Moldovan opposition politician ‘tortured’

This video from May this year is called Communist manifestation in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Communist candidate ‘abducted’

Wednesday 24 November 2010

One of the leading communist candidates in Moldova’s upcoming parliamentary elections reported on Tuesday that he had been abducted and tortured before being dumped in the street.

Artur Reshetnikov, who is running in this Sunday’s elections as a candidate for the opposition Communist Party, said assailants forced him into a vehicle in Chisinau on Monday afternoon.

Speaking from Chisinau Emergency Hospital, Mr Reshetnikov said the men had put a gun to his head, demanded information about Communist Party leader and former president Vladimir Voronin, tortured him for several hours and then dumped him in a local street, blindfolded and handcuffed.

Mr Voronin alleged that the ruling Alliance for European Integration coalition was behind the attack.

Interior Ministry spokesman Chiril Motpan said police were investigating the incident.

Pro-European Union parties face the Communists, who are less enthusiastic about European integration, in Sunday’s parliamentary ballot.

Macedonia’s ruling conservative party accused the opposition of trying to provoke violence by organising a protest against a late-night police raid on a private television station: here.

Pro-EU parties in Moldova have cobbled together a right-wing coalition administration, despite left and centrist parties winning the highest number of votes in November’s parliamentary elections: here.

Moldovan Communist MPs allege election fraud: here.

Extreme Right in Moldovan riots

Noua Dreapta Celtic crossBy Markus Salzmann (translated from the German original by me), on the recent violence in Moldova:

The rightist, anti communist organizations “Remember Moldova” and “Hyde Park” had called for the protest by the Internet and SMS. They have close links to the rich elite in Moldova. On Wednesday, Gabriel Stati, son of the multimillionaire Anatol Stati, was arrested in Kiew. He is suspected of having bankrolled rightist provocateurs of the violence.

Many demonstrators waved Rumanian flags, and shouted: “Long live Greater Rumania“. Some demonstrators shouted: “Bessarabia is Romanian soil” or “Unification with Bessarabia“. The extreme Right Noua Dreapta (New Right) was on the front line of the demonstration with their symbol, the Celtic cross. The right in the Moldovan republic has supported annexation by Rumania for a long time.

The Celtic cross is used as a symbol by neo nazi movements throughout the world, like the NPD in Germany and Nederlandse Volksunie in the Netherlands.

Update: authorized English translation of the Salzmann article: here.

Noua Dreapta are known for their anti gay violence.

Jonathan Steele on Moldova: here.