Britain: Blair’s deputy Prescott in corruption scandal

Blair, Prescott, and other ministers: cartoon

From London daily News Line:

Friday, 7 July 2006

PRESCOTT INQUIRY –visited US billionaire tycoon seven times

PARLIAMENTARY Commissioner Sir Philip Mawer yesterday announced a full investigation into Deputy Premier Prescott’s relations with US tycoon Phillip Anschutz, focusing on his stay at Anschutz’s Colorado ranch in July 2005.

Prescott had said earlier that he would not give up his government office.

Mawer intends to report to MPs before Parliament begins its summer break on 25 July.

He is looking into complaints that Prescott did not log the hospitality in the MPs’ register of interests, something Prescott on Wednesday belatedly volunteered to do.

Meanwhile, new revelations surfaced of discussions between Prescott and Anschutz, suggesting the two men had been discussing plans to turn the [London Milennium] Dome into a super casino since 2002.

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On Prescott’s buddy Anschutz, from CorpWatch:

Named Fortune’s “greediest executive” in 1999, the Denver resident is a generous supporter of anti-gay-rights legislation, intelligent design, the Bush administration and efforts to sanitize television.