Neo-fascist violence in Italy

This video says about itself:

Italian Nazi shows no remorse for shooting at migrants

4 February 2018

Leftist politicians are blaming far-right for stirring up racism.

From U.S. News & World Report, about the election campaign in Italy:

Feb. 21, 2018, at 4:12 p.m.

On Tuesday, two men suffered knife wounds while affixing posters for a far-left party in central Italy …

In Tuscany, the mayor of the town of Castelfiorentino said a swastika was scrawled on a monument honoring a young man hung by Italy’s Nazi occupiers in 1945. Mayor Alessio Falorni said there was an attempt in Italy to “bring back to life dead ideologies, but in an insidious way, without citing them directly and by exploiting people’s anger.”

Violence also erupted earlier in the campaign in central Italy when an Italian gunman wounded six Africans in a drive-by shooting.


Racism in Italian election campaign

This video from Italy says about itself:

Macerata gunman had extreme right-wing background

4 February 2018

Luca Traini, who shot six African immigrants in a drive-by shooting spree, is known to have extreme right-wing sympathies.

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By Marc Wells and Marianne Arens:

Racist rampage in the Italian election campaign

9 February 2018

Four weeks before the Italian elections, a bloodbath shook the small town of Macerata. On February 3, six young people were shot by a racist gunman, who drove around indiscriminately firing at dark-skinned passers-by.

Among the victims, who come from Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia, there is also a young woman. All are aged between 21 and 33. Five are still in hospital, one is seriously injured and had to undergo surgery. The gunman, Luca Traini (28), shot at but missed five other migrants during his Saturday morning rampage. He also shot at the party headquarters of the Democratic Party (PD), which currently heads the government in Rome under Paolo Gentiloni.

When the mayor realized there was a shooting spree taking place, he halted public transport and called on people to stay at home. After two hours, Traini was captured by police on the steps of a war memorial and arrested. Wrapped in an Italian flag, he gave a fascist salute and shouted, “Viva Italia!”

Traini, bearing a fascist [wolfsangel] tattoo on his temple, is known locally as a fascist and racist. In his apartment, as well as Hitler’s Mein Kampf and books on Mussolini’s social republic of Salò, police also found a flag with the Celtic Cross, which neo-Nazis consider a symbol of the “supremacy of the white race”. Last year, Traini had run as a candidate of the Lega Nord (Northern League) in the local elections in the neighbouring village Corridonia, but without receiving a vote.

The former separatist party is participating in the general election on 4 March as “Lega”. Its nationalism and unrestrained witch-hunting of immigrants undoubtedly encouraged the perpetrator’s fascist delusions. For example, for days, the newspapers had reported on the statement of Lega member Attilio Fontana, who said the most important thing now was “to protect our ethnicity, our white race” from extinction by the wave of migration.

After Traini’s murderous action, [Northern League party leader] Salvini issued another statement, in which he half-heartedly condemned the shooting, but placed responsibility on a lax immigration policy: “Violence must always be condemned. However, I have a duty to tell the Italians HOW to avoid incidents like those in Macerata. For example? By sending the illegals home.”

The Lega is in a right-wing alliance for the election with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the fascists of Fratelli d’Italia. They hope to replace the ruling Democrats with a mixture of right-wing incitement and fanciful election promises. Polling almost 38 percent in surveys, they are currently ten points in front of the government camp (28 percent).

Silvio Berlusconi is also making targeted use of right-wing demagogy. In a TV broadcast on Sunday evening about the rampage, he described the offender as crazy and sweepingly charged all refugees of being “a social bomb that can explode at any time”. According to Berlusconi, there are 600,000 irregular immigrants in Italy allegedly living from the proceeds of crime.

As for the third major party, the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S, Five Star Movement) of Beppe Grillo, its lead candidate Luigi Di Maio picked up on the slogan of the “social bomb” and charged that Berlusconi, together with Renzi, was responsible for mass immigration into Italy. For months, the “Grillini” have stood at about 27 percent in the polls, making it the strongest single party.

The policy of the Five Star Movement is just as right-wing, nationalist and xenophobic as that of the other parties. In the EU, it sits in the same political grouping as the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Sweden Democrats and Britain’s UKIP, and also has declared fascists among its VIPs, such as the father of M5S candidate Alessandro Di Battista, who emphasized in front of the camera, “Am I right-wing? No, I’m a fascist.”

In the election campaign, the Five Star Movement benefited from being the only major party that has never been in government. The two other major political camps have been identified for years with the right-wing policies of the banks and the EU. While Berlusconi stands for shameless personal enrichment, the PD restructures the public finances at the expense of the working class.

In a government statement on the bloody crime in Macerata, Gentiloni did not say a word about the racist aspects of the crime but emphasized his confidence in the judiciary and the “sense of responsibility of all political forces.” He concluded his statement with a nationalist appeal, “Hatred and violence will not divide us, the Italian people.”

As a governing party, the PD has long practiced what the right-wing demands: the systematic attack on African migrants. With the active help of the EU, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and his Interior Minister Marco Minniti have signed a dirty deal with the Libyan Coast Guard. They finance Libyan Islamists and smugglers in the Mediterranean to keep migrants out of Europe. They consciously accept the fact that people not only drown, but also perish in Libyan torture camps.

In the hospital, one of Trainis’ victims, a Mr. Wilson from Ghana, told about his odyssey of war, flight and expulsion. He had arrived in Italy on a dinghy, saying, “I saw people, especially black Africans, being shot or sold. People were treated like cattle there.”

Italy is in a devastating social crisis. Anyone who is in their twenties today has seen nothing but social decline in their lives. Officially, youth unemployment is at almost 35 percent, and in reality is much higher, especially in the south. Ever-new austerity measures and “reforms” such as Renzi’s “Jobs Act”, the pension reforms, healthcare reforms or the “Buona Scuola” have led to hundreds of thousands of young Italians leaving the country.

All parties, from the open fascists to the PD, are responding to the social crisis by inciting xenophobia and racism to divert social anger and outrage onto the most vulnerable in society, refugees and migrants. This is the dirty mechanism of the Italian election campaign.

Racist Italian politician wants compulsory military service

This video says about itself:

🇮🇹 Italy shooting: Hitler’s Mein Kampf found in home of suspect

4 February 2018

A Nigerian community leader in Italy says he fears there will be further attacks, after Luca Traini, a right-wing extremist, carried out a series of drive-by shootings on Saturday that left six West African migrants injured.

Italian police said they seized Adolf Hitler‘s “Mein Kampf”, and other white supremacist publications linked to Nazism and fascism, from Traini’s home.

The suspect has admitted to carrying out the racially motivated attack in the town of Macerata.

Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports.

Not only French President Macron wants to go back to the Cold War days of compulsory military service.

From news agency ANSA in Italy:

Military service should return -Salvini

Milan, February 7 [2018] – [Northern] League leader Matteo Salvini on Wednesday called for Italy to bring back obligatory military service. “Yes, I think a conscription army is best for democracy in the face of a rise in racism and the threat of terrorism“, Salvini said at an event organised by veteran associations in Milan.

What a rank hypocrisy of Salvini. His own Northern League xenophobic party plays a ‘starring’ role in fomenting racism in Italy. Northern League election candidate Luca Traini, a fan of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini with a nazi wolfsangel tattoo, is a textbook example of racism. Mr Salvini’s Northern League election candidate Luca Traini is a textbook example of terrorism as well, as he recently attempted to murder African men and women by shooting them at random. And Salvini himself is a textbook example of racism, by claiming not Traini was supposedly responsible for his violence, but the ‘centrist‘ Italian government, which has harsh anti-refugee policies, but not yet harsh enough according to Traini and Salvini. Salvini himself is a textbook example of condoning terrorism, in this case by Luca Traini. Like Salvini’s Northern League colleague Mario Borghezio condoned the terrorist mass murder of children in Norway by neofascist Anders Behring Breivik.

The rigid top-down discipline in armed forces helps racism instead of stopping it; as turns out in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and elsewhere. And hundreds of thousands or millions or billions of conscript soldiers able to march, do military salutes and fire guns will never be able to stop vans from killing pedestrians, whether the drivers are mentally ill violent Muslims or white supremacists.

Instead of the fake arguments which Salvini names, he very probably wants compulsory military service for yet more Italian neocolonial wars, in Libya or Somalia (Italian colonies during Mussolini‘s dictatorship) or elsewhere.

Italian nazi not regretting shooting Africans

This video says about itself:

3 February 2018

Amateur footage shows the scene after a driver opened fire on African migrants in the Italian city of Macerata. At least six are injured in an attack that police said appeared to be racially motivated

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Italian gunman does not regret shooting down immigrants


The Italian who stands accused of opening fire yesterday from a car on African immigrants shows no remorse, Italian media report. 28-year-old Luca Traini is “calm and determined” according to a spokesperson for the Italian justice system. “He is aware of what he has done.”

Yesterday he shot at people from different places in the city of Macerata from a black Alfa Romeo car. That injured five men and one woman, all African immigrants. Traini was arrested shortly after the attack. He is a suspect of multiple attempts at murder. According to the police, he had racist motives. …

The shooter had no criminal record. He is said to have a history of links with neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups. On a police photo you can see that Traini has a neo-Nazi tattoo on his head

That (wolfsangel) tattoo, according to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, alludes to Roberto Fiore, the leader of the neofascist party Forza Nuova. Roberto Fiore applauds Traini’s attempted murders and has offered to pay his legal expenses.

and had knotted an Italian flag around his neck. The police found a copy of [Adolf Hitler‘s book] Mein Kampf in his home.

Traini was an election candidate for the Northern league last autumn, an anti-immigration party. Left-wing politicians believe that the leader of the league, Matteo Salvini, must apologize to the Italian people. Salvini himself said to La Stampa that the real guilty persons are the [‘centrist’] Italian government. “It has let in hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants.” …

Of the six victims of the shootings, five are still injured in the hospital. … One of the wounded said from the hospital to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that after the attack she no longer dares to cross the street. “I have never hurt anyone”, says the woman. “And I did not know the gunman at all.”

USA: Holocaust denier poised to claim Republican nomination in Illinois race for Congress: here.

Italian fascist shoots Africans

This 2011 Italian video shows a demonstration by the neofascist party Forza Nuova in Macerata town.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Man in Italy opens fire from car on foreigners

Today, 12:49
Updated at 13:57

In the Italian town Macerata several people were injured when a man opened fire on them from a car. According to the police, the wounded people are foreigners. It is not clear how many people have been injured: the Italian public broadcaster speaks of four wounded, the newspaper La Repubblica writes about six wounded. The suspected gunman has been arrested.

The 28-year-old man is said have shot at people at different places in Macereta from a black Alfa Romeo car. It is not clear yet whether he acted alone. He is said to have done a fascist salute and wore an Italian flag, reports La Repubblica. He is said not to have resisted his arrest.

Local media report that the people who were the target of the shooter are black immigrants. …

The municipality of Macerata has a population of 43,000 and is located in the Marche region, in the middle of Italy.

According to La Repubblica, the name of the fascist suspect is Luca Traini. In 2017, he was a local election candidate for the Northern League xenophobic party.

Anti-fascist demonstration in Italy

This video from Italy says about itself:

9 December 2017

Over 10,000 anti-fascist demonstrators descended on the northern town of Como on Saturday, after an increase in anti-immigration action by far-right groups in Italy.

Demonstrators were joined by leaders from the governing centre-left Democratic Party (PD), including former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and ex-Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Laura Boldrini.

Daniele Piervincenzi, Rai journalist and victim of a far-right attack, used a speech first given by former Italian President Sandro Pertini to address the crowd. “Freedom is a human need. It is not a function of political ideas, origin or religion. Social justice completes and strengthens freedom. Love for your country is not a folly, it is not imperialism, colonialism or nationalism. Love for your country should inspire love for other countries”, he said.

The anti-fascist demo was called for after Veneto Fronte Skinheads interrupted an aid meeting in the lakeside town of Como last week. Days later, another group, Forza Nuova, attacked the offices of liberal newspapers La Repubblica and L’Espresso in Rome.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

10,000 rally against fascism in Italy

Monday 11th December 2017

OVER 10,000 anti-fascists rallied in Como, Italy, on Saturday “against all fascism and intolerance.”

The demonstration was called in response to a growing number of violent incidents staged by far-right organisations.

Though the demo was organised by the governing Democratic Party (DP), it saw a huge turnout from across the Italian left, with banners from trade unions and the Communist Refoundation party as well as the National Association of Italian Partisans (Anpi), an organisation representing members of the second world war resistance that brought down Benito Mussolini’s fascist tyranny.

It featured an address by DP leader and former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi — but “the crowds were not for him,” Alessandro Pirovano of the communist Manifesto newspaper reported.

Placards of the CGIL trade union federation carried attacks on Interior Minister Marco Minniti, a fellow DP member, and Como Without Borders spokeswoman Annamaria Fracescato demanded a “radical change in the politics of the Italian government and the European Union regarding migration.”

Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the … 5-Star movement both declined to support the rally.

Chamber of Deputies president Laura Boldrini noted that there were elements in Italy who “always wanted to be lenient towards fascism, talking about a good fascism and a bad nazism.”

CGIL secretary-general Susanna Camusso warned of “widespread intimidation” now practised by fascist gangs in the country.

One incident involved members of the neonazi Veneto Skinhead Front bursting into a meeting on migrant housing on November 28 and declared resistance to the “invasion” of Italy by foreigners.

The group may also have been responsible for an attack on a centre for asylum-seekers in Como last Friday.

In another ugly episode, a dozen masked members of the far-right Forza Nuova launched an attack with flares on the headquarters of the Repubblica newspaper last Wednesday, denounced by the Communist Refoundation party as a “threat to press freedom.

“Although we do not feel represented by a newspaper that ignores us as a political force we express our utmost solidarity with its journalists. As far as we are concerned, fascism and racism are not opinions but crimes,” the party stated.

Is the Italian left waking up? ROSA GILBERT takes a look at the foundation of Potere al Popolo, a party seeking to challenge both the neoliberals in Rome and the far-right marching on it: here.