Wildlife crossing plan in Los Angeles, USA

This September 2015 CBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

California unveils plan to build overpass for wildlife

The $30 million overpass across one of Los Angeles County’s busiest freeways will be designed for wild animals, whose habitats are shrinking because of urban sprawl. Washington state broke ground on its first wildlife crossing in June. Ben Tracy reports on how the largest animal bridge in America could help save one of the last big carnivores in the western U.S.

A 21 August 2019 CBS TV video from the USA, soon removed from ouTube, used to say about itself:

Los Angeles one step closer to a first-of-its-kind wildlife crossing

Los Angeles is famous for its freeways and now it’s one step closer to building a major thoroughfare just for wildlife. An overpass estimated to cost $88 million is in its final design phase. It will allow mountain lions and other animals to roam more freely. Officials say it could help them avoid extinction. Carter Evans reports.