Racist superstitious Italian politician kills protected snake

This 2013 video is called Italian Jewish groups slam Italian politician over racist slurs aimed at African-Italian minister.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Italy’s Deputy Senate Speaker who compared country’s first black minister to an ‘orang-utan’ claims he is ‘cursed’ by African spirits after spell of bad luck

The senior politician who caused outrage by comparing Italy’s first black minister to an orang-utan, now claims he is under siege from vengeful African spirits.

Deputy Senate Speaker Roberto Calderoli invited national and international opprobrium last summer when he said the then Integration Minister, Congolese-born Cécile Kyenge, resembled an ape. He issued only a mealy-mouthed apology, however, and has refused to resign.

Roberto Calderoli is a member of the racist party Lega Nord (Northern League); allies of Marine Le Pen‘s National Front in France and Geert Wilders‘ PVV party in the Netherlands.

In November, he took legal advice when it became clear he was to stand trial in Brescia, charged with defamation aggravated by racial discrimination. The trial is ongoing.

But today it has emerged that he is also taking mystical advice, after claiming video evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo shows that Ms Kyenge’s father, a tribal leader, has put a “macumba” – an African curse – on him as punishment for the insult.

After a series of misfortunes since the “orang-utan” comment – six surgical interventions (two live-saving), the death of his mother, fractured bones and, just last week, the discovery of a 6ft snake in the kitchen of his house in Bergamo, northern Italy – Mr Calderoli is in no doubt about the magical nature of the threat, and has consulted a mystic.

He said that after the video emerged and he suffered the series of health scares, two friends gave him a lucky charm supposed to possess mystical healing properties. “Two days later, it broke in two by itself,” said Mr Calderoli. “A wizard

Maybe the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan?

has told me that there are terrible forces acting against me.” …

Now, in addition to battling ill health, anti-racism campaigners, the courts and tribal relations, Mr Calderoli is facing demands from animal rights activists that he be prosecuted for killing the snake, which they say was a non-venomous, protected species.

Following Mr Calderoli’s comments against Ms Kyenge, racist protesters threw bananas at her during a public appearance. Ms Kyenge had been calling for legislation to automatically grant citizenship to the children of legal immigrants who are born in Italy.

Italian racist politician calls black woman ‘orangutan’

In Greece, the Golden Dawn nazi fuehrer called a basketball player of African ancestry a ‘chimpanzee’.

Now, in Italy, Roberto Calderoli has called a black woman an ‘orangutan’.

Cecile Kyenge in parliament in Italy, photo: Reuters: Alessandro Bianchi

Roberto Calderoli is a politician of the extreme Right Lega Nord (Northern League) party. He used to be a minister in the recent Berlusconi government.

Now, he has insulted Ms Cécile Kyenge, born in Congo, a Democratic Party minister in the present government.

Roberto Calderoli, Italian Politician, Compares First Black Minister Cecile Kyenge To Orangutan: here.

Top Italian senator Roberto Calderoli slammed for comparing black minister Cecile Kyenge to orang-utan: here.

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A fellow Lega Nord politician of Calderoli’s has called for raping Ms Kyenge.

Yet another Lega Nord politician, Mario Borghezio, ally of Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders and admirer of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, has joined in the racist abuse frenzy.

Italian senate vice-president Roberto Calderoli was forced to apologise on Sunday after likening Italy’s first black minister Cecile Kyenge to an orangutan: here.

Italian xenophobes’ financial scandal

This video from 2011 in Italy, when Bossi’s party was still in Berlusconi’s government, says about itself:

I’ve posted this just to add subtitles so that non-Italian speakers can see the nature of the man who Berlusconi depends on to keep his government in place. This is the true scandal behind the more colourful of image of Berlusconi’s antics, a racist, anti-immigrant party with policies at least as bad as the BNP.

From the BBC:

5 April 2012 Last updated at 16:45 GMT

Italian Northern League leader Umberto Bossi resigns

Leading Italian populist politician

“Populist” as a label for politicians like in Bossi’s Lega Nord, Wilders’ PVV in the Netherlands, and blame-Johnny-Foreigner puppets in the Bahraini absolute monarchy’s mock parliament, is an euphemism. They should rather be called far right, xenophobic, in some cases racist.

Populism is, historically, a small farmers’ movement in the USA in the 1890s. Certainly when it started, it was not Rightist or racist, but against big business etc. Calling someone like Bossi “populist” is inaccurate.

Umberto Bossi has resigned as head of the Northern League after a financial scandal engulfed the party.

The Northern League is the only party in opposition to the current technocratic government led by Prime Minister Mario Monti.

A former party treasurer is suspected of misusing funds.

Mr Bossi, known as a fierce critic of corruption in public life, denies any wrongdoing himself.

Northern League treasurer Francesco Belsito resigned on Tuesday after prosecutors alleged he had used party funds to pay for, among other things, the remodelling of Mr Bossi’s villa and holidays for the leader’s children.

There was no immediate comment from the former treasurer on the accusations laid against him.

News of Mr Bossi’s resignation gradually emerged on Thursday, with no comment from the leader himself.

The scandal has been all the more embarrassing for him because he has always been bitterly contemptuous of the corruption that plagues so much of Italian public life, the BBC’s Alan Johnston reports from Rome.

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An Italian contemporary art museum has started burning paintings from its permanent collection as part of a protest campaign against the government’s purported lack of support for the cultural sector: here.