nation.”

The Jews were and that led to Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

The historians drew parallels between support for Hitler among German Junkers, aristocrats, industrialists, and the masses — all for their own reasons — and current US neonazis and other alt-rightists drawing everything from silent acquiescence to outright backing from segments of US society.

In particular, they focused on the reaction, or lack of it, to US President Donald Trump’s statement that “good people” exist among the “alt-right”, neonazi and KKK rioters.

“My greatest fear is that we are living with the consequences” of the nazis’ era of 1933-45 and the rise of the alt-right and their allies now, said Rabenbach. “The White House says ‘The people have spoken. There is no further truth to discuss.’” That echoes nazi propaganda, he added.

Omitted from his summation was that the nazis won only one-third of the vote and one-third of the Reichstag’s 584 seats in the last free elections in Germany before they took power and actually lost votes and 34 seats. Trump lost the US popular vote to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“There are truths that cannot be put to a vote,” Rabenbach stated. “That principle was abandoned in American race law and at the height of nazi Germany. I fear we are at the cusp of this again.”

A white supremacist in Tennessee, captured after a two-day manhunt, now faces a charge of attempted murder of a police officer and possibly other charges, authorities say. Ronnie Lucas Wilson, identified as a member of Tennessee’s Aryan Nations prison gang, was arrested early Saturday while attempting to escape a burning, abandoned house on Calderwood Highway in southern Blount County, Tennessee, near the Little Tennessee River: here.

Dutch Islamophobic nazi death threat

Fake blood in Zaanstad death threat

Translated from the site De Orkaan in Zaanstad, the Netherlands:

January 10, 2018

Threatening letter with swastika and ‘blood’ splashes

When Aysel and her husband arrived home late in De Weer neighbourhood in Zaandam, there was still nothing to see. They both had worked an evening shift and her husband goes to bed, Aysel stays up for a while.

When Aysel also wanted to sleep, she walked to the front door to lock it. Through the window she sees red splashes. She thinks that her husband may have spilled something and opens the door.

She is shocked: it is everywhere. On the door, on the rain pipe and on the kitchen window. She thinks it’s blood. There is a note on the door. It has a swastika with the text:

Fucking Muslims, die.”

Aysel takes the note from the door, wakes up her husband and calls the police. The police arrive quickly, and then they see that there is also something written on the back:

“If you will visit the mosque once more, you are going to be killed“.

The ‘blood’ turned out to be red paint.

There is fear today, one day later, for Aysel, her husband and her children. But they are also surprised. They have lived there for years, and have never felt discriminated against. A month or two ago there was spitting on their front door, but they did not make much of it. Today Aysel heard from a Turkish woman neighbour that they too had a letter.

US Vice President Pence, Fox News and the extreme right

This April 2017 video from the USA is called Fox News is extremely racist.

From Newsweek in the USA, this update about the Rupert Murdoch empire:

Fox host Laura Ingraham shares neo-Nazi tweet

08 Jan 2018 at 10:48 ET

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy Sunday by sharing a tweet by a British neo-Nazi with links to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In the tweet Ingraham, who has nearly two million Twitter followers, shared a video from the account of Mark Collett apparently showing rubbish left on the streets of a city and people sleeping rough.

That video was also posted by nazis on YouTube, with as music ‘Coon town’, an anti-African American hate song by the late pro-Ku Klux Klan country singer ‘Johnny Rebel’.

“How about a romantic walk through Paris? This is what third world immigration does to Europe”, the tweet by Collett read. Ingraham, who hosts a show on Fox’s 10 p.m. slot, shared Collett’s tweet …

The Ingraham tweet was first flagged by liberal media watchdog Media Matters.

Collett is the former chairman of the youth division of the British National Party, a British ultranationalist political group. He was eventually dismissed from the party after making death threats to its then leader.

He has expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler, declared AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it” and referred to immigrants as “cockroaches”.

Collett is a frequent guest on Duke’s radio show, in which the two propagate anti-Semitic and other racist views, and Duke has endorsed Collett’s book.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes criticized Ingraham for sharing the video. “Gonna share this one next?” he tweeted, about a video in which Collett compared refugees to raccoons.

A spokesman for U.K. charity Hope not Hate, which campaigns to counter racism, described Collett as a “Jew-hating Hitler admirer.” The spokesman told Newsweek, “He’s on the extreme end of the far right in Britain and no-one in their right mind should, even out of ignorance, share his stuff on social media.

“He currently collaborates with ex-KKK leader David Duke and has a long and inglorious history on the fringes of the white supremacist scene in the UK.”

President Donald Trump in November retweeted videos posted on the social network by British ultranationalist activist Jayda Fransen, which allegedly showed Muslims committing crimes. At least one of the videos did not show what Fransen claimed it did. Trump’s tweets were condemned by British Prime Minister Theresa May, whom Trump then attacked for rebuking him.

In September, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was criticized for promoting Gab on his show, a social media platform favored by the alt-right. In December he apologized for sharing a tweet from the white nationalist and anti-Semitic Red Ice website.

Fox News had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

United States Vice President Mike Pence shares ‘intimate’ dinner with right-wing pastor who prays for deaths of liberal justices: here.