British Liberal Democrats sing about ‘shite’ Blairite Smith

This video from England says about itself:

Liberal Democrats‘ Glee Club: Attendees bang out a (sort of) tune

21 September 2016

The Lib Dem‘s autumn conference sees another sing-a-long from the party’s Glee Club!

Mocked Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith, branding him a ‘s****e

Belted out ‘Tony Blair can f*** off and die’ to the tune of American Pie

Famous Glee Club night held on last night of party’s conference in Brighton

The annual ritual – called the ‘Glee Club’ – mocked the Labour party and branded leadership challenger Owen Smith a ‘s****’ in a song written to the theme of Robin Hood.

The four-hour sing-along – one of the best attended events of the four-day Lib Dem conference – aimed abuse at a string of politicians.

They belted out ‘Tony Blair can f**k off and die’ to the tune of American Pie while also aiming abuse at David Cameron and Nigel Farage.

The Glee Club is one of the weirdest events in the political calendar, with the 65-page song book containing popular tunes rewritten with political lyrics.

… Despite abusing Mr Blair, Tim Farron used his keynote speech to the Lib Dem conference today to praise the former Labour prime minister in a blatant bid to attract disillusioned Labour voters to the party.

He told the party to seize the ‘huge opportunity’ to fill the ‘hole in the centre of British politics’ created by Labour’s shift to the left under Jeremy Corbyn and the Tory party’s move to the right under Theresa May.

The Owen Smith Song

Sang to the tune of Robin Hood

Owen Smith, Owen Smith,
Always on TV
Owen Smith, Owen Smith
Who the hell is he?
Hated by the left, loathed by the right,
What a shite, what a shite, what a shite.

He joined the Labour party in a town called Pontypridd
He worshipped at the shrine of Tony Blair
With the party taken over by the friends of Jeremy
His hopes were sunk without a prayer

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Owen Smith is a shite’, sing Lib Dems

Wednesday 21st September 2016

OWEN SMITH is a “shite” — such was the damning musical indictment by Lib Dem revellers, closing their conference on Monday night.

The Owen Smith Song was a highlight of the Glee Club event, with musicians leading members of the moribund political party in a four-hour sing-along.

They sang, to the tune of Robin Hood: “Owen Smith, Owen Smith, always on TV.

“Owen Smith, Owen Smith, who the hell is he?

Hated by the left, loathed by the right. What a shite, what a shite, what a shite.”

The song was penned by Southport Lib Dem councillor Nigel Ashton, who added that Mr Smith’s hopes have been sunk “without a prayer.”

Hundreds of Lib Dems, including MP Alistair Carmichael and former ministers Simon Hughes and Ed Davey, attended the bash in Brighton.

The party animals joined in with numbers alluding to David Cameron’s alleged porcine predilections

And the crowd sang: “Tony Blair can fuck off and die” with particular gusto during a cheerful ditty to the tune of American Pie on Lib-Labism that’s been a firm Glee Club favourite since back in 1995.

But the frivolities turned increasingly bitter as they belted out a song based on their experience of being in a coalition government with the Tories to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas.

One line went: “On the first day of coalition, the Tories gave to me, nothing you would notice, very little really and a referendum on AV. Which we lost.”

This music video from England says about itself:

The 12 Days of Coalition (Lib Dem Glee Club)

27 September 2013

Grassroots Lib Dems list the achievements that have been won in this coalition government.

Stop Afghan war now, British politician says

This video from Britain is called STOP THE WAR: London protestors demand end to Afghanistan war.

From This is Gloucestershire in Britain:

Paddy Ashdown: “Afghanistan not worth one more death.”

Friday, November 16, 2012

FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown is calling for the Government to fast-track the withdrawal of troops from Afghansitan.

It would been even more interesting if the present Liberal Democrat party leader would say that. And if he, if the Conservative other government party would want to continue the bloody war, then would break up the coalition, bringing the government down.

The 11-year campaign has so far cost 438 British lives. Lord Ashdown writes in The Times today urging Britain to pull troops out of the country as quickly as “decently” possible.

He says the campaign is “not worth the life of one more soldier”.

“It is now crystal clear that we have lost in Afghanistan,” said Lord Ashdown.

“We have succeeded in only one thing; albeit the big thing we first said we went to war for – driving out al-Qaeda. In almost all other tasks we set ourselves, especially the establishment of a sustainable state, we have failed.”

The cost of life has stretched further than the battlefield. An inquest has heard how Rifleman Allan Arnold from Cirencester was found hanging in 2011 while he was home on leave.

An inquest into his death heard how he struggled to come to terms with the deaths of five comrades killed in a roadside blast in Sangin, two years earlier.

The 20-year-old soldier with 2 Rifles left a note saying he could not cope any more and apologised to his mother.

Another Gloucestershire life lost to the conflict has had his name added to a Nailsworth war memorial.

Mark Chandler, shot dead in Afghanistan, has been added to the Church Street monument.

At the time of his death Captain John Mercer, fire support commander on the patrol, described the former Archway School pupil as “the perfect soldier”.

Lance Bombardier Mark, 33, of the 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, was killed in Nad-e Ali, Helmand, during a patrol that ended under intense fire back in June 2010.

Captain James Townley, who grew up near Glastonbury, was on his third tour of duty when he was killed on Friday, September 21 – the day before his 30th birthday.

He had been serving with 21 Regiment Royal Engineers when he died at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province.

He is the only former Bruton Sexey’s School pupil to be added to its memorial since the Falklands conflict in 1982.

Lord Ashdown’s calls come as Government plans are finalised to exit Afghanistan by 2014.

As a former member of the Special Boat Service, he argues the word “defeat” is inappropriate because of the individual success in battles fought by British and Nato troops against the Taliban.

This year, 61 coalition soldiers have been killed in green on blue attacks – the Afghan National Army or police. Of those, 14 have been British.

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