Ecocide: Catastrophic dam in Ethiopia to wipe out Unique Cultures

This video from Kenya says about itself:

20 April 2012

Many Kenyan residents say the Gibe III dam project, located along the Omo River, will have a negative impact on their environment. VOA‘s Vincent Makori reports and talks to Ikal Angelei, founder of Friends of Lake Turkana Kenya, 2012, Goldman, Environmental Prize Winner.

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5939243629_8f1991e0de_bOne of the most controversial dams in history has been  inaugurated. The Gibe III dam has put an end to the natural flooding of Ethiopia’s Omo River, on which 100,000 indigenous people depend and a further 100,000 rely indirectly. Experts have warned that this could also mean the end for Lake Turkana in Kenya – the world’s largest desert lake – and disaster for the 300,000 tribespeople living along its shores.descarga-1

The dam was built by Italian engineering giant Salini Impregilo, against which Survival has filed a formal complaint that is still ongoing. Plans are now underway to build the Gibe IV and Gibe V dams downriver.

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Widowbirds jumping, video

This video from Kenya says about itself:

2 December 2016

The Widowbird is a master jumper, but which male can jump the highest and for the longest amount of time? This clip was taken from the Grasslands episode of Planet Earth II.

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, co-produced with BBC America, ZDF, Tencent and France Télévisions.

Elephants in Kenya video

This video from Kenya says about itself:

17 November 2016

Visiting Ol Pejeta in the rainy season is a lot of fun! It is a time of plenty for the animals and when the rain stops and the sun comes out, everything glistens and shines! Join us as we drive through the mud and watch male elephants challenging each other for females.

THESE PHOTOGRAPHS SHOW KENYAN TRIBES’ EFFORTS TO SAVE THE ELEPHANTS “We take care of the elephants, and the elephants are taking care of us.” [HuffPost]

Baboons in Kenya, video

This video from Kenya says about itself:

10 October 2016

The Tyack family are back on safari on Ol Pejeta Conservancy and have an interesting encounter with a troop of baboons.

African elephant orphans in Kenya

This video says about itself:

6 October 2016

In the Samburu Conservancy a tuskless matriarch elephant shows kindness towards young orphan elephants that are trying to find their way in the Kenyan bush.

Elephant videos from Kenya

This video from Kenya says about itself:

Bull Elephant Wakes Family! – This Wild Life – BBC Earth

18 September 2016

In Samburu there’s an elephant in the camp that’s keeping everyone awake!

This video from Kenya says about itself:

16 September 2016

Friendly rumblings from two families of elephants indicate they are happy to join up and roam the plains together.

This video from Kenya says about itself:

Young Elephants Fight To Survive – This Wild Life – BBC Earth

14 September 2016

As elephant numbers are decimated by poaching in Kenya, young female elephants must setup and lead their herds in difficult times.