Austrian racism scandal in Haider’s old party

This music video from Britain says about itself:

April 28, 2012

This is the brand new 7″ record by ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER´S BARNSTORMER.

The A-side gives us the studio version of the live classic “Haider Die!“. A great cover of Simon & Garfunkel´s classic “The Boxer”. The lyrics are about Austrian right-wing politician Joerg Haider who died in an accident. …remember´: “Nazis Shouldn´t Drive” (M.D.C.)

The extreme right FPÖ party used to be the party of Jörg Haider in Austria. Now that Haider is dead after his drunk driving, they have other leaders.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Andreas Mölzer this Tuesday has retired as the leader of the far-right Austrian FPÖ party in the European elections on 25 May. Mölzer recently said that the policies of Nazi Germany were liberal, compared to the overregulation of the European Union.

He also thought that the European Union threatens to become “a collection of Negroes“, lacking the work ethic of Germans and Austrians.


The FPÖ is one of the parties that the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders wants to cooperate with in the European Parliament. Mölzer was one of the two leading candidates of the party.

Raven black

In an article in a magazine Mölzer (61) complained that many Austrians look like the “raven black” footballer David Alaba of the national team. “You have to go to a nursing home to still meet ‘real Austrians’.”

The judiciary in Vienna is determined to make an example of Josef S., a student from the German town of Jena. He faces five years in prison after participating earlier in a protest against the Vienna Academics Ball—an event organised by right-wing extremists from across Europe: here.

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Haider killed by his own drunkenness

This video from England says about itself:

Protesters campaign against the visit of far-right French politician Jean Marie Le Pen to the Midlands where he was invited by the British National Party. The BNP relocated their meeting as a result but the peace protesters followed. Organised by peace, synagogue, church and mosque groups with Unite Against Fascism.

From AFP news agency:

Austria’s Haider three times over drink limit in fatal crash

VIENNA – – Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider was more than three times over the legal alcohol limit when he crashed his car and was killed at the weekend, his party said Wednesday.

“It is true that governor Joerg Haider had 1.8 grammes of alcohol in his blood at the time of the accident,” his successor as head of the Alliance for the Future of Austria, Stefan Petzner, told APA news agency.

The legal limit in Austria is 0.5 grammes of alcohol per litre of blood.

Haider, 58, was doing more than twice the 70 kilometre (43 mile) per hour speed limit when he crashed in the early hours of Saturday after leaving a night club in Carinthia province, prosecutors said.

So, even Haider’s fellow racist Petzner recognizes now implicitly that the conspiracy theories of Haider’s death supposedly being a plot by Muslims or others, are nonsense. Unfortunately, some Rightists are addicted to nonsense.

Norbert Leser: Der Sturz des Adlers. 120 Jahre österreichische Sozialdemokratie, Verlag Kremayr & Scheriau, 2008 (The decline of the Eagle: 120 years of Austrian social democracy, Kremayr & Scheriau publishing house, 2008): book review here.

A wave of student protest is sweeping Austria. Students at the Fine Arts University in the capital, Vienna, began it by occupying their college after the principal announced fee increases and changes to course funding: here.

Haider’s speeding caused his death

This video from Austria is about a demonstration against George W. Bush visiting Vienna in 2006.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The Austrian politician, Jörg Haider, who died yesterday, was driving twice as fast as local maximum speed. According to police, he was driving 142 kilometer pro hour, though locally it is illegal to drive over 70 kilometer. While trying to overtake another car, Haider‘s car got off the road and got into an upside down spin. He died immediately.

See also here.

It is to be hoped that this police report will kill extreme Right rumors now going around of their “hero” Haider supposedly having been killed by “the Jews”, “the Muslims”, “the communists”, whatever. However, myths often need more than one factual report to die.