My WordPress anniversary, Joan Jett and Occupy

One year blog anniversary

On 8 December 2011, as I wrote, I posted for the first time ever on my new WordPress blog; as I had to move my blog away from Blogsome.

My first ever WordPress blog post was this one: Joan Jett interview about rock ‘n roll, women, and the Iraq war.

Here are music videos from that post.

This music video from the USA is called Joan JettBad Reputation.

This music video is called Cherry bomb by Joan Jett.

I had originally made that post for Blogsome. I then was afraid that my Blogsome blog archive would go down the drain with Blogsome, and I frantically copied from Blogsome to WordPress.

On that same 8 December 2011, I made my first blog post originally for WordPress. It was this one: US anti-corporate protesters arrested; about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Occupy protests targeted by FBI counterterror units: here.